Thursday, November 11, 2010

Call me Crazy But...

Now that we are approaching the end of this pregnancy, all the crazy thoughts that a soon to be mom has are starting to invade. First the emotional ones of "will I be able to do it all" started yesterday (see my post from last night for that little diddy)...Let's just say no more coco puffs at midnight for me.

And now, the crazy thoughts have turned to WHAT IF this baby is a BOY!

I assure you, I would not mind this AT all. But all the preparation...especially would be a shock. Not to mention HER ROOM!! Have you SEEN the work I put into it?! I've been collecting, planning, creating and decorating for what seems like forever, to make it perfect for HER. But oh my gosh, what if SHE is a HE?!

I know what you're saying..."OK looney Laura, #1 I can't keep up with you and your emotions." Yeah, well I can't either but they have a way of getting away from me. Deal with it. I have to. #2, you are thinking- "Where is this coming from?!"

Well I'll tell you. I've had 2 dreams recently that it's a boy. Not just one. Isn't there something about confirmation or something? Then I tortured myself further by reading a story about this happening to a mom...thought it was a girl the whole time, got the ultrasound pictures, yay it's a girl.. then the baby comes out- it's a boy!

Ok I need a juice box break, my heart is racing... Yes I said juice box. I'm CRAVING juice like no other and I've already gone through all other juice in this house, which leaves me with the kids juice boxes. But I have to say, there is something about drinking out of one of those little things that I'm starting to enjoy. Wait, is craving juice a sign too?!

Back to the important matter at hand...

Here's the kicker...I just stumbled upon this picture of me at 37 weeks pregnant with Bella. All round and wide in the tummy, right?

Ok, Do not tell me I am carrying this one the same. It's drastically different is it not??! More out in front and pointy.


I'm all worked up now. The night is not my friend lately. Exhaustion is getting to me. Brandon can't know about this crazy prego rant because he will tell me I'm being just that- crazy. I'm not though right? I'm starting to get hot... I have no more ultrasounds left. I'm done seeing the specialist...if only I had made her quadruple check last time...

Great. I'm going to be sucking down a lot of juice boxes tonight.

Ok, let me try to think about this rationally. I have to remember everything I went through in the beginning and just knowing it was a girl. We've had numerous ultrasounds including the major ones done by the specialist on big ol' flat screens and all said it's a girl, not to mention many other confirmations...Ok, I am being crazy aren't I? Every mom goes through this right? It's normal?

It's that darn picture! I tell you! Tell me that isn't just a little convincing.

DISCLAIMER! DO NOT tell me any stories about this happening to a friend of a friend of an Aunt who watches your kids. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! This mom needs SLEEP!


♥ ♥ ♥