Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Wreath

I realized the other day that Valentines Day is right around the corner and I don't have a bit of decor to show for it.
I didn't want much, just something simple and cute.

And this was perfect.

Ever since I made these pom pom hanging flowers for Mia's room and
realized how EASY they are

I've become a little obsessed with making "flowers" out of different material...cloth, felt, scrap fabric, tissue paper, crepe paper, and now cupcake wrappers.

Say Whaa? Cupcake wrappers??

I saw this Valentine wreath on one of the blogs (tatorotsandjello) that I like to check in on for ideas and knew I wanted to try one.
So easy. How could I go wrong?

So Bella and I got to it yesterday. She was a great little helper.....

Who am I kidding. She was good for nothin with the brownies near by.
I quickly caught on that she was only hanging around for the occasional brownie break mom was taking
(A girl needs fuel when working so hard!)

I got the supplies at Michaels
(found the wreath at the dollar store--Holla!)

Wrapped the wreath with red ribbon, then bunched the cupcake wrapper to resemble a flower and hot glued them around the wreath willy is my style.

Just go with it- you don't have to have a rhyme or reason for where you place them, just eyeball them and make sure it looks nice and full in the end.

It was really easy. Fun. Simple. My kind of craft project.
And it looks so cute hanging in our living room. It can hang around for about a week which is just the right amount of time before I get tired of seeing it :)

This cold day is a perfect day to try this out if you happen to have the supplies hanging around.

And now I must go because in the time it took me to post this, my kids have decided to make me a Valentine card using permanent marker....

Have Fun!

Done. Bye.


  1. Pretty sure you saying, "halla" at the dollar store is my favorite blog post yet!

  2. I am totally going to make one of these for every holiday! you are so creative!!

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