Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The End is Near!

I had my last appointment with the specialist today. I didn't know it would be my last one so I wasn't prepared for how I felt when I walked out of the office. I hugged a couple of the nurses as I left and said goodbye to the receptionist and as I did, a wave of emotion came over me and I had to keep from crying like a baby in front of them. What in the world?! Why was I crying?? And then I realized it wasn't tears of sadness but an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I have come to know that office and the people there so well over the last couple of years. They even teased me today because I have it all down to a science. I always get the 1:15 appointment because it's the first one after lunch and I know I will get in right away. I wear a dress because I know they will ask me to undress from the waste down and it's easy to pull up for the ultrasound. I stop off at the restroom because it's inevitable that I'll need to go and they always ask me if I need to anyway. The sweet nurse who does the ultrasounds and I have gotten to know each other pretty well and she knows that no matter what she does or tries, Mia will ALWAYS have her hands up by her face. Always. I promise you that since week 19 when I first started going to see them, Mia always has her hands up by her face. The sweet technician has tried and tried to get a 3d picture of Mia's face for me but it never works because she is blocking it with one or both of her hands. Little stinker. As I looked up at her on the big screen with her fists up by her face, I thought "she looks like a fighter" and then I realized..she is...She's my little fighter. Not only that but she is constantly moving and squirming. They are always commenting on how much she moves. Thank you, so it's not just my imagination! I'm thinking she is fidgety like her mama and can't sit still long enough. This can be good in the instance of keeping busy and getting things done, or bad in the instance that your husband wants you to watch a movie with him and the idea of sitting still for 2 hours is pure torture. But anyway...

As I stepped onto the elevator and pressed the button to go down, I cried. Yes I did. And I thanked the Lord for a sweet, healthy girl that only needs to put on a couple more pounds before we meet her. I may already have two perfect, healthy, children but I will never take for granted what it is to have a healthy baby come into this world. Honestly, new life is SO precious. A new baby is the closest thing we have to heaven. I can not wait to hold My little Glory- Mia Glory. Today was a significant marker on the path we've gone to get here and just another opportunity for me to give thanks, honor and glory to my sweet Jesus. I am so thankful....and so excited. Less than 5 weeks till we get to see her face and snuggle, snuggle, snuggle!!

And on a completely shallow note, I would like to let it be known that I have only gained 24 lbs so far. 2-4 people. This may not seem like reason to celebrate with a Shipley's donut to all of you, especially those like my grandma who like to remind me she only gained 2 lbs in her pregnancies (OK I'm exaggerating, it was more like a measly 15- whatever, same thing) but to me, the girl who gained 50 with Asher and 40 with Bella, this is mind blowing. And reason to celebrate with a Shipley's donut. Thank you very much.

I had my regular Dr. appointment with Dr. Farhart yesterday and he started talking to me about what time to get there the morning of my c-section and how we're at the end and then he started sounding like the peanuts mom to me because my mind started drifting and I was making a list in my head of what I still needed to do. He sent me into a frantic cleaning mode, God Bless my husband for loving me and cooperating with my intense need to get rid of every spec of dirt in this house and to make sure every item in this house has a place and is in that place. I walked in the door and started cleaning. Literally. I'm not exaggerating, ask him. That twitchy need to be cleaning in my every spare moment is always with me. There is always something to organize, move, redecorate or clean these days and Lord have mercy on anyone or anything that gets in the way...wait a second, have my kids had lunch today?? ;)

I'm almost done with Mia's room and I will be posting pictures soon!

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