Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've Created a Monster


The Mia Monster.

I carried her and grew her in my tummy for 9 months. Took my vitamins, fed her the best I could (if the Egg and I waffles count), loved her, sang to her, talked to her, told her to hurry and get here so I could hold her already...

And then she got here and I did. I held her. A lot. I cuddled her every second I could. I sat on the sofa at night after the older two went to sleep and held her for hours as she slept.

And now? I can't put her down.

She won't let me.

The little thing has this power over me that says "Oh, you're crying? You don't want to be in your swing? You don't want to be in your bouncer or your crib? You just want ME to hold you?! Oh, ok!"

She's got me wrapped around her tiny finger. I know she does. She knows she does. She's got me hypnotized by her big 'ol eyes and little wimper. I hear it and BAM, she's in my arms. I've even walked around at home with her in the sling while I fixed the kids lunch or cleaned. Really?? Yes, really. Perhaps a bit much. I know.

So I shouldn't complain. It's my fault that my arms are aching, I'm not sleeping and my biceps are going to look like a body builder soon from all the patting, juggling, and holding.

I need to stop the madness. Figure out a way to reverse the madness. I am the mom. I'm in control!

HA! Yeah right.

Guess I'll do without a good nights sleep for a while. My baby girl will only be a baby for so long. So go ahead tell me I need to let her cry it out and not go get her at every little wimper. Then I'll just invite you over for a day and you can see her give that look with her eyes and she'll suck you right in to! Guarantee it.

I may not be around as much as I would like but just know it is most likely because I don't have a free hand to type with and the next chance I have, I'll be back again. Like when it's a full moon, the kids are playing on their new electronic contraptions or something and Mia is actually sleeping in her swing as opposed to my arms. I know they say lightning only strikes once, but it could happen. Have faith.

See this face? She's figuring out that she's in a bouncy seat and I'm in front of her.

"waaiiit a second..."

And then....the wimper. Photo session ended.

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