Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bella's 3rd Birthday PARTY!

We celebrated Bella's 3rd birthday a couple Saturdays ago and I have to say I had so much fun celebrating my little Bella Boo!
I thought it all turned out perfect and I wanted to share what I did and how I did it all!

First, I decided on a zebra, pink and aqua "theme" based off this outfit from Mudpie
I added touches of Hello Kitty thrown in after Bella decided she really wanted a Hello Kitty party. Fortunately it was easy to incorporate and I thought it turned out really cute and different.

My talented friend Vanessa made the bow and it matched PERFECTLY.
She has an etsy shop. You should check her out ;)

I found invites from lollipop prints that worked perfectly
{the address was whited out by the by ;)}

And also had cupcake toppers made to match by the same shop. She was really sweet and easy to work with, especially considering I ordered these very last minute.
I printed them off on cardstock and then used a 2" scalloped hole punch that I bought at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon) to cut them out. So easy and I think they really added to the decorations. I bought the cupcakes at Sams. I buy all of our cakes and cupcakes there for every party because they always do a great job and are very reasonably priced. 12 or 13 bucks for 24!

I bought 1 yard of zebra fabric and cut out a square to go at the center of each table with a small glass vase (bought at the dollar store for Bella's birthday the year before). I filled the bottom of the vase with skittles and then stacked blow pops to look like a flower arrangement.

I did a whole table of candy and cupcakes to go with the wording on her invitations:
"cupcakes, sprinkles and candy galore
a SWEET celebration we have in store"

All of the glass vases I used, I already had. I just bought some ribbon and wrapped it around each vase to tie it all together. I bought lots of colorful, fun candy....gumballs, skittles, blow pops, and pixie sticks. I also made pink chocolate covered pretzel rods and covered them in pink sprinkles. I used some of the zebra fabric to make a "runner" on the table.

Oh and CAKE POPS! They were so fun to make and easy. They will definitely be a new staple at all of my parties. I just think they are so cute and fun. I followed Bakerella's step by step...the only thing I would add is to be sure you have shortening on hand. I used it to thin out the chocolate when it got a little to thick. {I used the same Wiltons pink chocolate melts that I also used for the pretzels}

Make sure you have enough time to make these. While the process is easy they do take a while. And you will eat a lot of them while making them so make extra. just saying.

The little "Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake" sign I got a couple months ago at Target for our new room upstairs. I just liked it. It spoke to me ;) And it was perfect on the table.

Alot of the decor was from my house. I just kinda shopped around to see what I could use. I used the topiary I made, tutorial here, and filled the bottom with skittles.
I framed the invitation with a frame and stand that I already had

The pink wire mannequin is from Mia's room. The large glass beverage container is my moms and I covet it. The pink and white tins that we used for the chips were from Target (naturally)

I made hanging poms in pink, blue, and black and bought the lanterns at Target to hang from the giant tree we set the party under.

I am so thankful to my sweet sister in law Ginger for helping me set up and get these hung! Thanks Ging!! ;)

I had a hard time finding a Hello Kitty pinata, but it was one of the main things Bella kept talking about so we knew we had to have one. Brandon finally found this one at Party City. It's cute. Really it is, but my anal tendencies to coordinate everything was a little annoyed with the purpley-ness of it.
{P.S, if you send your husband to the store for candy he will come home with 4 gigantic bags of candy, and you will end up returning 2}

We served pink lemonade, chips, hot dogs and an amazing pasta salad that my sister in law made. You can find the recipe for it here.

I made the banner with her name to go over the gift table.

I bought scrap book paper at Hobby Lobby, cut it into different size rectangles and then layered them on each other. Then I had Brandon draw out letters (he seriously whipped out a leveler, I kid you not) and I cut them out and glued it all together. Pretty simple. I put hole punches in each one and then strung it with ribbon and tied pink tulle in between each letter. To add in Hello Kitty I found some stickers at the Target dollar spot and added them sporadically.

I found the Hello Kitty banner, table cloth and favor bags at Target. I added some zebra ribbon to the Happy Birthday banner to tie in the zebra.

The gift table had a string of pictures of Bella at different ages playing at the park we had the party at. It's our neighborhood park and one of Bella's favorite places.

She has literally grown up going to it. I just printed out the pictures through Target the day before and hung them with pink clips I had onto some pink yarn. So easy, and very inexpensive to do.

Oh and at the very last second, I decided I needed to put the favor bags in something so I grabbed Bella's "blow pop" tin lunch box (that I got on majah clearance a while back at Old Navy)

It worked perfect and ended up being one of my favorite things, kinda added a cute vintage fun to the table. I also used mason jars I already had for the plastic forks and some of the pretzel sticks. I'm currently obsessed with mason jars.

Basically, this party is proof you can have a really cute, special party without breaking the bank. I purposed it early on to make this special for Bella, to enjoy the process without stressing, and to stay within budget. I did that by getting creative and using as much of what I already had around the house and shopping wisely. It CAN be done! The key is doing small things that make a big impact.

Etsy is a fantastic resource for things like cupcake toppers, invitations, food labels (which I didn't use) and even banners. I opted to make my own banner because the prices were more than I wanted to spend on one, but if you're willing to pay, there are some really cute ones. Or, use it as inspiration to do it yourself.

I truly loved planning Bella's party and celebrating her special day with her. It was a lot of fun!! I had lots of messages with questions about what I used or where I got something after I posted pictures on facebook, so I hope this answered most of them. If not feel free to email me or leave a comment!!

Oh and P.S. I think it's about time for another little GIVEAWAY around here, don't you? YES? Tomorrow you say??

Ok!! See you then!!


  1. It was a really precious party!!! For a really precious girl. Oh, and P.S. those lanterns from Target are REALLY resilient and toddler proof. I know this because my destructo toddler smashed them each at least once and they just popped right back up!

  2. ok. you totally deleted that post with yellow swimsuit baby right as i was trying to comment on it, didnt you!! i pulled it up, read it, commented, and when i clicked to publish the comment, suddenly the page did not exist :) well, i had a lot of nice things to say, but my short version is that your blog is awesome and if i'd been a follower for more than like a week, i would've been commenting all along. also you NEED to enable your email address on your blogger profile so that i can reply to your comments from my email, and chat that way!try it and then comment on mine.


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