Monday, November 29, 2010

My World is Changing...

Today is the day we finally meet our little Glory girl. A day our lives will change.

I have tried so many times over the last few days to put my feelings into words but it has been nearly impossible. I'm having a hard time communicating on the outside, what I'm feeling on the inside. So instead of trying, I've just avoided it and kept myself as busy as possible. So many things running through my head. So many emotions and feelings. So many memories. I'm trying to sort through them all and yet I can't.

I'm so thankful that even in all of my jumbled up thoughts and feelings, God can work it all out and bring peace. He knows my heart without me saying a word. How amazing to know that.

What I can say for sure is that I am thankful.

I have reached the end of a road that the Lord has truly guided me on and followed me through...and I know He will continue to. Tomorrow when I look into the face of our Mia Glory, I will see my sweet Jesus and the love he has for me. I will see my angel babies and know they are dancing in heaven.

Thank you Lord for that knowledge. Thank you for the peace and strength that has sustained me.

I am so thankful for a husband and family who have supported me, loved me, strengthened and prayed for me. I can not wait to see each of you as you hold our little gift of heaven. I love you all so much. Words are not enough.

And I am thankful for a Dr. who has gone above and beyond for us and all of our sweet babies. Not only in words but always in action and that to me means more than anything. He has been through it all with us. I will never forget something he said to me after we lost Faith... "It will be great to wrap this testimony up in the ribbon of another full-term, healthy baby someday." At the time that day seemed so far away, but here we are...that day has come, all Glory and honor to God and our heartfelt thanks and love to you, Dr. Farhart.

My World is changing...and how sweet it is!


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