Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Lovin

I totally forgot today was Friday till I remembered, today is Friday.

Oh Lawd.

Since I have nothing planned as far as features and such, I thought I'd just show you a couple things I'm loving at the moment....A "Friday Favorite" if you will, I am so finicky, am I not?..."Friday Favorite" "Featuring you Fridays"....Sheesh.

So, here you have it, things I'm lovin...because you care I know you do {insert wink}...speaking of winking, it's been pointed out to me that I wink a lot. Whatever. I'm a winker. It's a good add in when your being a little serious and a little not.

It's also been noted that I go off topic a lot. So where was I....

Pandora. Duh, old news. I know. But I'm rekindling my love for it as I bake and get stuff ready for Bella's partay tomorrow. Brooke Fraser on Pandora. Beautiful. When I get to heaven I'm going to ask God why I didn't get a good singing voice. Till then, I'll pretend I do have one.

The instagram app on my iphone....pretty much makes anything look good. Seriously. Like "oh look a dirty shoe"...instagram it. bam so cute and vintagy.

Reminds me of how people like to call things they buy at the thrift store "vintage"....FYI people, JUST because you bought it at Goodwill, doesn't make it "vintage" just makes it "used" ...I'm just sayin.

Speaking of vintage...can I show ya'll a couple things that I found last weekend that I am LOVING.....

The book smells old and the pages are yellow. The scale is a gorgeous blue/green color with a tinge of rust. Both are just plain cool. I got them at an antique store in Helotes that is in an old house and one next to it that is an old barn. Isn't there something just so cool about antique stores? I love to imagine stories behind the items- who had it before, how they used it, how it ended up there. Gosh it is so interesting to me. I could have spent FOR-EVER there but it was hot and I was holding Mia and... it was hot. We don't do the heat well. But we did score these and a couple other little beauties before we high tailed it outta there and straight to Sonic for a route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper.

Here's something else, I'm loving....Whats that you say? Random? I know. Oh well...

But this stuff is good. I used the recipe on the back of one to make some enchiladas and they were pretty much delicious. I mentioned this stuff to my sister in law Ginger, and she said something about not wanting to use it because she's afraid of loving it and then knowing how many calories are in it... I can't quite tell you what she said cause my ears tune out at the hint of calorie talk. So, I say...don't look at the calorie intake. What you don't know can't hurt you! This stuff is so good and the recipe was so easy- Try it! You'll Like It! (Anyone else just get the yo gabba gabba song stuck in their head? No? just me?)

Lastly is this book....'One Thousand Gifts' by Ann Vaskamp

Now, let me warn's not for everyone. It is very deep, very wordy and descriptive...but beautiful. Her way with words is nothing less than a pure gift. I've only gotten through the first couple chapters so far and already, I've got quotes printed, words highlighted....I know exactly why God led me to it. It is exactly what He has been speaking to me over the last year or so. Living fully right where you are. So simple, yet life changing.

Now, back to keeping the swarming vultures known as my children away from all the goodies! I'm so excited for my Bella girls 3rd birthday party tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend everyone--Enjoy your loved ones and let them know you do!!!

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!


  1. I'm a late comer to instagram and pandora and I'm obsessed with both!lol

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