Sunday, July 18, 2010

20 Weeks- We're half way there!

Let me just start out by saying that Orville Redenbaucher's "Movie Theater Butter Popcorn" is NOT the same as movie theater butter popcorn. Don't be fooled. I wouldn't want you to buy it at the store, wait for the right time to sit down with a bag of it- which for me would be when Bella goes to bed cause she steals all of my food. Turn on one of your shows and then mid way through your second bite or so, realize you've been tricked by the tantalizing images on the box. Trust me, it would be tragic. Especially if you are 5 months pregnant and food has the power to make or break your mood. Of course, you will still eat the entire bag because you think maybe, maybe, you will get a bite that is in fact "movie theater butter popcorn" like. Then you will look down at your empty bag of popcorn, realize why you've gained the amount of weight you have, and then call Brandon to bring you home a cherry turnover from HEB, because that might make you feel better. This is all hypothetical of course.

Speaking of the joys of food, gaining weight, and pregnancy...I finally gave up pretending that I could still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes and transitioned my closet to what I lovingly (or not so lovingly) refer to as my "pregnant/coming back down from being pregnant" clothes. A few weeks ago I had Brandon bring my big tub of maternity clothes out of the garage, then I put the tub in a corner of my room and would pick here and there from it pretending I didn't have to be in full on maternity. Finally, it reached the point where I wasn't even going in my closet anymore and was just having to dig through the tub every time I went to get dressed. At this point I decided it was time to make the change. Or maybe it was last week when Asher made a comment about how big my stomach has gotten. He's been trained well because he quickly recovered by saying "but it's because Glory is growing so healthy and big!"….He'll make a good husband one day. Yes Asher, we will pretend it's ALL Glory and nothing to do with mommy's addiction to Shipleys. Lord have mercy on me when I go to my next Dr. appointment and get weighed. Lord have mercy.

Glory is in fact growing perfectly and beautifully. We had an ultrasound last Friday and it was all I could do to not reach through the monitor and grab her and kiss her. Our sweet girl was moving and squirming all over the place. She can thank her mama and the Diet Dr. Pepper she may have had before the appointment. It's a possibility. However, this little girl just seems to be a mover in general. Morning, afternoon, evening...doesn't matter, she is always reminding me she's there and I love it. My mom says when she was pregnant with me I moved so much it felt like a washing machine. It's possible that Glory may have some of my temperament..this could be good or bad, depending on who you ask.

We have another follow up with the specialist this week just to confirm all is well with little Miss Glory Rain. I love her so much already, even if she is giving her mommy an uncontrollable appetite with no rhyme or reason. I'll gain all the weight in the world if it means holding my sweet baby girl in my arms in November.

My book says that she is the size of a mango this week and says she is the size of a banana. I'm going with the banana simply because I like bananas better.

I'm 20 weeks as of yesterday and decided to post a picture. It took a few tries and deleting of pictures, bless my patient husbands heart. I finally decided to look down at my tummy, because I was so enthralled by my love for Glory and how beautiful I feel carrying was the only one where I didn't feel like I was looking back at pictures of me as a chubby faced little girl ;)


  1. Beautiful! Love u much, Lara

  2. Your post made me laugh...not 48hr ago was I duped into Orville's "movie theater popcorn." I feel your pain! :) I love the pic at the end - you wont believe me, but pregnancy agrees with you. You look beautiful!

  3. Didn't know you could write comedy, Laura! This is a great one...print it & save it for Glory's treasure box.


  4. You look beautiful, as always! I love you Laura Loo and you always make me laugh! I'm loving the blog, I always knew you would be a great writer! The Lord is using you in a mighty way! Love, Carla


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