Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy Valentine T-Shirts

Sooooo basically, I don't sew.

Not sure if you knew this about me.
I would like to. In fact I would love to.
But honestly just the look of a sewing machine intimidates me.
For right now, it sits on my wish list of things Id like to do, right next to running in a 10k.

One of these days....

Until then, I love to find ways to make cute t-shirts for my kiddos, without having to bust out a needle and thread.

I was looking for a very simple way to make the girls some Valentine shirts when I spotted these red heart doilies at Michaels and knew what I could do!

I'm sure this has already been done many times and may be old news but humor me anyway...

I grabbed my sponge brush and pink fabric paint and painted the doily right side up making sure to cover the whole thing evenly.
Then laid it paint down on the t-shirt.
I then covered the doily with a piece of paper and used a roller of some sort to roll over the doily- a kids paint roller, a play-doh rolling pin, or a glass works great too.

Make sure to roll over the whole doily and press down hard.
Then lift off the paper and the doily should come off with it.

That's it!

The pink showed up very faint, but I liked it in the end.

I got a little creative with Mia's and added a red bow with fabric glue
and painted the red heart in.

I didn't want it to look too perfect cause I wanted it to go with the overall look of the shirt- kinda organic, you know? (Go Green!)

And of course, she's sportin it with her Rufflebutts!

WAY TOO EASY and oh SO cute!
(If I must say so myself...and I just did)

And BONUS this little project only cost me ONE DOLLAH cause I already had everything but the doilies.
Which was great cause let's face it these are a one hit wonder...

And P.S It was a fight to get Asher to wear the Old Navy "Future Heartbreaker" t-shirt I had for him to wear to school today so I figured he'd be ok with not having his mom make him a Valentines shirt.

P.P.S -I don't think I've ever used the word doily so much in my life. I don't even know if I'm spelling it right.

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  1. Girl, you crack me up! Your blogs are a pick-me-up. And I'm being totally serious. :) thanks for a good read.


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