Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Music and Heartburn

Not related whatsoever. One makes me completely happy and the other makes me completely grouchy.

"Grouchy"... I bet that's a word some of you don't often say or hear, huh? We've always said it in our family. The first time I said it around Brandon he looked at me like I was crazy. It's a common household word now. "Bella, woke up grouchy mom!" "Asher's being grouchy to me!"....The other day at the store Bella was waving to every person we passed. One particular old man came walking by and sort of stopped in front of us. Perfect opportunity for Bella to stick her hand in his face, wave and say "Hi!"...He just looked at her and kept on walking. Bella says really loud, "Mom, that man is GROUCHY!"

It was pretty funny. And I bet you anything that old man laughed to himself even if he would never let anyone see. Grouch.

So anyway I have a major issue. It's called heartburn...or acid reflux. I'm very confused as to which one I am experiencing because I get different answers from all of my prominent, google, babycenter....seems as though I have both? Not sure. Either is. not. fun!

I can't figure out what triggers it or what helps. I eat, it gets worse, I don't eat- even worse. I have tried tums (which help somewhat for a little bit), baking soda in water (Dr. mom) and tonight I tried Maalox (what am I, 80?)

I came to a conclusion. Since I've never had it before with my other two, it can only mean one thing...maybe, just maybe this baby might have some hair on her little head! I know it's sort of an old wives tail but isn't it true that if you have bad heartburn when you're pregnant then that means your baby will have a lot of hair? Anyone? Can you either confirm or deny this? No medical opinions people cause I have a feeling they will just rain on my parade. I've already envisioned her with a pretty little head of hair that I can clip bows into. Unlike my other two who came out looking like a 90 yr old man with bad receding hair lines (Though much cuter of course)

Guess we'll see for sure in about 10 days. 10 days!!! Wow.

So...Christmas music. It's officially began ya'll. The Christmas Season. How do I know this? "Soft rock 101.9" (can't you just hear Delilah saying it) has started playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! It was a glorious event tonight as we drove home, turned on 101.9 (I've been checking every day) and there it was- Trans Siberian Orchestra "Carol of the bells." The perfect song to start off the Christmas music season. Although I will never sit through another 3 hour long concert like that again. Torture. Not because of the music but because of my inability to sit somewhere longer than 15 minutes.

Hearing it made me so happy. I don't care what kind of mood you are in, as soon as you hear Christmas music you can't possibly be GROUCHY (he, he there it is again)

I will also add that with the onset of Christmas music and Asher now being nearly 5 and understanding things way too well...As well as being way too literal for his own good (thanks daddy for passing that on), we had to have a detailed conversation about why mama was kissing Santa Clause. Oh Lord.

Now mind you, my kids know Santa is just pretend. We never "believed" in Santa growing up, so it just seems normal that ours wouldn't either. Whatever, I know some of you think we're being all "Bahumbug." I don't have anything wrong with believing he is real if that's what you choose for your family. We let the kids know that Santa is just a character like Spiderman or Dora or whoever. It's fun to pretend they are real, but we know they aren't. However, Jesus is. So that's why we are always emphasizing that Christmas is about Jesus and his birthday and not about presents and Santa. It's an ongoing reminder for them because it is so easy to fall into the "put that on my list" world we live in. And we all fall into it. While we're on the topic I would like a bigger car with the limo window in the middle on my list- don't forget. Thanks.

Speaking of, this reminds me of a story that is exactly why we have to continue to work at emphasizing the meaning of Christmas. Our church is participating in Operation Christmas Child this year so I had Asher watch the video with me so he would understand why we're putting together a shoebox of toys for another little boy. The video started out with images of these poor kids in even poorer conditions and Asher had all kinds of questions. Perfect. He's catching on. Then a list with pictures came on with ideas of what to put in the shoe box...hard candy, jacks, toy cars, etc...Asher looks at me and says "Put all that on my list!"

So, like I said the conversation and reiteration continues daily.

If you'd like to get involved with Operation Christmas Child, check out the link to find a distribution center near you or you can contact me! Our church, Heart of Praise, is taking shoe boxes up until this Sunday!

On that note (or a totally different one) I'm thankful to be sitting here writing this without the intense burning in my chest and throat that I've become so familiar with. At least for a little while, thanks to the maalox. But if you have any recommendations for heartburn I would greatly appreciate them.

And if you are feeling grouchy, turn on some Christmas music!!

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