Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Gallery Wall" {Creative Room}

This is another favorite wall of mine in our new room. I want to fill it up with fun words and quotes and found these on etsy from a shop called Wheatfield.
I love so many of her prints it was hard to choose!

{Love Yourself to Love Another}

{Be Kind to Others}

{Be Filled With Joy}

I got the canvas from Canvas People

I love this picture of the kids and wanted to have it captured in print before it just becomes lost in my abyss of pictures on my computer. I've GOT to do something with all of these pictures. I miss the days where you HAD to print out your pictures in order to even see them. The days when you took your little roll of film to the photo place and couldn't wait to see how they turned out. Obviously they weren't as great a quality as we get now a days with our fancy smancy DSLR's but still, there was something so fun about the old way.

And now I sound old. I'll move on.

I already had all of the frames. They were filled with old prints that weren't my style so I took them out and painted them with a couple coats of krylon white gloss. The mirror was painted with my trusty blue ocean breeze.

The "C" is just a wooden letter C I got from Hobby Lobby and modge podged some left over fabric I had onto it.

I took the glass out of an old frame and put the C in the middle. Self explanatory but you never know...I'm here for you guys.

I want to keep collecting for it and eventually have it filled up.
I would love to get a custom print that says "I'm glad it's right now", it would be perfect for this room.

I'll get pictures of the whole room soon. Mia is teething and I'm not sure who is handling it worse...her or me. Let's just say I've mastered the art of doing everything with one hand and I have a pretty buff right arm. Don't be jel.

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. I have a bunch of crosses above my bead but I suddenly became inspired to do this instead! My colors are black/white/light blue. I shall do something like this somwhere in my room. Thanks for showing!

  2. you are so inspiring --- i love this! what a great idea with the letter to add some fabric & then frame it - love the idea of layering! okay, now i have a few more projects to add to my queue!!

  3. I LOVE wheatfield! I just pinned their You are my Sunshine print. So adorable. The ones you picked are so cute too. What a fun wall!


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