Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday....

I've got the winner for the giveaway!!

But first...some ramblings of an exhausted mother of three...

You have to listen because I think I reached my word limit with Brandon. I could tell when he started doing "the nod" midway through my retelling of how I learned today that Ms. Mabel loves the SPURS but has some pretty strong opinions against 'ol Tim Duncan.

Anyway, I had a revelation today y'all.

An epiphany if you will...

I was loading my 3 munchkins back in the car after our 4th errand of the day. And I was tired...and hot...and a little grouchy....and hot....and I don't do well with being hot...And I started wondering why on earth I ever thought it would be a good idea to bring my kids along with me on my errands.

And then it hit me....running errands with 3 kids is like labor. You wonder why you would ever put yourself through so much torture and you tell yourself you will never do it again.

But then you forget....You forget the pain in your arms from maneuvering a cart, while holding a spoiled baby girl cause you forgot the sling in the washer, while corraling a 5 year old little boy who insists on looking at every little thing in order to add it to "his list" that started the day after Christmas.

How you became dangerously close to losing your salvation when you almost threw your shoe at a lady who stared you down and then finally told you, you look too young to have 3 kids and that you should've held on to "time" a little longer {SERIOUSLY?!}

You forget how you had to be "that mom" in the middle of the store when your son bounced a ball right in front of a very grumpy old man's cart and cause your 3 yr old daughter nearly whined you into the loony bin.

Seriously...the loony bin. A permanent trip to Mexico, if you know what I'm sayin.

But you know what? Tomorrow morning I will have forgotten about it all...I'll look around, hear the birds chirping and on a totally caffeinated whim I'll say "let's go!" and I'll load them up in the car and we'll do it all over again.

See? It's like childbirth. If we remembered every second of the process we would never do it again.

I better move on before you all start giving me the nod too...

So can I tell you all how much I LOVED reading your comments for the giveaway? I read every single one and with each story of a dream, a goal, an accomplishment...I was inspired. And I know everyone else who read it was too.

The giveaway received over 1000 page views....CUH-RAZY. I am inspired by that alone and pray that those people I may never meet, left my page feeling inspired in some way. And I pray they continue to be. Because that is my heart.

So thank you for your words of inspiration....they reached far beyond what you may ever know.
I honestly wish I could give one these to each of you!!

The winner, based on was commenter number 36...Candace Evans!

Congratulations Candace! Contact me with your info as soon as possible!

Thank you again to each of you and to my new "followers"----I hope you stick around. I hope that as you get to know me a little better, you are filled with a renewed Faith,
a stronger Hope and a life more filled with Love.

And lastly, THANK YOU again to Cathy at Mateo & Tobias for sponsoring this fantastic giveway! I am so blessed and thankful to you for wanting to share in this little celebration with us. It is an honor to be connected with you and your amazing talent :)

Now. This mama is headed for a hot bath, glazed croissant and a Pottery Barn catalog.

Much LOVE!!!


  1. WOW! People floor me with how opinionated they are! I'm so sorry you had to endure what that total stranger said - she knows nothing about you and how much you have gone through to be the mother to those three children, and to the ones you've lost. We all get flustered and heck, I only have one at this point in my life! You're doing great! If we could do it prefect all the time we would have no need for God!

  2. So you mentioned the Spurs and I did some digging and yes, we are from the same city. Yay. You are the first blogger I've met from SATX.
    I'm so glad I've found you. I can't wait to read more, especially from someone in my neck of the woods! Enjoy your bath and have an extra croissant from me.


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