Monday, January 31, 2011

Kids Table Re-do

Because it NEEDED it. Bad.

We bought this snazzy little table at IKEA about a year and a half ago for our playroom. It wasn't in the playroom long before I decided the kitchen was a better spot for it.

It's where the kids do all of their art activities like play-doh, painting, coloring, glitter (my arch enemy!) and also where they eat all of their meals.

I love it because I'm not sure if you are aware but kids are little piggies. Thats my nicer way of saying they are pigs. Little piggies sounds cuter and sweeter.

They like to wipe their hands on the sides of the table, under the table, on their chairs, or anywhere but their napkins.

They like to sling food like spaghetti noodles and macaroni. They like to see what a fork can do when dragged across the top of the table. And they like to brand it with paint, markers or yogurt.

At least mine do.

As much as I 409-ed and Kaboom-ed the life out of that thing, there was still some things that couldn't be helped. So I decided I would buy a new one but as I looked around I decided they would just do the same thing to the new one, so why not just "re-vamp" the one we have.

It's been good to us, really. Kind of sentimental now. I just couldn't see throwing it out.

So here it is. It took me a whole afternoon in between Mia feedings and naps to scrape the -caked on who knows what- off with a butter knife. That's right, my version of sanding it. And then Bella and I took a trip to "Holly, Lolly" (Hobby Lobby- those B's can be tricky to a 2 year old!).

All it took was a can of chalkboard paint and a thing of water-based glossy black wood paint.

I was originally only going to use the chalkboard paint on the top and then my sister in law (shout out to Ging!) suggested I do the sides also. So glad I did because it gives them more spots to write. It took a good 2 days between coats, but I think it turned out super cute. It looks brand new and I only spent about 10 bucks!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm 2 months old today!

I like to roll over. I don't like when mom and dad continuously put me on my back just to see me roll over. It makes me tired. They seem to enjoy it.

I like my swing. I don't like when it stops. I like when my brother "pets" me on the head and my sister kisses my toes. I don't like when they fight over who gets to give me my usually ends up poking me in the eye instead of getting in my mouth.

I like being held. I don't like being put down.

I like my activity mat. I don't like it for more than 10 minutes but mom says she'll take that 10 minutes.

I have to see what is going on all the time. I move my head back and forth and stretch to see something that is happening. I'm nosey.
I love to be rocked to sleep. I like to put my face in mommy's neck while she hums. I like to eat. I don't like waiting. I like to be talked to and I love to smile.

I like to listen to 'Jesus Culture' in the car. I don't like when the car stops. I love to be carried around in the sling on walks and errands.

I like to sleep on my tummy and I take good naps in my crib. I like to sleep with my mom at night. I like her side of the bed, even though she moves me to my spot, I always find my way back to her side. I love to snuggle. I don't like to be put down. I like the ocean sound on my sound machine.

I love my room. I must be seeing my angels because I smile and laugh at them every time I am in there. My changing table is one of my favorite spots to talk to them.

I like watching my brother and sister dance to "Yo Gabba Gabba" but I don't particularly like to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba." I love when my dad holds me and makes me laugh. I love taking baths and dipping the back of my head in the water. I think I can swim. Mom says I can't.

I don't like to be put down

I'm 2 months old and mom keeps telling me to slow down, but I don't think I'll listen. I'm ready to get down and play with my brother and sister!

Did I mention I don't like to be put down?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tug of War

Somthing needs to be done with this issue I have going on in my house. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know I'm supposed to be happy and I am, but still I can't ignore the little tug in my heart when one of my kids does something new as they grow up.

Asher turned 5 and decided his mom is no longer cool. Let's face it, I'm not sure he really ever thought I was "cool" per say, but at least if he didn't before, he did a better job at hiding it.

Now, he looks at me as if I know nothing. I have to ask him how I ever survived without him before he was born. Actually I say that to his dad a lot so maybe it's genetic.

I bought him what I thought was a super cute t-shirt from Carters over Christmas
that said "My Mom Rocks" on one side with guitars on the back. I thought he would love it. He loves his mom and loves guitars. Perfect right?

Apparently not, when I went to put it on him and told him what it said he got this face that said "dilemna- love mom, don't want to hurt her feelings but that shirt is cheesy!"

He wore it, but hasn't worn it since. Apparently he believes its false advertisement. Harsh.

And Bella, well my Little Miss Independent is officially potty trained. This one I am very happy about. She can hold it during one of her mama's infamous Target shopping trips like nobody's business...So proud of her!

We all went grocery shopping one night a couple weeks ago and Bella suddenly said "I need to go potty" so I said Ok, hurry, hurry lets go! I grabbed her hand as we walked to the bathroom. It was crowded that night (never go on a Sunday night, fyi) so we had to walk through a bunch of people on the way. She walked through the whole store yelling "Scuse me people, I'm potty training!"

I love it. And seeing her little booty prancing around here in those cute little underwear is just too much. I'm sorry but it is. On the note of her booty, please continue to be in prayer with me that she gets her dad's butt and not moms. I'm just saying.

And Mia? Well my sweet newborn (I'm still in denial) has decided to totally go against the typical developmental stages and start rolling over already. That's right, my little peanut is not even 2 months yet and rolling over. How is that?! This one I'm not too thrilled about. This one gives me the tug in my heart. I tried telling her no more rolling over and she is only to stay laying there helpless and needy. She didn't listen. Must've got that trait from her dad too ;)

The first couple of times I thought it was a fluke when I would go in to get her from her nap and find her on her back. That was a couple days ago. Last night she decided to give her dad and I some late night entertainment and do a little rolls for us. We'd lay her on her tummy and watch her roll. Possibly the cutest thing ever. Her little face looks so shocked every time she does it. We were cracking up. Oh how your idea of fun changes once you have kids.

I imagine these feelings I have like a game of Tug of War. Feeling proud, happy and excited for them, yet a little sad at the same time to realize they are each growing up. In their different ways, in different phases.

It's like my heart is pulling in one direction saying, "No! no! Stay little forever!" And the realistic side to me is saying "I'm doing my job. I'm guiding, loving and nurturing them and they are thriving and growing"

Of course it will only get tougher and this is really only the beginning to these feelings as a mother. Asher starts kinder this year. Heaven help me.

3 kids, 3 totally different stages and I am loving every second of each of them. Even if my heart gets stretched and separated from me a little more as they grow up. Such is the life of a mom.

A blessed life.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Done. Bye.

If you ever have a phone conversation with Asher, that's what he'll say when he believes the conversation is officially over. You may be mid sentence, but if he thinks it's over it's "Done. Bye."

No awkward fillers. None of that nervous chatter that happens at the end of a conversation. Straight to the point.

I think it's perfect.

I'm going to start using it. You know how I tend to jump from one topic to the next without ease or transition? The best thing I've got is "In other news" or "On that note". I'm done using those lame transitions. I'm all about "Done. Bye" now.

Things around here have been busy with redecorating, re purposing, reorganizing, decluttering and cleaning after what is now known as "The Flood of 2010".

It's not really known as that. It was hardly close to being worthy of being called a flood. I tend to enjoy exaggerating.

But it did send me into a major need to clean, get rid of things and organize. I'm on a roll. So much so that the kids think every time I pick something up they won't be seeing it again and start pleading for it back.

So dramatic.

Really though, I've kept way too much over the years thinking I may need or want it later. Going through it all has been kinda fun though. Except for the day I found pictures of myself with long hair from when Brandon and I were dating and it sent me into a googleing frenzy on how to make your hair grow faster. But I digress.

It's been weeks of purging and we're not done yet. Because what happened is everything I wanted to get rid of, has now made a home in our garage and its not necessarily out of sight and out of mind. Mainly because I have to open the door every time I go to throw an empty water bottle away because Brandon insists we be recyclers. And let me tell you, I can drink anyone under the table. With water that is. What does that even mean "drink anyone under the table?"

Anyway, I drink A LOT of water. In fact I realized just how much when Brandon was gone for the weekend and I bought a case of water on Friday night and had already gone through it by Sunday. That's a lot of water. And a lot of water bottles. Which means a lot of opening the garage door to recycle said water bottle and seeing all the "stuff" I just cleaned out of my house.

So needless to say we need to have a garage sale. But to tell you the truth I'm intimidated by garage sales. I feel very intimidated by the idea of sitting there with all the treasures (junk) you hold dear and having people come look at it and then decide they don't want it, or that nothing you have is good enough for them and then walk away.


It's why I never played sports. I never wanted to lose. And it's why I was never a girl scout. Couldn't handle the idea of going door to door to sell something. Gives me a tummy ache just thinking about it. Not to mention the fact that you have to get up at the crack of dawn to hold a garage sale. Yuck.

I've given as much as I can away. If I know you need it, it's yours. Even if I don't think you need it, it's yours. Just get it out of my house. I intend on taking the majority of it to goodwill. Unless of course there's something you need. Just let me know, I'm sure I have it.

I'm all about simplifying this year. My house, my life, my days, my expectations...everything. The simpler the better. The less "stuff" the better. And that translates into every area of my life. I'm living by the motto "don't sweat the small stuff". Well I'm working on living it. I'm still somewhat glistening over them. Baby steps though.

So my next thing is to tackle the garage and I can't tell you how excited I am to do it. I can not wait to clear it out and not open my garage door to see "stuff" and totes filled with "stuff." Brandon promised to do it with me. Funny thing is, he thinks he's going to turn it into some sort of golf practice area. That's all well and good but there's enough room for the both of us in there. I'd like to see some section of it as a crafting area where I can organize all of my crafty stuff and maybe even have a designated gift wrapping area. Oh see now that sounds exciting. I've yet to share that tidbit with him though, so keep it on the D.L.

Maybe I'll remember to take some pictures of the transition. Maybe not. I'm spacey like that these days.

Done. Bye.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've Created a Monster


The Mia Monster.

I carried her and grew her in my tummy for 9 months. Took my vitamins, fed her the best I could (if the Egg and I waffles count), loved her, sang to her, talked to her, told her to hurry and get here so I could hold her already...

And then she got here and I did. I held her. A lot. I cuddled her every second I could. I sat on the sofa at night after the older two went to sleep and held her for hours as she slept.

And now? I can't put her down.

She won't let me.

The little thing has this power over me that says "Oh, you're crying? You don't want to be in your swing? You don't want to be in your bouncer or your crib? You just want ME to hold you?! Oh, ok!"

She's got me wrapped around her tiny finger. I know she does. She knows she does. She's got me hypnotized by her big 'ol eyes and little wimper. I hear it and BAM, she's in my arms. I've even walked around at home with her in the sling while I fixed the kids lunch or cleaned. Really?? Yes, really. Perhaps a bit much. I know.

So I shouldn't complain. It's my fault that my arms are aching, I'm not sleeping and my biceps are going to look like a body builder soon from all the patting, juggling, and holding.

I need to stop the madness. Figure out a way to reverse the madness. I am the mom. I'm in control!

HA! Yeah right.

Guess I'll do without a good nights sleep for a while. My baby girl will only be a baby for so long. So go ahead tell me I need to let her cry it out and not go get her at every little wimper. Then I'll just invite you over for a day and you can see her give that look with her eyes and she'll suck you right in to! Guarantee it.

I may not be around as much as I would like but just know it is most likely because I don't have a free hand to type with and the next chance I have, I'll be back again. Like when it's a full moon, the kids are playing on their new electronic contraptions or something and Mia is actually sleeping in her swing as opposed to my arms. I know they say lightning only strikes once, but it could happen. Have faith.

See this face? She's figuring out that she's in a bouncy seat and I'm in front of her.

"waaiiit a second..."

And then....the wimper. Photo session ended.