Monday, January 31, 2011

Kids Table Re-do

Because it NEEDED it. Bad.

We bought this snazzy little table at IKEA about a year and a half ago for our playroom. It wasn't in the playroom long before I decided the kitchen was a better spot for it.

It's where the kids do all of their art activities like play-doh, painting, coloring, glitter (my arch enemy!) and also where they eat all of their meals.

I love it because I'm not sure if you are aware but kids are little piggies. Thats my nicer way of saying they are pigs. Little piggies sounds cuter and sweeter.

They like to wipe their hands on the sides of the table, under the table, on their chairs, or anywhere but their napkins.

They like to sling food like spaghetti noodles and macaroni. They like to see what a fork can do when dragged across the top of the table. And they like to brand it with paint, markers or yogurt.

At least mine do.

As much as I 409-ed and Kaboom-ed the life out of that thing, there was still some things that couldn't be helped. So I decided I would buy a new one but as I looked around I decided they would just do the same thing to the new one, so why not just "re-vamp" the one we have.

It's been good to us, really. Kind of sentimental now. I just couldn't see throwing it out.

So here it is. It took me a whole afternoon in between Mia feedings and naps to scrape the -caked on who knows what- off with a butter knife. That's right, my version of sanding it. And then Bella and I took a trip to "Holly, Lolly" (Hobby Lobby- those B's can be tricky to a 2 year old!).

All it took was a can of chalkboard paint and a thing of water-based glossy black wood paint.

I was originally only going to use the chalkboard paint on the top and then my sister in law (shout out to Ging!) suggested I do the sides also. So glad I did because it gives them more spots to write. It took a good 2 days between coats, but I think it turned out super cute. It looks brand new and I only spent about 10 bucks!

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