Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our little Glory girl

Time is passing by so quickly and my pregnancy is moving right along with it. Each and every day is so significant and special to me. There are many reasons but one of the main reasons is because I get to go through it with my sweet husband and kids right along side me. It's such a blessing to me to share it with them. Not a day goes by that we don't aknowledge our sweet daughter and little sister growing in mommy's tummy.

Asher likes to give me updates on the growth of my belly as if I don't notice for myself..."You're tummy is getting bigger"..."How much longer till she comes??"..."You look bigger today." That last one was my favorite because he said it when I was walking in front of him so I'm not quite sure how to take it. He states these things very matter of factly. Much like he does on a cloudy day when he says "It's going to rain" if he's the weather man.

Bella tells me every day that she is going to put the baby on her shoulder and sing "You are my sunshine" to her. She kisses my tummy, points to it and says "that's my sister". She is going to be a proud big sister. I'm going to have to break it to her that she is not her mommy. It will probably shock her, as Bella seems to have been born with an incredibly strong sense of mothering and nurturing.

It seems like this little girl may have inherited her daddy's night owl gene (as a matter of fact, he is outside watering the grass- it's 11:30 at night) because in the evenings and at night is when she seems most active. I told Brandon that when she comes they can keep each other company while mommy goes to sleep. Every time she really starts moving I tell him to hurry and put his hand on my tummy and every time he does, she stops. So I told him "See, you've got a way with her already, it works out perfect!" ;)

I can't wait to see what she will be like. I already know she is entering this world with a whole lot of love waiting to be poured out on her. When I think about the moment I get to hold her, I feel overwhelmed. In some ways I want to speed up time and in other ways I want to savor it all. You know how there are just those times in life that you know you will look back on and have such great memories of? This is one of those times.

After quite a few conversations, Brandon and I decided to name Glory, "Mia Glory." We've always referred to her as our little glory girl and we still knew that "Glory" should be part of her name. It's very much what she exemplifies in our life right now and always will. Glory means a number of things, one of them being "the splendor or bliss of heaven; perfect happiness." No other word could better define what this little girl means to us. When I started to feel like I should give her a name that would be easier to go through life with, the name Mia came up and when I found out that it means "my little girl" in spanish and italian, I knew that would be her name.

"Splendor or bliss of heaven" is quite possibly the most beautiful imagery that could be placed on a little life... And so "Mia Glory" is truly who this little girl has become to us. In every way.

Our little glory girl, we are waiting for you. We all love you so much already. Grow strong and big and when it is time for you to come, we will be ready to kiss the face of our little splendor of heaven.


  1. Laura, this is so beautiful. Mia Glory, it's beyond perfect and just too sweet for words. You are such a strong woman and your spirit in these words you share here radiate the glory of God. I know HE looks down on you with great HIS glory girl! We'll continue to pray for you all...


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