Tuesday, November 16, 2010

13 Days until.....

I can sleep on my stomach again!! I bet you thought I was going to say "till Mia is here!!'

Well, that too, but oh I can not wait to sleep on my stomach again, not just that but to actually sleep. Can I tell you people that I literally toss and turn...And turn and toss, for at least an hour or more each night before falling asleep. And then I'm a light sleeper as it is, so if anything wakes me up- which is everything... I start the toss and turn process all over again.

I might be a little exhausted right now...and a little grouchy. You can tell because I just spent 10 minutes going through my Facebook news feed "hiding" people that I don't want to have to see or hear about what they are doing every 2 seconds. Grouchy right? Don't worry it wasn't you. Promise. I'm sure I'll be trying to figure out how to "un-hide" tomorrow, because in the end I'm just nosey and useless information is always entertaining when you're exhausted.

Sleep has broken up with me for a while and I'm currently in a relationship with acid reflux, restless leg syndrome and a brain that won't rest. Meanwhile my husband, my handsome husband, who I love, but who is also in DE-NIAL that he might snore...does just that...snores away. The other night before bed I thought we were having a conversation...a deep, intellectual, one on one conversation...I stopped talking after about 10 minutes and waited for a response...Quiet. Then I thought, Oh he's being Brandon, he's processing...then...snoring. Yep, he was snoring. Fell asleep on me.

Must be nice.

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday...I was sort of sad it was the 2nd to last one. It's bittersweet. I'm going to miss everyone at the office but it also means I'm so close to having my sweet girl (or boy?? ;). All is well with Mia and she is definitely showing signs of getting ready for the big day but she needs to slow down so we can get her before she tries to come on her own. C-Section is scheduled for the 29th at 7AM! Which means Brandon and I have to be at the hospital at 5am............We haven't seen that hour in YEARS...if at all...Let's not kid. The best part to the appointment was finding out I'd lost the 1 pound I gained at last week's appointment so I am still holding steady at a 24 lb gain which is a MIRACLE. And yes I will take every opportunity to make this fact known because, well, just because. Do I need to remind you of the 50 I gained with Asher??

I can thank my little piggy Bella girl for that and constantly stealing my food when I do sit down to eat and for just making it not worth even trying to eat sometimes because I know it will end up being hers anyway. Thank you Bella. I owe you. One day you will understand.

After my Dr. appointment I took advantage of a Target trip (or two) without kids since Brandon was off yesterday (He's the BEST- took them to Chikfila and the park, I LOVE him!)and I ran around getting things I still need for her. Or at least I tried. I think my body and brain were confused with the calmness of the situation because I basically went in circles trying to remember what I need or what I was there for. My poor brain is so used to multi-tasking with the kids, popcorn, drinks, "no you can't have that" "yes you can put that on your list"...not to mention the acute ability I've developed to detect those little red clearance tags from a mile away, that when it was time to focus on only one thing I felt lost.

However, a Target trip should never be in vain, so I did manage to get a few things checked off my list. Even if I couldn't remember half of that list. I gotta start writing things down. Between lack of sleep and food, it might help things.

I was given a beautiful shower this weekend by some special women and words can't express how thankful I was. I had to keep from crying a couple of times because the reality of it all- that we were celebrating our Mia Glory- was overwhelming. I am so thankful for my special family and friends who were there, showing love, support, and for just being as excited as we are to welcome our little girl. I am *so* thankful to each one of you!

I realize I committed to writing what I am thankful for here for the next 30 days and well I slacked over the weekend. We've had a full few days but I'm back on track. I'll make it up to you. I know you are so concerned about this. Try to sleep tonight. ;)

So at this very moment as I look out my front windows, I am thankful that we get to put our Christmas decorations up next week, which means I can take down our fall decor and I don't have to see Bubba and Betty (our "scarecrows") all slumped over every morning like they've had one too many the night before (diet cokes of course)

Also, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK and then Mia comes and I can SLEEP! I know what you're thinking, "Poor girl, she has no clue...Sleep? You have a newborn coming!" Blah, blah, blah... Look, I'll take a good 2-3 hour stretch at this point. Something about the quality of sleep you get right after having a baby is just pure heaven. Not only because I won't have the big 'ol tummy to contend with but because of that wonderful thing called pain med's that have a way of just knocking you right out...and for that I am super thankful!!.....Don't judge.

So If you love me, please pray that I sleep tonight. And then I promise I'll be back tomorrow less grouchy and back to my "Live, Laugh, Love, Savor, Cherish...yada yada, self :)


♥ ♥ ♥