Thursday, April 7, 2011


"God’s love for you and me is indeed unconditional, unchanging, and will last forever-"
John Bevere

Lord, help me to show that same love flowing through me today. To be a blessing and a light to all those I encounter. To listen to your voice as you guide open my mouth and stretch out my arms. To look beyond my own needs and see the needs of others. To understand I will make mistakes and the world will fail me, but God, you never fail, you never give up....Help me to pursue others the way you pursue me. To be the mom I need to be, the wife you called me to be, the person you made me to be. To remember your mercies are new ever morning. Yesterdays mistakes and failures are in the past and YOU are in my future, YOU are in my today. Help me to see you in it, to look for you, to listen for learn, to grow and to ACT.

Let my love be unconditional and unchanging.
Radiate through me today....
help me to make them wonder what I have and then SHARE it.


  1. I very much needed to read this today; thank you. It's beautifully written.

  2. I'm happy to know that Gin. It was a personal prayer, but I knew it was meant for someone else as well so I had to share it. Thank you!


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