Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tug of War

Somthing needs to be done with this issue I have going on in my house. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I know I'm supposed to be happy and I am, but still I can't ignore the little tug in my heart when one of my kids does something new as they grow up.

Asher turned 5 and decided his mom is no longer cool. Let's face it, I'm not sure he really ever thought I was "cool" per say, but at least if he didn't before, he did a better job at hiding it.

Now, he looks at me as if I know nothing. I have to ask him how I ever survived without him before he was born. Actually I say that to his dad a lot so maybe it's genetic.

I bought him what I thought was a super cute t-shirt from Carters over Christmas
that said "My Mom Rocks" on one side with guitars on the back. I thought he would love it. He loves his mom and loves guitars. Perfect right?

Apparently not, when I went to put it on him and told him what it said he got this face that said "dilemna- love mom, don't want to hurt her feelings but that shirt is cheesy!"

He wore it, but hasn't worn it since. Apparently he believes its false advertisement. Harsh.

And Bella, well my Little Miss Independent is officially potty trained. This one I am very happy about. She can hold it during one of her mama's infamous Target shopping trips like nobody's business...So proud of her!

We all went grocery shopping one night a couple weeks ago and Bella suddenly said "I need to go potty" so I said Ok, hurry, hurry lets go! I grabbed her hand as we walked to the bathroom. It was crowded that night (never go on a Sunday night, fyi) so we had to walk through a bunch of people on the way. She walked through the whole store yelling "Scuse me people, I'm potty training!"

I love it. And seeing her little booty prancing around here in those cute little underwear is just too much. I'm sorry but it is. On the note of her booty, please continue to be in prayer with me that she gets her dad's butt and not moms. I'm just saying.

And Mia? Well my sweet newborn (I'm still in denial) has decided to totally go against the typical developmental stages and start rolling over already. That's right, my little peanut is not even 2 months yet and rolling over. How is that?! This one I'm not too thrilled about. This one gives me the tug in my heart. I tried telling her no more rolling over and she is only to stay laying there helpless and needy. She didn't listen. Must've got that trait from her dad too ;)

The first couple of times I thought it was a fluke when I would go in to get her from her nap and find her on her back. That was a couple days ago. Last night she decided to give her dad and I some late night entertainment and do a little rolls for us. We'd lay her on her tummy and watch her roll. Possibly the cutest thing ever. Her little face looks so shocked every time she does it. We were cracking up. Oh how your idea of fun changes once you have kids.

I imagine these feelings I have like a game of Tug of War. Feeling proud, happy and excited for them, yet a little sad at the same time to realize they are each growing up. In their different ways, in different phases.

It's like my heart is pulling in one direction saying, "No! no! Stay little forever!" And the realistic side to me is saying "I'm doing my job. I'm guiding, loving and nurturing them and they are thriving and growing"

Of course it will only get tougher and this is really only the beginning to these feelings as a mother. Asher starts kinder this year. Heaven help me.

3 kids, 3 totally different stages and I am loving every second of each of them. Even if my heart gets stretched and separated from me a little more as they grow up. Such is the life of a mom.

A blessed life.

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