Saturday, February 19, 2011

Because I don't say it enough...

I have an amazing husband...

I write about my kids a lot.
About my passion as a mom and my love for my children.
They truly are my heart and soul.

Yes I am "Mom/Mama/Mommy"
But my identity does not end there. I have many roles to fill...

My favorite?
Being a wife....

To the most loving, patient, selfless guy I know.

{Not to mention handsome!}

I watched him this afternoon as we were grabbing lunch at the mall and thought about what a good husband he is. He does lots of things daily to make me feel that way, but today I reflected on them a little longer...

...the small things that could go unnoticed but I try not to let them.

Like waiting in line at 3 different places to accommodate what 3 different people wanted for lunch....and waiting to get his last.

Like coming home after a long day and taking over right away.
Putting aside his own desire to relax, get comfy, unwind, and instead he feeds the kids dinner, gives them baths and puts them to bed... so that I can get some quiet moments to myself.

And in the morning, he gets up earlier, makes breakfast, changes diapers and gets them settled before he gets himself ready for his that I can get a little more sleep.

He gives me those extra moments to myself because he knows I need that I can be the best mom possible.

I may look as though I've got it all under control, my house is usually clean, kids are fed, clean, clothed and happy, I get to do fun things with them and for them, and I certainly cherish my time with them, but the biggest reason I am able to do all of that is my husband.

Not only does he help me to be the best mom possible for our 3 children, but he encourages me beyond my role as a mom.

He knows there is more to me.
Dreams that have yet to be realized but still burn inside me.
Goals, wishes, interests...

He lets me talk {and talk} about them..and he listens.

I love that about him. He gives me my moments- his time,
so that I can be at my best.
I don't know that there is a better example of selflessness.

As parents to young kids we are happy to make sacrifices...that may also mean we aren't able to spend as many quiet moments together as we would like.
But no matter what, we make time for each other first.
So that we can be the best husband and wife for each other.

Because when we give each other our time, our energy, our love...we can then turn around and do the same for our children.

I love being a mom.
and even more,
I love being Brandon Caddells wife.


  1. That is so sweet! Your husband is one that many women wish and hope to have!!!! He sounds like an amazing man, especially since he changes diapers!!!! My husband and I don't have any children yet but I hope he is as great of a father to our children, as your husband is to yours.


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