Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random and Sporadic = Me

Be prepared. This one is going to challenge you...cause you to think, be still, go deep.

Or none of the above. I am not feeling deep at all. In fact I am feeling happy and full. Some dear, sweet friends of ours introduced us to "The Egg and I" and from here on out I will blame them for any weight gain I have. Their gigantic waffle is quite possibly the most delicious thing I've tasted since hitting somewhere in the 2nd trimester when food became not so important or interesting and instead SLEEP seemed much more delicious than any food could.

Hello run on sentence! I'm not going back to edit today though, you get what you get because quite frankly I realized I haven't been too good at updating this and I am going to regret it after Mia gets here. So basically I'm just writing whats on my mind. It will probably be sporadic, random and full of run on sentences without proper punctuation. But that's basically me if we were to hold a real conversation in person. Just go with it. Don't be one of those people who edits while reading cause thats annoying. (I totally am one of those people).

Time. Where on earth is it going? Right out my window apparently. I keep thinking I've got all this time to take updated belly pictures and to write. And then another day goes by...another week and then a month. Ok, I'll be honest on the real reason I haven't been so good at belly pics...Why am I using the word belly? I hate that word....Anyway, are you ready? It's really good. Ok, I never feel cute enough. Good, right? No. Dumb. I know. I've been struggling a bit with how I feel and look. I've cut my hair way too many times to count during this pregnancy and it just gets shorter and shorter instead of cuter and cuter. And even though I haven't gained near as much weight as I did with Asher, I still feel like that girl who turned into a giant blueberry on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Except not blue. And with short hair.

I'll take this opportunity to do the proverbial "but it's ok because I am so blessed to be pregnant and even if I feel like Humpty Dumpty, it's all worth it for my sweet baby"....because it's true. It really is. And everyone knows how thankful and blessed I feel to be having this precious girl. But let's be real. It ain't always rainbows and sunshine and its ok to show that sometimes right? right!

It's so easy to get caught up in all of those vain insecurities, until I realize what I'm doing, bring myself out of myself (if that makes sense, it will if you are deep, like me) and start focusing on other things. Particularly other people. Amazing how moving your thoughts and perspective to others can change your entire day around. But now I'm getting deep and thought provoking and I said I wasn't going to do that in this one so lets move on.

I am in TOTAL nesting mode. As if I already didn't LIVE in nesting mode, it's now reached a whole notha level. I'm somewhat hooked on one particular blog where this mom does all kinds of crafty things and art projects with her kids, while baking up these elaborate desserts. Yeah, thats not me. But I can pretend. It's inspired me to get a little crafty. Which for me, a little is a lot. So I set out on a couple of projects for Mia's room that I'm pretty excited about and have also decided to make Bella's costume this year. Not sewing or anything, lets not get crazy...just putting some pieces together and hand making a couple of pieces as well. If you never hear me speak of these projects again, then you'll know none of it actually played out in real life like it has in my imagination and I gave up, got in my car to go to therapy (Target) and ended up buying it all instead. Which is what I usually do....and you should probably just not ask me about it. Ever.

It's a beautiful day. I'm sitting outside on our patio with my Bella girl. She loves to come out here and just sit. She puts her little hands on the chair arms, looks around, listens to the birds and says "this is nice." We've all got our allocated seating arrangements according to the princess. She's bossy. We just go with it. We can only do this when Asher is at school. Otherwise sitting still is unheard of and they'd be exploring on the forbidden side of the house, getting into dirt and things that I pretend to not know about. When it comes to boy stuff like digging in the dirt and/or eating it. I've taken on the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule. Keeps my blood pressure down. Which is good for Mia, right? Right. Or I'm just choosing to be ignorant because ignorance is bliss. But I'm still gong to use Mia as my reason because I can for another few weeks. Thankfully there are baths, which to me are the answer to everything. So nowadays my kids are free to get into whatever they want and then I just throw them in the bath with some bubbles and call it a good day.

I've started waddling. Notice there was no ease of transition to tie in these two unrelated paragraphs? Like I said, I'm not editing today. Back to the waddling...I realize I'm doing it and then try to stop but it doesn't happen. It's inevitable. You try walking like Ms. America with a watermelon throwing you forward. You know it's become obvious when Bella is playing mommy with her babies... puts her hand on her back while holding the baby, walks with a limp to her play crib, sticks out her tummy and says "Oh baby, I got to put you down, you too big for mommy."

All in all, I'm feeling good. I'm 32 1/2 weeks. No this is not my first, yes those two are mine, it's a girl and she'll be here in November...Oh sorry I went into my recorder mode. My brain is triggered to answer all of those questions after the first one of "How far along are you." Whoever gets me that t-shirt will be my new best friend. Or you can just follow me around and answer the questions for me. That'd be great.

Fortunately my hormones have taken an up turn in the mood department and I no longer have to force myself to show you the love of Jesus and fight to keep myself from giving you a dirty look if you get on my nerves. You need to know something about me though. The looks are not always intentional. Keep that in mind the next time you think your getting one from me. Evaluate the situation. If you didn't just steal my Famous Amos cookies then you are probably ok and I'm just thinking about something else. Like my bed and wanting to be in it.

So there it is, a small glimpse into my 8 month of pregnancy with Mia Glory. We're keeping busy, enjoying, cherishing and loving our life and waiting patiently to add her into the mix of it all. This one is a little long, but thats ok, you can read it sporadically through the next couple weeks since I probably won't update it again until then. Or maybe I will. If the temperature hits just right, my sweet cinnamon pumpkin oil is burning, I've got mommy's juice in a hot mug next to me and the kids are playing nice. It just might happen sooner.



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