Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Kind of Mom I Want To Be...

...greets my kids in the morning with a smile and excitement to begin a new day {not grumbly because they woke up too early}
...makes up stories, talks in funny accents, dances silly and tickles them till they beg me to stop.
...cheers them on at every one of their games {even if they get embarrassed}
...shows them how to love and serve others.
...keeps a clean, orderly house and teaches them how to help me do the same. them a love for reading and teaches them to use their imagination.
...teaches them to take responsibility for their actions and that each one has a consequence.
... to have respect and compassion for others.
...plays, talks and spends time with them, giving them my full attention {not distracted with the computer or phone}
...shows them their brothers and sisters are the best friends they will ever have.
...let's them make messes but teaches them how to clean them up
...never lets a day go by without saying "I love you"
...tickles their arm till they fall asleep.
...lets them sleep in bed with me when they've had a bad dream.
...shows them that their daddy is my first love and spending time with him is important, valued and precious.
...teaches them to pray and to have a real relationship with Jesus.
...makes a big deal out of holidays and creates special memories for each one.
...does everything for the glory of God {and not man}.
...teaches them to be considerate of others needs and to look for opportunities to give.
...teaches them to go after their dreams and to never stop short of them.
...encourages them to pursue their passions.
...accentuates their strengths, gifts and talents.
...teaches them to be themselves, to be confident and that there is no competition to be who only they can be-
...teaches them to be thankful for what they have and to live fully right where they are
...doesn't take myself too seriously and admits my {many} imperfections...
...shows them how to learn from the imperfections and mistakes
...shows them how to be strong, no matter what this life gives, because we know the source of our strength will never let us go.

The kind of mom I want to be
...Creates memories...

and captures them in pictures so they will have them to look back on one day- to make fun of my hairstyles and our 'out of date' clothes. To talk about the stories behind the goofy faces, tears, smiles, places and events, to reflect on what they learned, how they were raised....

And to have something they may have forgotten, remembered through a moment captured in time.

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