Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What makes you HAPPY?

Interrupting my Spring Cleaning Frenzy to ask....

What is something that makes you happy?



They make my heart SMILE. I love them.

My first plant was from my sister in law Heather 4 years ago. We came home from the hospital after delivering our sweet Grace Ann to find a huge pot of gorgeous lavender hydrangeas at our front door. I loved them. To this day, they are one of my favorite things anyone has ever given me.

They make me so happy and remind me of my sweet babies in heaven. I imagine them running through beautiful fields of them!

Each new spring, I buy a new plant. These are huge and gorgeous.

Every time I step out my front door and see them, I'm reminded to notice the beauty that surrounds me. God gives us lots of opportunity to see Him in our every day...whether its a sunset, a thunderstorm, a rainbow, a kind gesture, word or favor...He gives us those special moments to see Him. To stop, listen, have a little chat with him...Be Thankful.

So what makes YOU happy? What makes you stop, think, pray, and SMILE :)

Spread it! Share it! Live it!

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  1. What makes me happy....Those kind of nights when I am laying in bed trying to clear my mind enough so that I can pray, but my mind is a jumble of the day's events and other things that make me lose my focus. Then suddenly I feel a calmness, almost a soft warm touch and I know the Holy Spirit has joined me, and my mind clears. I am then able to focus on all of His blessings...some obvious, some not so obvious. I love it when He gently reminds me to push away stress and truly count my blessings :) (By the way, Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers!)


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