Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paper Flower Topiaries

I have a thing for topiaries.
I just think they are so cute!

These are very simple.
I just took a couple of things I found at the thrift store and revamped them, gave them purpose, showed them their meaning for life!

Like this thing...

It was tossed to the side of someones Christmas decor no longer wanted.
I got this entire thing for 3 dollars at the "thrift store"
{which is really just a trendier way of saying "Goodwill"}

But it wasn't the tree I wanted...I wanted the container. I'm saving the tree part and I'm sure I'll find something to do with it at Christmas time {It lights up!}

Till then, the container was just what I was looking for to make my own topiary.

I wanted to try making one myself using roses made from crepe paper. (I told you I'm a bit obsessed with making flowers from different material)

Here's how I did it.

First, I made all of the rosettes---I used one whole roll of white crepe paper and my glue gun and did the same technique I did for the burlap wreath and Mia's little headband except that I made these a little bigger and loser.
* To begin, I tore all of my strips first. I measured them by just pulling a piece off the crepe roll from finger tip to shoulder, then tore it...I did this until I used up my whole roll.
*Then crumble up all of your strips into a ball. I found that this gave them more of an authentic rose petal look once made- less "papery" more worn looking, if that makes sense.
*Unravel the ball, fold one corner down and then roll and twist into the alternating direction and placing a drop of glue after every other turn
*I used a round styrofoam ball to place the roses on with my hot glue gun and just worked my way around the whole thing.

For the branch, I used one that Asher had picked out for me on one of our walks. It fit perfect right down into the center wear the Christmas tree branch was before. I placed a bit of hot glue at the bottom for added stability and then stuck it through the styrofoam.

Then I primed the container with some "kilz" and sprayed it with krylon gloss spray paint in 'watermelon'

{Isn't that watermelon color just delicious looking?! I already have another project planned to use it again}

Last thing I did was fill the container with some green floral foam and moss.

I love how it turned out. This one is going in the room re-do I know it seems awfully girly but it'll come together as a neutral space, I promise {hope}

This is a very easy project. Making the roses can get tedious, but I find this sort of thing kinda therapeutic because I do it at night when the house is quiet and kids are in bed. This is the kind of project you do during one of your shows or while watching a movie with your husband because sitting still for 2 hours is hard for you to do. I'm just saying.

The next one I did, I was just kinda playing around with. I wanted to try making some flowers with tissue paper using this flower shaped paper cutter.

I just layered some tissue paper and cut a bunch of flowers out. Then I layered about two paper flowers on each other, ruffled them up on the ends and used a straight pin to look like the flower center and to attach them to the small styrofoam ball. Pearl floral pins would make this even cuter, but I was just using what I already had.

The topiary was already made, I found it for a dollar at the thrift store and just pulled off the greenery that was on the styrofoam ball and used everything else.
I lightly brushed the pot with white paint but kept it light so it would look distressed and shabby chic-ish.

It was a dollar, I mean come on.

The room is coming together, Brandon and I worked on it this past weekend. We've got paint on the walls and most of the larger projects done. I'll be posting an update with pictures this week sometime. I am definitely learning a lot. My right hand is bruised and sore and I find priming to be one of the most un-fun, monotonous things I've ever had to do.
On the other hand, I'm having a lot of fun working on this room and can't wait to see it come together.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!!


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