Monday, August 2, 2010

My little Superhero

Asher has been running around here in his underwear and Superman cape, jumping off anything he least until I can catch him and tell him my furniture is not a jungle gym. He has heard that phrase so many times in his short life that I am sure it will be one that sticks with him forever. He'll catch himself saying it to his own kids one day and realize he's become his mother. Oh wait, no that's me.

I don't know what it is but the last few weeks he just seems to be growing up before my very eyes. Where did my newborn baby boy go? Maybe it's my hormones (which Brandon will tell you are totally wacky right now) but I feel like he is just getting way too big. I got teary eyed yesterday as I watched my dad bouncing him around like a wild child on his knee. I saw him as a newborn for a second and then remembered he is 4 1/2 now.

He had Brandon tie a red string around his head (apparently this made him look like more of a superhero?... What do I know, I'm just a girl) and he ran around in his Spiderman underwear and red Superman cape (he doesn't discriminate between superheros) pretending to fly. We made a name for him "Asher Dasher the Superhero"... He loved it. I told him he was so cute and that he would always be my little superhero but apparently I was cramping his tough guy act because he ran off as fast as he could making superhero noises (I'm assuming that's what they were, but again, what do I know).

The ironic thing of it all is that he has never seen an episode or movie of any kind with any of these superheros in it. I am convinced it is an innate characteristic of every little boy to: love cars, balls, superheros, airplanes, trucks, tools... to make noises with there mouths, jump off anything that is above ground, throw any liftable object just to see what happens to it and where it might land, to torment their sister (and mom) with odd "experiements" (like sticking a sprinkle up his sisters nose).... and ultimately hold his mama's heart in the palm of his hand.

Yes, we have officially entered that Superhero phase. I tried to hold on to Mickey and Curious George as long as I could knowing of course this was all inevitable. My heart feels torn between holding on to that little baby boy with pouty lips that stole my heart and the big boy in a superman cape pretending to save the world. I guess we have to let them grow up at some point, but in my heart he will always be my baby boy, no matter how big he or his cape gets.


  1. Payne just turned 8. I looked at him on his birthday and filled my heart with joy and broke it all at the same time. I love how he loves Jesus and how "mature" he is. But I miss my baby boy so much sometimes!

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