Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mobile Uploads, Self Portraits and Features...

Here's a little bit-o-random fun.
Because I am queen of all randomness, as we well know.

How about a little game of "What's on my phone"....
I would like to dedicate this game to my sister Vanessa because her request for a picture of my hair yesterday, is what inspired me to make a whole post of pictures found on my phone from the past week.

See, I got my hair did. And it is so unnatural for me to say that but I just did, anyway, I got it highlighted a few days ago and apparently it just dawned on her yesterday in the midst of all of her shenanigans there in H-town, so she wanted a picture.

I was driving down the highway with the 'CARS' soundtrack blasting cause I'm cool like that and I thought K, why not I'll take a self portrait.
So I did.
{AFTER I got to a ridiculously long red light, of course}
I smiled then looked at the picture and didn't like it.
So I pretended to be looking at the road, took a picture, and then didn't like it again.
So then I thought I'd just give her my best "Facebook self portrait" impersonation...
You know the kind...
And then a cop passed me from the opposite direction and laughed at me...
and then I felt dumb.

Notice how very cool I am though, giving her my cute, chic wannabe look. And then notice the top of the little head behind me with the yellow bow because that's my favorite part.
Because no matter how cool I try to be, I'm still the mom of 3 trying to take a cute self portrait while a cop passes by and laughs at me.

I'm so not cool.

Now, Here's a look at my past week as told through glimpses of mobile uploads....

Here's Daddy and Bella getting their boot scootin boogy on at Texas Pride. Did you know they throw sand out on the dance floor so you can shuffle easier?

Brandon and Bella were the only ones out there under 60.
Smile babe! I know you're feelin like a cheeseball but smile!

Mia was wearing some jammies that used to be Asher's. They had little duckies on them and I swear Asher was just wearing them. I got a teeny bit teary thinking of how my 3rd baby was wearing something my 1st baby had worn and how it seemed like only yesterday that he was wearing them. I was so young and cool then. Definitely not being laughed at by cops.

Here's how you occupy 2 little girls while at throw them in a cart with a bunch of junk from the dollar spot and when they get bored with that you throw Easter decorations in. Basically, you end up with a pile of stuff you have to put back.

Thursday we babysat my sisters dog....and I've got a question...
Anyone? Can you tell me who this dog thinks she is?!

No Seriously....
I pushed her off and explained to her that I don't even let my own children sit on my new sofa....
{if you saw our last sofa you would understand, but disregard that if you are the kind people who bought it off of craigslist :) }

Apparently she took that as an open invite to come snuggle up on my shoulder.

These are books. Asher's books. Asher's books that Bella separated from the rest of the books (that are in her room while we re-do the play room) and slid under her door for him to get while she was supposed to be taking a nap.

Oh look, here's my hunky husband holding up my new 40lb mantle while I take a picture to send to my mom to ask her if it needed to be hung higher or lower....Whats that Mom? Higher? Oh ok, higher Lower? Oh ok, lower Brandon...

Thanks Babe :)

Remember the potato head family I told you that Asher made?
Here it is.
This would be Mia. Notice the tongue.
Poor thing can't help it you know, those chubby cheeks make it hard to keep anything in there!
This one is me. Notice my gardening hat....because I garden you know.
This one is my favorite. It's the potato head angel. He's watching over the rest of them. In fact at one point potato head Mia started to take a tumble and potato head angel flew down and caught her just before hitting the floor.
If you are wondering where Asher and Bella's are he ran out of potato heads and more are officially on "his list"

Some intense basketball watching was happening. Mia looks nervous. I wonder how much she had on the line.

I don't know how this picture ended up on my phone, but I love it because of the little baby feet! Mia and I were sitting on the front porch watching the kids play.
Pay no attention to my major need for a pedicure. No really, pay no attention. Stop looking!
{P.S those flip flops are from Old Navy and they are THE most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear and they too can be yours for a mere 5 dollah!}
{P.P.S I have my daddy's calves....stop looking!}

Hi Aunt Sessa....this one was meant for you.

Mia girl, laying with Mama on a blanket while the kids played at the park. Notice Eva behind her... as in Eva from Wall-E. Asher's suggestion. He insisted Mia would enjoy laying on his Wall-E blanket because it lights up and because that would distract her from not being able to go down the slide with him and Bella. Trickety trickster, that one!

Apparently Mia was pickin up what Joyce Meyer was puttin down...she's given her the "preach it sister" hand in the air..or is it the Jersey Shore fist pump?

...and Oh look there's my foot again. How emburrisin.

On another note, my "Repurposed Frame" was featured over at A Girl and A Glue Gun. I don't know if I'm more flattered that someone thought my frame idea was worthy of being "featured" or that people I don't know are actually reading this blog.....

I'd like to thank my husband for staying up late with me one night to finish this little project, my hobby lobby fabric nazi for actually cracking a smile this time, and the 7 layers of white krylon gloss paint that it required because I didn't prime it first.

You should now head over to her blog because she is quite the jokester and she will make you laugh and she will make you feel like it's O.K to use a glue gun for all of your projects. So there.

Happy Monday to all!!!


  1. nice!! u should do this more often. another blog i read, she does "a day in..." and documents her days in pictures.

  2. i'm so totally honored. a blog by faith hope love dedicated to me. :) one of the funniest pictures to me is the one with asher's books outside bella's bedroom door. she's so funny! mia is getting sooooo big! you should do that day in the life thing & let asher get a hold of you phone. i can't tell you how many pictures i have on my phone from him. specifically from a lunch at chili's. it's so nice to have random chip baskets, salsa bowls, forks, etc. i think he really thought he was being "artsy" :)

  3. aw i just found your blog - your family is adorable! love it.

  4. I think I will do it more often Stephanie, but what I liked most about these pictures, and why I thought it was a fun post, is because none of them were ever intended to be shown, just moments I caught and thought were funny, or just natural occurrences, you know? I can't stand "staged" so that's why I hesitate to make this an "official" thing, cause then I'd feel more inclined to take a picture for this specific purpose instead of it just being natural...does that make sense??? ;)

    You're right Nessa, some of the best pictures I have on my phone are from Asher. I'm also starting to let him take pictures with my camera more often. He's got a good eye, that kid ;)

  5. Hi Jacin! Thanks for stopping by! And Thank you!! :)


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