Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm 3 months old!

I'm 3 months old!!

And I like smiling...smilings my favorite!

Unless it's when I'm getting my ears pierced.

Then I'm not really smiling. I'm crying.

{It's a cruel, cruel world!}

But mom says beauty is pain and look how pretty I look with my new earings!

I'm sleeping through the night now and in my own bed too! But most early mornings I end up with my mom in her bed for a little snuggle time...

{she can't quite let go!}

I also started sucking my thumb, which my mom LOVES and thinks is adorable.

I still insist on being held all of the time when we are out.
I love being in my sling wherever we go!

My favorite "toy" is my big brother Asher. He plays the funnest games with me.
Here we are pretending to drive in a race car

See my race car driver hat? {It's a hairspray cap!}

He likes to do silly things with me and I find him pretty funny!

and my big sister....Well she can be a little too much for me sometimes but she has the best intentions and is always checking in on me.

My mom says my eyes are always wide open, watching everything thats going on.
I wouldn't want to miss anything. I'm very nosey!
{just like mom!}

And I'm very sweet and laid back like my daddy

{I've got him wrapped around my little finger...
He doesn't know it now, but I've got big plans for using that one day!}

{......and mom takes way too many pictures of me...but it's her way of not missing a thing!}


  1. So sweet ;). Can't believe it has already been 3 months! How do you get a breastfeeding baby to sleep through the night so early? I am trying to stock up on info while I have time to take it all in.

  2. That ear piercing cry is so pitiful but so stinking cute!

  3. Naelyn, She goes to sleep around 8:00p then I usually go in before I go to bed around 12:30-1 and feed her...even if she is sleeping, I try to keep her sleeping or just stay real calm, no lights etc. I make sure she gets a good feeding at that point so she's got a full tummy at the same time I'm going to sleep. I really think this helps a lot! She will go till about 6-7am before waking up to eat and its at that feeding where I bring her in bed with me for another hour or two.

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