Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm 4 months old...

.....and I am my mama's JOY.

I am always happy and love to smile. If you talk to me, I will almost always give you a smile, even when I'm tired and hungry. I even smile through my tears.

Mom says thats the undeniable joy living in her little glory girl.

I love my brother and sister. I love to watch whatever they are doing, especially when we go to the park! They are my heros! I can't wait to go down the slide with them!

One of my favorite things to do is lay on a blanket in the grass. I look at everything and I talk and smile at the birds, leaves, bugs...whatever comes way.

BUT My FAVORITE thing to look at is my momma. She can't figure out why I love her so much, but I just do! I spot her from across the room and don't take my eyes off of her!

I'm very laid back and patient. My mom doesn't know what to do with those two qualities. They are foreign to her.

I love my morning naps in the swing, but mom has to turn on praise and worship music real loud before I will fall asleep. I've been this way since day 1...I like noise. I'm used to it. I think it has something to do with my loud mouthed brother and sister.

I love my sleep and will sleep through the night most nights. I sleep on my back and I like to suck my thumb.

I love when my mom sings to me. I get real still and love to listen intently. She is just happy to have found someone that enjoys her singing. Our rocking sessions are one of my favorite things!

{Peek a Boo!}

I'm a very loved little girl. I'm changing every day and mom counts each new one as a blessing, joy and honor!

P.S "You talkin to me??"

"She Believed She Could so She Did" {Giveaway!!}

I'm about to hit 100 followers!

I can't tell you how humbled and honored I am! It is such a blessing to know that my words are reaching "out there" to people I don't know, some I do know and others I would LOVE to know!

So I wanted to CELEBRATE with a GIVEAWAY for you!

I wanted it to be something significant and special, so I contacted one of my new favorite
Etsy shops

and asked if she'd like to be involved...

To my utter excitement she said YES!

Remember this post? Well I was so inspired by that quote, I went looking for a print of it that I liked and found this one at her shop.

{I framed and matted it myself}

I love it. These words are so significant for me and my life at the moment and now I have a beautiful reminder of it every day.

And you can too!!

The winner will receive one 8x10 "She Believed She Could so She Did" wall art of their own! You can customize the colors to match your style and room.

Her shop is filled with so many adorable and inspirational wall designs. Here are just a few of my favorites... cute for a new baby girl

This one for twins is perfect!

LOVE this one...

And these....

You HAVE to go check out her etsy shop, she has so many things you will fall in love with. And even better, her prices are so reasonable, it makes having something special totally doable!

To enter for a chance to win the "She Believed She Could so She Did" wall art, just leave a comment letting me you know you are a follower! If you are not, just take a quick sec to become one and then let me know you did, your comment will be your entry!

And just for fun as an additional entry, is there something you believed you could do and then DID? Have you ran in a race? Learned a new skill? Started a business or a family?
OR is there something you'd like to do one day?
Whatever it may be,
Share it!!
Let's inspire and BE inspired!!

I will use and announce the winner on Monday!

Much Love to you ALL!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What makes you HAPPY?

Interrupting my Spring Cleaning Frenzy to ask....

What is something that makes you happy?



They make my heart SMILE. I love them.

My first plant was from my sister in law Heather 4 years ago. We came home from the hospital after delivering our sweet Grace Ann to find a huge pot of gorgeous lavender hydrangeas at our front door. I loved them. To this day, they are one of my favorite things anyone has ever given me.

They make me so happy and remind me of my sweet babies in heaven. I imagine them running through beautiful fields of them!

Each new spring, I buy a new plant. These are huge and gorgeous.

Every time I step out my front door and see them, I'm reminded to notice the beauty that surrounds me. God gives us lots of opportunity to see Him in our every day...whether its a sunset, a thunderstorm, a rainbow, a kind gesture, word or favor...He gives us those special moments to see Him. To stop, listen, have a little chat with him...Be Thankful.

So what makes YOU happy? What makes you stop, think, pray, and SMILE :)

Spread it! Share it! Live it!

One Moment

I woke up this morning feeling very grouchy. Ever have those days?... And you don't know why??

Yeah that was me. No reason. Just grouchy.

I walked around the house picking out every little thing that was bugging me. I was sore and felt like I had worked out for hours yesterday when all I did was paint a bookshelf. Which then got me started on how out of shape I am and that I need to start working out again, but wondering when I had the time and poor me and oh look Asher's shoes were left on the stairs and the can opener was left went and on and on.

And then it hit me. "Change your attitude"


Who? Me?

But that's MY line!

I am always telling the kids to change their attitude and I impress in each of them that they have the power to make it a good day or a bad day. It's all in the attitude. And all a matter of CHOICE.

Now here I was griping, complaining, sulking, boo-hoo ing and then... BAM- God said, Laura, change the attitude.

....Dramatic pause.


You're right Lord. "What am I doing?" I have absolutely no reason to be in a bad mood.

I then had a choice to make. One choice in one moment...I could make it a good day, or I could make it bad day.

So I started to pray and as I did, God brought this quote to my mind...

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your action, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character for it becomes your destiny"

Wow. What power we hold. It's amazing that what we allow our mind to dwell on leads to our destiny.

I think we sometimes wonder why things aren't going a certain way for us. We wonder why a door isn't being opened, or why one was shut. We question. We get frustrated. Impatient. Angry.

But imagine, if we took one moment to change our thoughts...change our words, our actions, our habits, our could change our destiny.

I have learned that often times, when I am feeling down, when I'm getting frustrated or impatient...when I'm feeling grouchy... all it takes is doing something for someone else to turn it around completely.

It's so easy to get lost in our little world, our needs, our wants....but if we turn our focus outwardly, all of those things will get taken care of no matter what. God tells us so...

"Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies"
{Philippians 4:8-9 The Message Bible}

Today had every opportunity to be a bad day. I could have let it get away from me and just chalked it up as one of those days...But we have the power to change even the outcome of our day.

The destiny of our day.

One moment.

It took one moment and a little extra effort everytime I saw the sweet older lady who works in the fabric section of my Hobby Lobby. Each time we go in, I chip away bit by bit. I keep smiling, I keep talking, I keep looking at her...

Today she made eye contact. Today she asked me what the kids names were. Today she smiled.
A lot.

And today the kids walked away with a new friend named "Miss Mabel".

It made my day.

Sometimes it just takes a little smile, a hug, a word of encouragement...sometimes it may take persistence, more effort, more time, more of our energy... But when God's love is shining through us, when we are living out His love... it is never ending and unfailing. It is persistent.

Because He is persistent.

One moment changed my day around. One decision to change my thoughts may have changed not only my destiny, but someone else's as well.

Because I intend to keep chipping away at Miss Mabel. And I intend to find out why God wants me to.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kids Craft- Glitter Easter Egg Tree

This is what Asher and I worked on together last week.

He's at an age where projects are really fun to do together. He loves to help me any chance he gets, so I try to include him whenever I can. He was excited to be involved in this one from start to finish....And even better it took a couple of days to complete!

I decided to let this one be "his".... I just sort of gave him guidance and a little bit of direction for what we were going for.

First, we had to pick our "tree" so we went for a walk to look for the perfect branches. We have a walking path behind our house so we went there. He and Bella picked out some branches and then I lightly spray painted them with krylons "celery" color and let them sit to dry.

That night, we worked on glittering the eggs which was our favorite part. I let Asher tell me which egg should be covered with what color glitter.

I grabbed a shoe box so the glitter didn't end up everywhere and laid out some packing paper on the table...

Then I covered the whole egg with modge podge using a sponge brush, while holding the egg with a skewer and held the egg over the box as Asher poured the glitter on and I turned the egg to make sure he got all of it.

This is the exact concept as the glitter bird tree hanging on Mia's room.

{the birds are the ugly red ones in the floral department of Hobby Lobby}

We stuck them into some styrofoam over night to dry. They look cute just like this actually.

The next morning I let him cut out yarn for me in different lengths, then I stuck the yarn through the wholes in the egg and he told me where to hang them on the branches. It stayed this way for a day or two till I decided the yarn wasn't doing it for me, so I decided to use some pastel green polka dot ribbon I had.

I know I said this was Asher's project, but it was bugging me! The ribbon was much cuter and Asher was more than happy to get to use his scissors again.

Then he punched out flowers with our shape cutter (the one I also used on the topiary) and tissue paper in whatever color he wanted and I glued them to the stems with my glue gun.

We added a glitter bird for fun. I just think they are so cute!

Last, we filled the pot (that I already had from last spring) with green paper grass that I got at Target for a dollar.

There it is our "Easter egg tree"....
This is something so easy, fun and different that you can do with your kids for Easter aside from coloring eggs...and it's a double whammy...a fun project for them and cute decoration.

I told them to pick out where they wanted it and for whatever reason, they chose the rocking chair in Bella's room, it did look kinda cute there, but it didn't stay long... I can only imagine what Bella would do to it during one of her "naps"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paper Flower Topiaries

I have a thing for topiaries.
I just think they are so cute!

These are very simple.
I just took a couple of things I found at the thrift store and revamped them, gave them purpose, showed them their meaning for life!

Like this thing...

It was tossed to the side of someones Christmas decor no longer wanted.
I got this entire thing for 3 dollars at the "thrift store"
{which is really just a trendier way of saying "Goodwill"}

But it wasn't the tree I wanted...I wanted the container. I'm saving the tree part and I'm sure I'll find something to do with it at Christmas time {It lights up!}

Till then, the container was just what I was looking for to make my own topiary.

I wanted to try making one myself using roses made from crepe paper. (I told you I'm a bit obsessed with making flowers from different material)

Here's how I did it.

First, I made all of the rosettes---I used one whole roll of white crepe paper and my glue gun and did the same technique I did for the burlap wreath and Mia's little headband except that I made these a little bigger and loser.
* To begin, I tore all of my strips first. I measured them by just pulling a piece off the crepe roll from finger tip to shoulder, then tore it...I did this until I used up my whole roll.
*Then crumble up all of your strips into a ball. I found that this gave them more of an authentic rose petal look once made- less "papery" more worn looking, if that makes sense.
*Unravel the ball, fold one corner down and then roll and twist into the alternating direction and placing a drop of glue after every other turn
*I used a round styrofoam ball to place the roses on with my hot glue gun and just worked my way around the whole thing.

For the branch, I used one that Asher had picked out for me on one of our walks. It fit perfect right down into the center wear the Christmas tree branch was before. I placed a bit of hot glue at the bottom for added stability and then stuck it through the styrofoam.

Then I primed the container with some "kilz" and sprayed it with krylon gloss spray paint in 'watermelon'

{Isn't that watermelon color just delicious looking?! I already have another project planned to use it again}

Last thing I did was fill the container with some green floral foam and moss.

I love how it turned out. This one is going in the room re-do I know it seems awfully girly but it'll come together as a neutral space, I promise {hope}

This is a very easy project. Making the roses can get tedious, but I find this sort of thing kinda therapeutic because I do it at night when the house is quiet and kids are in bed. This is the kind of project you do during one of your shows or while watching a movie with your husband because sitting still for 2 hours is hard for you to do. I'm just saying.

The next one I did, I was just kinda playing around with. I wanted to try making some flowers with tissue paper using this flower shaped paper cutter.

I just layered some tissue paper and cut a bunch of flowers out. Then I layered about two paper flowers on each other, ruffled them up on the ends and used a straight pin to look like the flower center and to attach them to the small styrofoam ball. Pearl floral pins would make this even cuter, but I was just using what I already had.

The topiary was already made, I found it for a dollar at the thrift store and just pulled off the greenery that was on the styrofoam ball and used everything else.
I lightly brushed the pot with white paint but kept it light so it would look distressed and shabby chic-ish.

It was a dollar, I mean come on.

The room is coming together, Brandon and I worked on it this past weekend. We've got paint on the walls and most of the larger projects done. I'll be posting an update with pictures this week sometime. I am definitely learning a lot. My right hand is bruised and sore and I find priming to be one of the most un-fun, monotonous things I've ever had to do.
On the other hand, I'm having a lot of fun working on this room and can't wait to see it come together.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!!

"I'm glad it's right now"

Sometimes I look at Bella and wonder "where did the time go?"

While I was pregnant with Faith, I was in and out of the hospital, put on bed rest and then dealing with the was a very emotionally consuming time for me.
And during that same time, Bella was going from a baby to a toddler.

It happened so fast.

But what I have learned is that the more I try to grab a hold of time, the more I lose control of it. So it's better to just live in it. I try not to dwell on how fast my kids are growing up and instead just enjoy the moment, the phase, the age, that they are in now.

I don't want to ask "where did the time go." I want to do what I can to savor moments, but more importantly I want to live them out. Be present in them.

Some of the most ingrained memories I have, I can remember being completely present....I wasn't worried about taking a picture, or writing it into words...I was just living in it...feeling it, experiencing it.

When I was a little girl, I would do this thing when I was in the middle of something I really wanted to remember...I would close my eyes, take it all in and say to myself "I'm glad it's right now, I'm glad it's right now, I'm glad it's right now".

Sounds so silly now, but I wanted to be sure to be present in the moment so I would remember it.

Tonight, I walked into Bella's room to check on her after Brandon had put her to bed. She was moving around, so I started to brush her hair with my fingers as she fell back to sleep. But just as I turned to walk out, she whispered "don't stop mama."

It reminded me of when I was a little girl. I remember my mom scratching my arm until I fell asleep. I remember her pulling my hair up from around my neck as I laid down on my pillow and then she would fluff the pillow around my head. I remember how much I loved to fall asleep knowing my mom was right there. It felt so secure, so cozy.

There are some things you just can't capture in words or pictures.

Tonight as I scratched Bella's head and listened to her breathing get deeper and deeper, I closed my eyes and said to myself "I'm glad it's right now, I'm glad it's right now..
I'm so glad it's right now"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mobile Uploads, Self Portraits and Features...

Here's a little bit-o-random fun.
Because I am queen of all randomness, as we well know.

How about a little game of "What's on my phone"....
I would like to dedicate this game to my sister Vanessa because her request for a picture of my hair yesterday, is what inspired me to make a whole post of pictures found on my phone from the past week.

See, I got my hair did. And it is so unnatural for me to say that but I just did, anyway, I got it highlighted a few days ago and apparently it just dawned on her yesterday in the midst of all of her shenanigans there in H-town, so she wanted a picture.

I was driving down the highway with the 'CARS' soundtrack blasting cause I'm cool like that and I thought K, why not I'll take a self portrait.
So I did.
{AFTER I got to a ridiculously long red light, of course}
I smiled then looked at the picture and didn't like it.
So I pretended to be looking at the road, took a picture, and then didn't like it again.
So then I thought I'd just give her my best "Facebook self portrait" impersonation...
You know the kind...
And then a cop passed me from the opposite direction and laughed at me...
and then I felt dumb.

Notice how very cool I am though, giving her my cute, chic wannabe look. And then notice the top of the little head behind me with the yellow bow because that's my favorite part.
Because no matter how cool I try to be, I'm still the mom of 3 trying to take a cute self portrait while a cop passes by and laughs at me.

I'm so not cool.

Now, Here's a look at my past week as told through glimpses of mobile uploads....

Here's Daddy and Bella getting their boot scootin boogy on at Texas Pride. Did you know they throw sand out on the dance floor so you can shuffle easier?

Brandon and Bella were the only ones out there under 60.
Smile babe! I know you're feelin like a cheeseball but smile!

Mia was wearing some jammies that used to be Asher's. They had little duckies on them and I swear Asher was just wearing them. I got a teeny bit teary thinking of how my 3rd baby was wearing something my 1st baby had worn and how it seemed like only yesterday that he was wearing them. I was so young and cool then. Definitely not being laughed at by cops.

Here's how you occupy 2 little girls while at throw them in a cart with a bunch of junk from the dollar spot and when they get bored with that you throw Easter decorations in. Basically, you end up with a pile of stuff you have to put back.

Thursday we babysat my sisters dog....and I've got a question...
Anyone? Can you tell me who this dog thinks she is?!

No Seriously....
I pushed her off and explained to her that I don't even let my own children sit on my new sofa....
{if you saw our last sofa you would understand, but disregard that if you are the kind people who bought it off of craigslist :) }

Apparently she took that as an open invite to come snuggle up on my shoulder.

These are books. Asher's books. Asher's books that Bella separated from the rest of the books (that are in her room while we re-do the play room) and slid under her door for him to get while she was supposed to be taking a nap.

Oh look, here's my hunky husband holding up my new 40lb mantle while I take a picture to send to my mom to ask her if it needed to be hung higher or lower....Whats that Mom? Higher? Oh ok, higher Lower? Oh ok, lower Brandon...

Thanks Babe :)

Remember the potato head family I told you that Asher made?
Here it is.
This would be Mia. Notice the tongue.
Poor thing can't help it you know, those chubby cheeks make it hard to keep anything in there!
This one is me. Notice my gardening hat....because I garden you know.
This one is my favorite. It's the potato head angel. He's watching over the rest of them. In fact at one point potato head Mia started to take a tumble and potato head angel flew down and caught her just before hitting the floor.
If you are wondering where Asher and Bella's are he ran out of potato heads and more are officially on "his list"

Some intense basketball watching was happening. Mia looks nervous. I wonder how much she had on the line.

I don't know how this picture ended up on my phone, but I love it because of the little baby feet! Mia and I were sitting on the front porch watching the kids play.
Pay no attention to my major need for a pedicure. No really, pay no attention. Stop looking!
{P.S those flip flops are from Old Navy and they are THE most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear and they too can be yours for a mere 5 dollah!}
{P.P.S I have my daddy's calves....stop looking!}

Hi Aunt Sessa....this one was meant for you.

Mia girl, laying with Mama on a blanket while the kids played at the park. Notice Eva behind her... as in Eva from Wall-E. Asher's suggestion. He insisted Mia would enjoy laying on his Wall-E blanket because it lights up and because that would distract her from not being able to go down the slide with him and Bella. Trickety trickster, that one!

Apparently Mia was pickin up what Joyce Meyer was puttin down...she's given her the "preach it sister" hand in the air..or is it the Jersey Shore fist pump?

...and Oh look there's my foot again. How emburrisin.

On another note, my "Repurposed Frame" was featured over at A Girl and A Glue Gun. I don't know if I'm more flattered that someone thought my frame idea was worthy of being "featured" or that people I don't know are actually reading this blog.....

I'd like to thank my husband for staying up late with me one night to finish this little project, my hobby lobby fabric nazi for actually cracking a smile this time, and the 7 layers of white krylon gloss paint that it required because I didn't prime it first.

You should now head over to her blog because she is quite the jokester and she will make you laugh and she will make you feel like it's O.K to use a glue gun for all of your projects. So there.

Happy Monday to all!!!