Friday, May 13, 2011

A Day to Remember

May 12, 2011

Dear Asher,

Today was a special day. We woke up late so you missed school. I am so glad you did.

A huge storm was about to hit, so we opened up the front door and watched it roll in. You ran out into the rain and then quickly back in just as a huge crash of thunder pounded over the house and made us all jump. Your sisters thought it was so funny.

We built a huge tent in the room upstairs. You and Bella played and watched movies in it all morning.

One of your two loose teeth came out and I caught it on camera. I cried when it came out. It was so tiny. Your first lost baby tooth. You had me text and call everyone you could think of. You were SO proud. Bella, cheered you on as if you were playing in a soccer game "Go Asher Go!"

You asked me if it was bleeding and when I told you "no", you said that must be "because I am a super hero".... I told you that it totally did!

We decided this called for a celebration so you helped me make cookies. You mostly just wanted to eat the batter....I let you.

While you and your sister watched a NEW "Curious George" {exciting around here, since you've been watching it since you were 2 and have seen every episode multiple times}, I made you a card, it said -"Asher you are growing up! Let's Celebrate!" and I drew a picture of you with a big smile and a missing tooth. I put it on your little table with some of the cookies, milk and some money for your tooth. You told me the picture didn't really look like you and when I told you I'm not very good at drawing and I tried my best, you told me "actually it does look like me mom"...."I have a hard time drawing too"

The rain was clearing up so we got dressed and met Gigi and Jaja at the store. Gigi gave you TEN dollar bills for your tooth!! We walked through the store and helped you pick out what you wanted to buy with your hard earned money....a car, water balloons and 2 water guns. You saved one dollar to tithe at church on Sunday.

We also went to a meeting about the new school you will be going to in the fall. You're starting kindergarten. You are so ready. You sat and listened through the whole thing. You asked what the name was, the colors and what your mascot will be.

Papa also gave you money for your tooth. Apparently it was burning a whole in your pocket because you wanted to stop at Target on the way home to buy something.

When I kissed you goodnight, you asked if we could have another celebration tomorrow....I told you yes, because I'm sure we will find something, big or small to celebrate....there's always a reason to and I hope I'm teaching you that. Remember, that it doesn't always have to mean buying toys or going somewhere...just enjoying and celebrating the big and little things we experience in life.

You asked me if you could sleep in the tent...I let you. I just checked on you like I do every night. Fast asleep. You still look like the baby I brought home from the hospital 5 1/2 years ago....and you are, just not as little.

Lost teeth... are growing up my lovey boy.
Life is a gift. Celebrate it always.

I'll love you forever my sweet Asher.


I am going to print this out for you and put it in the photo album you've been putting together. I want you to always remember this big day.

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  1. i love this!!! so sweet!!! congrats on that first lost tooth, asher!!!


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