Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perfection Vs. Reality...Airbrushing Our Lives

This post brought to you by a double dose of the good stuff and a banana....

I took some night time cold medicine last night and it's still hanging around today. I need a kick in the booty. And it doesn't help that my kids are doing this weird thing where they aren't bugging me to go do something or play something. I mean what the heck? That's usually what gets me motivated to get going but noooo they have to go and be doing things like reading books and making up games with each other.

Why can't they do this when I want to just hang out at home. I don't today, I've got things to do people! Things!

Moving on. I'm going to go ahead and warn you, this post may not make sense as far as organizational layout because it will just be ramblings fueled by cold medicine.

I've been pondering something lately. "Pondering" makes me sound so profound. OK, maybe it's not pondering, more like it's been bugging the heck out of me and I keep reading or hearing things that gets me going on it again.

Perfection. It's an interesting concept. Something we all strive for (I think) and yet it's unattainable, really because after all we are HUMAN. No human is perfect. Granted we as Christians strive to be Christ-like who IS perfect, however we will never BE perfect.

Did I lose you there? Hopefully not...stick with me, because I think this is something we ALL need to here.

Drum roll..


I know, shocking as that may be, it's true. And guess what, neither are you.

Which brings me to what I've been pondering. WHY do people want us to believe they are? Clearly that's not a possibility. Clearly things are not always hunky dory peachy keen (I don't know what just happened there but I didn't get the red squiggly line under any of those words so I'm assuming it must actually really mean something) Things are NOT always rainbows and sunshine.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being positive. I'm all about the glass being half FULL. Trust me. If we didn't have a positive outlook, a Hope in Christ, a joy that is not moved by circumstances then life would be hard. Much harder than it is.

HOWEVER, this illusion that we want people to believe that our lives are perfect, that we are perfect mothers, with perfect children, and perfect lives....Why?

I've come to a conclusion...with a little confirmation from my friend Joyce... (Meyer that is). When people want us to believe that their life is perfect...when they try way too hard to create the illusion...there must be something more. There HAS to be....something.

Something hidden, something that hurts. Something they don't want us to see. And so they go on with life with a smile on their face...masking the hurt by creating this "life" that seems so perfect.

They are the people who quickly answer "GOOD!" and keep walking when you try to look at them in the eye and say "How are you"....they don't want you to see...and so they continue walking...running...hiding.

I believe the phenomenon of facebook, twitter, networking...has caused a rise in us to maintain this illusion of perfection. We worry about what people will think. We worry about what they won't think. We envy those whose life seems perfect...the one who seems to have it all together.

Then we put all of this pressure on ourselves to make that "our life" too...the perfect birthday party, handmade this, from scratch that, the nice car, the big house, the kids who are well rounded because you take them somewhere "fun" every day (more like spoiled)...but you have to right? Because "they" do.

Do you get where I'm going? I think we all at one point have done either one of the following...we've either tried to create the illusion of perfection OR we've compared our imperfect lives to the life of someone else who clearly has it all together (his blog/facebook/twitter says so!)

But just like that magazine cover with the beautiful girl and perfect body.. it's all air-brushed....Sure there's a beautiful girl there, but all of her imperfections have been taken away leaving only the perfections for us to see.

I think we need to realize a couple of things...We all hurt, we ALL have some sort of struggle (body image, financial, marriage, spiritual, a habit we can't kick) ...and GUESS WHAT....

It's OK!!!!

We've GOT to start realizing it's ok to not be perfect. It's ok to let people know you had a hard day, you counted the seconds for bedtime, you didn't run that full mile without stopping and gasping for air, you cried because you missed someone, you failed the exam, you were grouchy, you fought with your spouse, you made sandwhiches for dinner....

Bottom Line....lets be real. Lets relate with one another. Lets cheer each other on, lets encourage, lets listen, lets stop and really answer the next time we are asked how things are going, lets stop trying to make people believe things are perfect.

Please, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying lets drag out all of our struggles and focus on the negative BY ANY MEANS. Hopefully you didn't just read all of this and think that is what I'm saying.

I guess my hope through this "pondering" is that people will be encouraged to start to be more Real. Honest. And above all know that its OK to not feel like you have it all together...because that blog your reading? That Facebook profile? That magazine cover? That tv show?... NOT PERFECT.

No one is.

I hope I show the imperfect, honest, part of my life also. If you have ever looked at my life and thought I've got it all together...allow me to direct you to some honest posts like this one, this one, or this one. My life is not perfect and I would never want anyone to think it is.

I'm real. I have hard days. My kids fight. I probably get on my husbands nerves sometimes and vice versa. I have struggles, I have questions, I might be a little too anal about things, I sure as heck do not cook ellaborate meals from scratch and sure as heck do love me some bed times!

And do you know whats great about that? God doesn't want perfect people. Because then, we wouldn't need him. And Lord help me if I EVER think I don't need Him. He is my source of, strength, love, peace...everything.

He is the reason I strive for perfection but know that I never will be...and that is OK with me!

If you felt a little twinge of conviction when reading this, don't worry. You are not alone. Do you think God puts these "ponderings" in my heart just to share with you imperfect people?.... I don't think so. Cause then that would mean I'm perfect ;)


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