Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Done. Bye.

If you ever have a phone conversation with Asher, that's what he'll say when he believes the conversation is officially over. You may be mid sentence, but if he thinks it's over it's "Done. Bye."

No awkward fillers. None of that nervous chatter that happens at the end of a conversation. Straight to the point.

I think it's perfect.

I'm going to start using it. You know how I tend to jump from one topic to the next without ease or transition? The best thing I've got is "In other news" or "On that note". I'm done using those lame transitions. I'm all about "Done. Bye" now.

Things around here have been busy with redecorating, re purposing, reorganizing, decluttering and cleaning after what is now known as "The Flood of 2010".

It's not really known as that. It was hardly close to being worthy of being called a flood. I tend to enjoy exaggerating.

But it did send me into a major need to clean, get rid of things and organize. I'm on a roll. So much so that the kids think every time I pick something up they won't be seeing it again and start pleading for it back.

So dramatic.

Really though, I've kept way too much over the years thinking I may need or want it later. Going through it all has been kinda fun though. Except for the day I found pictures of myself with long hair from when Brandon and I were dating and it sent me into a googleing frenzy on how to make your hair grow faster. But I digress.

It's been weeks of purging and we're not done yet. Because what happened is everything I wanted to get rid of, has now made a home in our garage and its not necessarily out of sight and out of mind. Mainly because I have to open the door every time I go to throw an empty water bottle away because Brandon insists we be recyclers. And let me tell you, I can drink anyone under the table. With water that is. What does that even mean "drink anyone under the table?"

Anyway, I drink A LOT of water. In fact I realized just how much when Brandon was gone for the weekend and I bought a case of water on Friday night and had already gone through it by Sunday. That's a lot of water. And a lot of water bottles. Which means a lot of opening the garage door to recycle said water bottle and seeing all the "stuff" I just cleaned out of my house.

So needless to say we need to have a garage sale. But to tell you the truth I'm intimidated by garage sales. I feel very intimidated by the idea of sitting there with all the treasures (junk) you hold dear and having people come look at it and then decide they don't want it, or that nothing you have is good enough for them and then walk away.


It's why I never played sports. I never wanted to lose. And it's why I was never a girl scout. Couldn't handle the idea of going door to door to sell something. Gives me a tummy ache just thinking about it. Not to mention the fact that you have to get up at the crack of dawn to hold a garage sale. Yuck.

I've given as much as I can away. If I know you need it, it's yours. Even if I don't think you need it, it's yours. Just get it out of my house. I intend on taking the majority of it to goodwill. Unless of course there's something you need. Just let me know, I'm sure I have it.

I'm all about simplifying this year. My house, my life, my days, my expectations...everything. The simpler the better. The less "stuff" the better. And that translates into every area of my life. I'm living by the motto "don't sweat the small stuff". Well I'm working on living it. I'm still somewhat glistening over them. Baby steps though.

So my next thing is to tackle the garage and I can't tell you how excited I am to do it. I can not wait to clear it out and not open my garage door to see "stuff" and totes filled with "stuff." Brandon promised to do it with me. Funny thing is, he thinks he's going to turn it into some sort of golf practice area. That's all well and good but there's enough room for the both of us in there. I'd like to see some section of it as a crafting area where I can organize all of my crafty stuff and maybe even have a designated gift wrapping area. Oh see now that sounds exciting. I've yet to share that tidbit with him though, so keep it on the D.L.

Maybe I'll remember to take some pictures of the transition. Maybe not. I'm spacey like that these days.

Done. Bye.

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