Thursday, December 16, 2010

Every day I say, "Ok today is the day I finish part 2"...and then I fall asleep, or have to nurse, or head to the bathroom only to find myself standing at the hall closet with the door open trying to remember what I was about to do. It happens. Often.

I had to go back through all of our wrapped presents and make sure I'd put tags on them because I started finding some without names. I may have had to re-open a couple to figure it out. I can blame this little mishap on my mischievous 2 1/2 yr old or my completely scattered brain self. You be the judge.

I got an apple and peanut butter out yesterday to eat, only to find it 2 hours later in the same spot and remembered I was going to eat it.

It's a crazy, busy, tiring, but incredibly fulfilling time in my life as a mother and I'm trying with everything I have in me to enjoy this "season"...I don't just mean Christmas and all of the Christmas shopping, baking, and decorating, but this entire season I'm in that includes a newborn baby, a 2 1/2 yr old diva, and my mama's boy who just yesterday was as little as Mia, now turning 5. I know all too well that seasons change...quickly. So though I may be exhausted, have dark circles, forget to eat, feel like a 24 hr buffet, and sometimes don't get a chance to change out of my pj's till late (late) family is happy, my kids are well taken care of, memories are being made, and I couldn't feel more BLESSED.

Tonight when I was putting Asher to bed, he leaned over, hugged me and told me I was doing a good job of being a mom to 3. That right there makes it ALL worth it. I needed to hear it. And tomorrow when I feel myself losing it or I begin to question my abilities, I'm going to remember what my little 5 yr old son said to me and remind myself- I can do it!

And on that note, my sweet little piggy is calling...


♥ ♥ ♥