Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here's the thing...

This post is about to be all kinds of random, because sometimes I don't feel like making one post about one thing, so there.....And the kids are in bed and the Rangers game is on.

Here's the thing...I've had this DVD for about 3 months now.
30 day Shred? 20 pounds in 30 days, you say?! Yeah I couldn't tell you, because the plastic is still on it. I have great intentions, really I do. Every Sunday since I ordered it I say I'm going to start tomorrow. Because you can't start a workout routine unless it's on a Monday. Apparently.

I fully intend to start. Not because I'm aiming to lose 20 lbs by any means, but I gotta say, 3 kids and these hips don't lie ya'll. They say I've had 3 kids and they aint liein! I've lost all of my baby weight and a few extra so I'm good with that. What I'm not good with is the shakin. And I don't mean the good J-Lo on American Idol kind of shakin. I need to tone up ya'll. And truthfully I really do miss working out. I'm the kind of person who loves it. I love to get my butt kicked in a work out, I like to be told what to do and just know it's doing me good. I figure Jillian's good about that. So I'm going to start. Really I am.

Next Monday of course. If you want to join let me know. Or if you want to just say "Go Laura" you can say that too. Or if you've done it and want to throw in your 2 cents about it, feel free.

You want to know what is so ironic with that entire last topic? I typed it while juggling a piece of freschetta pizza {my FAV}....stop judging.
Here's another thing. I've got our new "creative room" pretty much done. It's been done actually, I just haven't found the motivation to take pictures. That's another thing I fully intend on doing. I worked on one of my recent finds today. It's an old school desk. It is perfect for Asher as he starts school next year. I love it. But I didn't love the prep work I had to do today to "restore" it. Let's just say there was a whole lot of chewed gum under that bad boy, not to mention other things one might wipe under a desk. Gag. Yeah I just said gag. It's the only word that truly describes what I literally did. But it was worth it. I'm in love with it. And with kilz primer.

But I'm not in love with that title "Creative Room"...it's just not jiving well with me. It doesn't exactly roll of the tongue you know? I need some suggestions because it's not a play room, but it's not strictly a "craft room" either. It's just a place where the kids and I migrate to do all things "creative"....except for the large tv in the room, that doesn't count. But still its not a TV room either. See, I need help you guys. "Kids go up to the creative room" is just not working.

Person with the winning suggestion wins a prize {not really}.

As I said before I have some things "in the works" that I am literally busting at the seams about, but I'm just not sure on when to let it all out. Lot's of new things. Very fun, a little intimidating but exciting none the less. One of them you will be seeing soon. This here blog is getting herself a makeover. I hope it will reflect my "style" a little better and also where I'm going with it. Oh and a new name. I have a new name for it. But that's a whole other post for a whole other day. Soon.

I had to take Mia to the ER on Saturday. She was running a fever and I couldn't get it down. So in we went thinking it was an ear infection, but when that was ruled out, they had to run some tests to figure out why she was running a fever. They had to do a catheter on her and put a hospital gown on her little 6 month old petite body. I looked at her on the hospital bed as they held her down and I had to leave the room. It was so hard. Being in the hospital always brings floods of memories back, but to be there for my Mia girl was even harder. I was so, so, thankful to be walking out of there with her in my arms. But I couldn't help thinking of all the other parents who don't get to do that. My heart was so filled with appreciation for the health of my kids, yet ached at the same time as I looked up at the huge building filled with lit up windows. I prayed for those sweet kids. For the parents of those sweet kids. And I squeezed my precious one even harder.

All that to say, please never take the health and happiness of your children for granted. Be thankful. Always. I'm reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and she talks about how important it is to name a thing. To name your blessings....your gifts. As I laid Mia down on her changing table that night to put her pj's on, I thanked God for her healing, for her little tongue that she sticks out when she's excited, for her constantly kicking legs, for getting to change her diaper....all of it. I don't take a bit of it for granted.

Life is precious. I am eternally thankful for the ones God has given to me.

On a much lighter note. I figured out that I don't have to have my personal facebook to keep my Faith Hope Love one. I assigned another administrator (Brandon) in order to keep it up for now and keep those of you facebook followers updated on when I switch over to my new blog facebook page with my new blog name. Are you following all of this, or am I confusing you with all the new stuff?

I also wanted to say that if God is speaking to you about doing something and you keep putting it off- analyzing, excusing, procrastinating etc....don't. You will feel SUCH freedom the second you decide to obey. Whatever it may be. Don't put it off anymore. Breakthrough is on the other side of your obedience.
So, yeah, I told you that would be a whole lot of randomness. Who else can talk about J-Lo and Ann Voskamp in one post?

Be blessed! I'm off to snuggle with a very handsome guy I get to call my husband (I'm buttering him up because I'm going to make him watch one of my shows with me ;) )

P.S Don't forget to enter the Scentsy Giveaway!! Contest ends tomorrow!
Oh! And, my "Re-purposed Frame" was featured over on Fancy Little Things. Go check it out :)

Hearing Him Loudest

One of my favorite places and time for prayer has become when I am feeding Mia. I always feed her in her room, in the rocking chair, with the door closed. It's quiet. It's peaceful. It's become one of my places of prayer.

The rocking chair creaks. I don't change that. It's done it since Asher was a baby. Wd40 would fix it, but I don't want to. It's become one of my favorite noises.

My day is filled with "noises." The sound of my kids, the washing machine, the timer on the oven, opening and closing of doors, phones ringing, a baby fussing...

But right there in the midst of the creaking of a rocking chair, in the stillness and the quiet of the air, the faint sounds of 2 kids playing outside the door, holding my sweet Mia.... I hear God loudest.

You see, sometimes we think we have to have one designated time and place for prayer. Like things have to be set up just right for that time to happen, and if it isn't, it just doesn't happen. Then we find ourselves at the end of another day...drained, exhausted and worn out. We feel unfulfilled- not in our roles as mom, wife, daughter, sister...because those roles get filled.

But in our role as daughters of the King.

We're worn out, because we gave ourselves to everyone else but Him. The only one who can fill us back up.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is a gentlemen. That He is a still-small voice. It's not easy to hear Him when we are tuned in to every other louder voice of our day.

So He waits for us. He watches us as we busy ourselves, rushing from one place to the next. Growing more and more weary. The idea of prayer time in the back of our minds...when we -"can just get the time."

All the while, He's talking to us- calling for us. Waiting for us to quiet ourselves...quiet the "creaking" ---the busyness of life, the distractions of a day---

So that we can hear Him the loudest.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pre-K Graduation

So, I'm aware that Pre School graduation is no where near the heart wrenching experience I will have on the day he graduates high school, or college, or Lord have mercy the day the he marries a girl.

My stomach hurts just thinking about that. Just today I was telling him how much I love him and that he would always be my favorite little {first born} boy in the whole wide world...then I asked him "will I always be your favorite girl?" And he looked at me with his big toothless smile and said "yes, mom."

I can only pray God comes and takes us before I ever have to question that one.

Seriously, though. Someone? Wasn't I just taking this picture on his first day of pre-school? How did a whole school year already pass?

I can't tell you how much it made my heart smile when I saw him walking down the aisle, with his little graduation hat on.
{I gave him a thumbs up when he glanced over at me, I think I embarrassed him}
Then he got to the front and in typical Asher form {and so "his daddy"} he stuck his hands in his pockets like he was way too cool for school.

He has loved going to pre school and is sad it's over. But I told him, once he starts "real school" next year, that's it, he'll be going to school for the next 12 years.
Oh gosh my stomach is hurting again cause I just envisioned him as a high school senior.
Stop. It.

I am the mother of a kindergartner

That's it...I'm off to go suppress my feelings with some cookie dough ice cream.

Scentsy Giveaway!

I am a bit obsessed with candles, plug-ins, scented oils... I LOVE all of it. Especially candles. I always have one going. I just love the coziness of a candle burning, but I've yet to find one that really lasts.
And I've tried them all.

Then I found Scentsy. Or it found me, I'm not sure how our love affair began,
but it did.

I'm sure you've heard of it. If you haven't, it's basically a safe, wickless alternative to a candle. It gives off that nice glow like a candle and the scent lasts forever!

I have my Scentsy going every day. It's part of my morning routine: Inject caffeine, turn on scentsy warmer.

I have this one in my kitchen
With the "You Go, Girl" scent bar. It smells so fresh and springy and goes through my whole house!

They have some fun products like this little lamb that would be perfect for a baby or toddler room!
{you put a scent packet inside---so clever!}

They also have plug-ins that are perfect for any room. I like to put mine around my entry way or living room

I have this one in Mia's room with the "newborn nursery" scent bar. It smells like baby powder! I LOVE it!

So guess what, my sweet friend Monica has decided to bless one of my readers with a warmer of their own!

One person will receive the "Margot" full size Scentsy Warmer:

And a "Wishing Well" Scentsy Bar to go with it!
"A pool of fresh rainwater, with soothing water hyacinth and subtle green fern"
{sounds fancy, huh?}

To Enter
{Leave a separate comment for each, this gives you more chances to win!}

1. You must first be a "follower" of this blog- if you aren't yet, just become one and let me know!
2. Check out Monica's Scentsy page and let me know what your favorite Scentsy warmer or Scentsy bar is
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Winner will be announced Wednesday June 1st using random.org

If you happen to purchase a Scentsy product, PLEASE go through Monica's site! Let's show her some love for this giveaway! You can order it through her page and have it shipped directly to you!!

Have a happy weekend Y'all!!!

*Edited to Add--- blogger is having issues today so if you tried to leave a comment to enter and couldn't do it, try again! Giveaway ends Wednesday!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bella's 3rd Birthday PARTY!

We celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday a couple Saturdays ago and I have to say I had so much fun celebrating my little Bella Boo!
I thought it all turned out perfect and I wanted to share what I did and how I did it all!

First, I decided on a zebra, pink and aqua "theme" based off this outfit from Mudpie
I added touches of Hello Kitty thrown in after Bella decided she really wanted a Hello Kitty party. Fortunately it was easy to incorporate and I thought it turned out really cute and different.

My talented friend Vanessa made the bow and it matched PERFECTLY.
She has an etsy shop. You should check her out ;)

I found invites from lollipop prints that worked perfectly
{the address was whited out by the by ;)}

And also had cupcake toppers made to match by the same shop. She was really sweet and easy to work with, especially considering I ordered these very last minute.
I printed them off on cardstock and then used a 2" scalloped hole punch that I bought at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon) to cut them out. So easy and I think they really added to the decorations. I bought the cupcakes at Sams. I buy all of our cakes and cupcakes there for every party because they always do a great job and are very reasonably priced. 12 or 13 bucks for 24!

I bought 1 yard of zebra fabric and cut out a square to go at the center of each table with a small glass vase (bought at the dollar store for Bella's birthday the year before). I filled the bottom of the vase with skittles and then stacked blow pops to look like a flower arrangement.

I did a whole table of candy and cupcakes to go with the wording on her invitations:
"cupcakes, sprinkles and candy galore
a SWEET celebration we have in store"

All of the glass vases I used, I already had. I just bought some ribbon and wrapped it around each vase to tie it all together. I bought lots of colorful, fun candy....gumballs, skittles, blow pops, and pixie sticks. I also made pink chocolate covered pretzel rods and covered them in pink sprinkles. I used some of the zebra fabric to make a "runner" on the table.

Oh and CAKE POPS! They were so fun to make and easy. They will definitely be a new staple at all of my parties. I just think they are so cute and fun. I followed Bakerella's step by step...the only thing I would add is to be sure you have shortening on hand. I used it to thin out the chocolate when it got a little to thick. {I used the same Wiltons pink chocolate melts that I also used for the pretzels}

Make sure you have enough time to make these. While the process is easy they do take a while. And you will eat a lot of them while making them so make extra. just saying.

The little "Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake" sign I got a couple months ago at Target for our new room upstairs. I just liked it. It spoke to me ;) And it was perfect on the table.

Alot of the decor was from my house. I just kinda shopped around to see what I could use. I used the topiary I made, tutorial here, and filled the bottom with skittles.
I framed the invitation with a frame and stand that I already had

The pink wire mannequin is from Mia's room. The large glass beverage container is my moms and I covet it. The pink and white tins that we used for the chips were from Target (naturally)

I made hanging poms in pink, blue, and black and bought the lanterns at Target to hang from the giant tree we set the party under.

I am so thankful to my sweet sister in law Ginger for helping me set up and get these hung! Thanks Ging!! ;)

I had a hard time finding a Hello Kitty pinata, but it was one of the main things Bella kept talking about so we knew we had to have one. Brandon finally found this one at Party City. It's cute. Really it is, but my anal tendencies to coordinate everything was a little annoyed with the purpley-ness of it.
{P.S, if you send your husband to the store for candy he will come home with 4 gigantic bags of candy, and you will end up returning 2}

We served pink lemonade, chips, hot dogs and an amazing pasta salad that my sister in law made. You can find the recipe for it here.

I made the banner with her name to go over the gift table.

I bought scrap book paper at Hobby Lobby, cut it into different size rectangles and then layered them on each other. Then I had Brandon draw out letters (he seriously whipped out a leveler, I kid you not) and I cut them out and glued it all together. Pretty simple. I put hole punches in each one and then strung it with ribbon and tied pink tulle in between each letter. To add in Hello Kitty I found some stickers at the Target dollar spot and added them sporadically.

I found the Hello Kitty banner, table cloth and favor bags at Target. I added some zebra ribbon to the Happy Birthday banner to tie in the zebra.

The gift table had a string of pictures of Bella at different ages playing at the park we had the party at. It's our neighborhood park and one of Bella's favorite places.

She has literally grown up going to it. I just printed out the pictures through Target the day before and hung them with pink clips I had onto some pink yarn. So easy, and very inexpensive to do.

Oh and at the very last second, I decided I needed to put the favor bags in something so I grabbed Bella's "blow pop" tin lunch box (that I got on majah clearance a while back at Old Navy)

It worked perfect and ended up being one of my favorite things, kinda added a cute vintage fun to the table. I also used mason jars I already had for the plastic forks and some of the pretzel sticks. I'm currently obsessed with mason jars.

Basically, this party is proof you can have a really cute, special party without breaking the bank. I purposed it early on to make this special for Bella, to enjoy the process without stressing, and to stay within budget. I did that by getting creative and using as much of what I already had around the house and shopping wisely. It CAN be done! The key is doing small things that make a big impact.

Etsy is a fantastic resource for things like cupcake toppers, invitations, food labels (which I didn't use) and even banners. I opted to make my own banner because the prices were more than I wanted to spend on one, but if you're willing to pay, there are some really cute ones. Or, use it as inspiration to do it yourself.

I truly loved planning Bella's party and celebrating her special day with her. It was a lot of fun!! I had lots of messages with questions about what I used or where I got something after I posted pictures on facebook, so I hope this answered most of them. If not feel free to email me or leave a comment!!

Oh and P.S. I think it's about time for another little GIVEAWAY around here, don't you? YES? Tomorrow you say??

Ok!! See you then!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I said it....

"Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about"

It just came right out.

I have become my mother.

And I didn't just say it once either, someone was a bit whiny today. I won't point any fingers....
{Don't let that sweet face fool you}

Things that are deeper

If you read this post, you know I talked about God doing some things in me....Leading me to get rid of some of the distractions in my life.

I find myself thinking back to the days when I was a new mom. Just me and Asher. We lived in a small apartment {that I loved} we didn't have internet, we didn't even have a tv for a while. I would take Asher for long walks in the mornings and swimming at the pool in the afternoons. I went to bed a lot earlier and read a lot more books.

I missed those simple days and parts of my heart have envied that time in my life. That simple time.

Then I realized, the only thing different now, from then, is what I have allowed to change.

It's funny how as I have began this need to declutter and simplify, God has shown me the beauty in doing so. On Monday, we took the kids to Sea World. I took out my camera to take a picture of them in front of the shamu at the entrance, and realized I had left my memory card at home. Then I took out my iphone and took one picture.

One picture. So simple. But it was enough. And I enjoyed that day without the distraction of my camera or my phone. I felt like it was the Lord reminding me of a time when I didn't have those things. We were sitting at the shamu show. Mia was on my lap. Asher was standing between Brandon and I. Bella on Brandon's lap. I looked over at them and my heart filled with thankfulness. It was a moment I wanted to remember. Both of them watching with huge smiles and excitement. At the moment I'd be reaching for my camera, instead, I closed my eyes and soaked in the memory....and it clicked. Just because I'm not capturing it with a picture, doesn't mean I won't have the memory forever.

In an effort to separate myself from what has become a distraction for me, I won't have a personal facebook anymore. It's become clear to me over the last few months that facebook has become one of the sources of distractions. It's not that I spent too much time on it, but to me, even the small amount of time I spent, was wasteful. I don't say all of this to make a big deal, to condemn, or to say "Hey look what I'm doing." Because God deals with each of us differently. This is something He has called me to do, and I can't ignore the promptings any more. I don't want to. Trust me, I've fought it just a little bit. For some people facebook is a way to keep up with other family members and friends who live in other states. That part I will miss. But I know this is what I need to do for this season in my life.

I also tell you this, because no longer having a personal facebook, means my "Faith Hope Love" facebook page will no longer exist---you have to have one to manage the other.

This is actually a good thing, because, while God has worked with me on decluttering, I've been able to hear some new inspirations and ideas that I am really excited about. I've got some new things happening and with that, new beginnings. I know many of you keep up with this blog through facebook. In the next couple weeks I'll have a new facebook page that will coincide with my blog and the other new things that will only be used for that purpose.

I want to live a more a simplified life, in order to make room for the deeper things of God. To clear away the "clutter" so that all I can hear is Him.

I want to cherish my moments as a mom to 3 young kids. To look back and know that I gave myself fully to them. I want to look back on this time and remember our walks to the park, planting flower seeds and watching them grow, chalk on the patio and bubbles spilled everywhere. I want these to be our memories. And most importantly, I want to know that I fulfilled what God set before me for that day. That I was a good steward of my time, that I was aware of others around in need of encouragement and God's love, that my eyes and ears are open to the leading of the holy spirit...

I heard this song yesterday and it was exactly what my prayer has been. Listen to the song, read the words and know the cry of my heart for "things that are deeper"

Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA

"Cry In My Heart"

There's a cry in my heart
For Your glory to fall
For Your presence to fill up my senses
There's a yearning again
A thirst for discipline
A hunger for things that are deeper

Could You take me beyond?
Could You carry me through?
If I open my heart?
Could I go there with You?
(For I've been here before
But I know there's still more
Oh, Lord, I need to know You)

For what do I have
If I don't have You, Jesus?
What in this life
Could mean any more?
You are my rock
You are my glory
You are the lifter
Of my head
Lifter of this head

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Eat a Donut {According to a 3 year old}

1. Lick off all the chocolate icing and every last sprinkle.
2. Then when mommy says you have to eat the bread part too, take a bite then rub your tummy and decide your "so full"

Works every time

Friday, May 20, 2011

A First

Mia had her first taste of banana yesterday....

I don't think she's a fan...

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Be Still

Declutter: tto simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications, etco si
I've had a hard time "finding my words" lately, which is weird for me because I like to think I'm a talker and words are never lacking for me. Sometimes that's a great thing. Sometimes...not so much. Sometimes I just need to be quiet and listen.

I've been feeling a need to declutter. To clear my mind, my heart, my soul...

Ever feel that way? Like, you just know God wants to tell you something but sometimes there's a bit of a static, making it hard to hear? He's revealing some of those things to me....that "static" in my life and as I sort through it all, declutter, and process, I'm finding it hard to speak.

Today I was driving somewhere by myself. All by myself... No kids. This hardly ever happens. I turned on some of my favorite worship music and prayed for a while. Then the music stopped and it was quiet. All I could hear was the road under my tires and rain drops hitting my windows. I thought "wow it is so quiet" and the Lord spoke to me and said this is how I want your heart and mind- quiet, so that all you will hear is my voice.

Sometimes I get caught up in "stuff"...small stuff, stupid stuff, big stuff, doesn't matter...just "stuff." And I dwell way too much on it, that my mind is a jumbled mess of thoughts...thoughts that are not doing me any good, or producing anything positive. My heart isn't right and my thoughts reflect it.

Don't you know that's exactly what the enemy wants---to get us consumed by "stuff" that our hearing of the Lord and His leading is muffled. Gosh, I don't know about you, but I do not ever want to have my hearing muffled. And yet, it does. It happens, to all of us.

All it takes though is a bit of "house cleaning"...clearing out the negative distractions, listening and obeying the promptings of the Holy Spirit and getting rid of those things in your life that are not bearing any good fruit.

I don't know why I'm sharing this. Maybe it's just me, or maybe there is someone else out there feeling the same way. Maybe God's trying to tell you to declutter---get your heart and mind free from the distractions, so He can speak to you. Often times we're praying for answers, but while we're talking and praying, God is speaking. We may hear Him if only we stop...be still, get quiet and listen.

It's good to pray, don't get me wrong. Heck it's not just good, it's vital. But there are also times where we just need to be quiet and listen. The words we're trying to hear just might be a moment of stillness away.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Isabella Grace-3 years old!

Sweet Bella Grace,

Happy Birthday!! You are officially 3 years old!
{going on 15}

You light up our lives!! You are such a ray of sunshine to everyone you are around. I don't think you have met someone that you couldn't make smile or find something to talk about. You make friends everywhere you go!

You are such a talker! You wake up talking and you go to sleep talking. You talk to me, to your sister, brother, daddy...anyone who will listen. And when no one will, you talk to yourself.

You have a wild imagination. You love to pretend and make up stories. You are fiercely independent and strong willed. But you are obedient and eager to please. You are incredibly loving and loyal of your sister and brother. You take your role as big sister very seriously. Always willing and ready to help mommy when I ask.

You keep me on my toes and remind me when I'm forgetting something. You've also started to give input on my fashion choices, which I'm not so sure I'm crazy about....

You love to do whatever I do. You like to have your hair blow dried, toes painted, blush, lip gloss and deodorant. You insist on all of it...even when mommy is in a hurry or running late. Which is often. I blame you.

You wake up so happy every morning. You are so excited to see us as if it's been way too long! You scream "good morning!" with a huge smile, say "good morning kiss?" and pucker your lips.

You know what you want and you are not afraid to tell us what that is. And if you don't see it getting done, you'll do it yourself. I love that about you. You are going to achieve greatness with this quality.

You pretty much think your brother is the funniest person alive. You two are best friends. He teaches you a lot. You are his biggest cheerleader at everything he does. He does whatever you ask him to. Sometimes your a little bossy and I have to remind him to make you do some things on your own.

You LOVE your daddy. You like to cup his face in your hands and kiss his cheeks. You are a daddy's girl. You run to the front door when he gets home from work yelling "I missed you" and wrap your whole body around his leg. You have him wrapped around your little finger and you know it.

Your cousins are your best friends and you seem to think it's your job to take care of them and tell them what to do. This is the "mommy" in you. You were born with it....you love to take care of people.

There is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you...especially when you wrap your arms around me and say "your the best mommy in the whole wide world."

I love you so much my sweet Bella girl. You are strong, independent, loving, outgoing, outspoken, smart, and SWEET. You are going to do GREAT things for the Lord. I am so honored to be your mom and I pray daily that I guide and raise you in the way you should go.

Always be yourself Bella, because God is going to use every one of those qualities.

I love every moment with you. You challenge me as a mom- you make me a better one. You have stretched me in ways I never knew I could be. You are a gift. You are my treasure.

You are my sweet Bella Girl.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Lovin

I totally forgot today was Friday till I remembered, today is Friday.

Oh Lawd.

Since I have nothing planned as far as features and such, I thought I'd just show you a couple things I'm loving at the moment....A "Friday Favorite" if you will, I am so finicky, am I not?..."Friday Favorite" "Featuring you Fridays"....Sheesh.

So, here you have it, things I'm lovin...because you care I know you do {insert wink}...speaking of winking, it's been pointed out to me that I wink a lot. Whatever. I'm a winker. It's a good add in when your being a little serious and a little not.

It's also been noted that I go off topic a lot. So where was I....

Pandora. Duh, old news. I know. But I'm rekindling my love for it as I bake and get stuff ready for Bella's partay tomorrow. Brooke Fraser on Pandora. Beautiful. When I get to heaven I'm going to ask God why I didn't get a good singing voice. Till then, I'll pretend I do have one.

The instagram app on my iphone....pretty much makes anything look good. Seriously. Like "oh look a dirty shoe"...instagram it. bam so cute and vintagy.

Reminds me of how people like to call things they buy at the thrift store "vintage"....FYI people, JUST because you bought it at Goodwill, doesn't make it "vintage"...it just makes it "used" ...I'm just sayin.

Speaking of vintage...can I show ya'll a couple things that I found last weekend that I am LOVING.....

The book smells old and the pages are yellow. The scale is a gorgeous blue/green color with a tinge of rust. Both are just plain cool. I got them at an antique store in Helotes that is in an old house and one next to it that is an old barn. Isn't there something just so cool about antique stores? I love to imagine stories behind the items- who had it before, how they used it, how it ended up there. Gosh it is so interesting to me. I could have spent FOR-EVER there but it was hot and I was holding Mia and... it was hot. We don't do the heat well. But we did score these and a couple other little beauties before we high tailed it outta there and straight to Sonic for a route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper.

Here's something else, I'm loving....Whats that you say? Random? I know. Oh well...

But this stuff is good. I used the recipe on the back of one to make some enchiladas and they were pretty much delicious. I mentioned this stuff to my sister in law Ginger, and she said something about not wanting to use it because she's afraid of loving it and then knowing how many calories are in it... I can't quite tell you what she said cause my ears tune out at the hint of calorie talk. So, I say...don't look at the calorie intake. What you don't know can't hurt you! This stuff is so good and the recipe was so easy- Try it! You'll Like It! (Anyone else just get the yo gabba gabba song stuck in their head? No? just me?)

Lastly is this book....'One Thousand Gifts' by Ann Vaskamp

Now, let me warn you...it's not for everyone. It is very deep, very wordy and descriptive...but beautiful. Her way with words is nothing less than a pure gift. I've only gotten through the first couple chapters so far and already, I've got quotes printed, words highlighted....I know exactly why God led me to it. It is exactly what He has been speaking to me over the last year or so. Living fully right where you are. So simple, yet life changing.

Now, back to keeping the swarming vultures known as my children away from all the goodies! I'm so excited for my Bella girls 3rd birthday party tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend everyone--Enjoy your loved ones and let them know you do!!!

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!