Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babylegs Giveaway Winner

So, we've got a winner for the Babylegs, folks. I apologize that it is not "Tuesday morning" and it is actually now"Tuesday late afternoon" but such is the life of a mother of 3.

My older 2 have been with Mimi and Papa out in the country since Sunday and I went to pick them up this morning. There is running, screaming, chasing, tattling, crying, laughing, sharing, stealing, spilling, wrestling, tickling (which resulted in peeing).....life is good.

My munchkins can be a handful and I always appreciate (severely covet) a break here and there (gasp! an honest mom!) but when they get back I am always happy to have them home again. Aw yes I can hear the screaming as I type. Life is back to normal, for sure! I'll just keep typing and hope they handle it on their own.

So, can I just tell ya'll I loved reading every one of your comments! I love that you all feel like you know me through my writing and this blog. That is always my heart and my desire every time I hit "post". I strive to live my life being honest, open and transparent and I hope you catch that when reading through my posts.

The sweet comment from Conway Creations described my blog perfectly "I am such a follower and liked both fb pages. I love how your blog showcases both a personal touch with family and faith and offers a creative element with fantastic craft ideas! Love Baby Legs!"

For some reason I struggled with the direction of this blog...like I had to fit into one "category", but you know what, if I'm being real...I don't fit into one category. I love to create things, I love my children, I love my husband, I love to write, I love my God....I love to INSPIRE- in whatever way that may be! So I stopped trying to figure out who I was supposed to be through this blog and just be ME. Burlap, babies, and all. So thank you, I so appreciated every comment and am very excited about each new follower!

Ok, so If you are anything like me you probably just skimmed all of that looking for the name of the winner. Well, I won't put it off anymore...I went on over to random.org and had it generate a number between 1 and 110. It came up with #91,

Comment number 91 was...

"Elle The Heiress"

Congratulations!!! So excited for you!

Please contact me at caddellhouse@yahoo.com with your mailing address.

Thank you to each and every one of you for participating in the giveaway. I hope you will continue to stop by. I'm working on a complete room "re-do" that I'm very excited about and will be sharing here as the process begins and also another fun giveaway coming soon!

Alright, I'm off to break up an argument over whether 'Arthur' is a rabbit or a mole. Wish I knew the answer myself! {Anyone?}



♥ ♥ ♥