Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splendor the SHOP {and Bella's room, just cause}

Remember how I mentioned some new things coming?

Blue Cartel Banner

Well, I'm excited to say that I am opening a shop full of goodies soon! I'm keeping the description open because I'm not sure where it will go and what all it will have, I don't want to limit the possibilities.

As I'm going in the direction of handmade vintage inspired jewelry, I also got a custom order request for a sign I made for my house {more on what that is later!} and it led to more people wanting it, so I decided to include it in my shop as well.

While I don't know what it will grow to, I do know my heart is for it to always be handmade things with a vintage feel. Because I just have a thing for vintage--- it just does something for me. Before I got married my room was very shabby chic/antique, bet you may not have guessed that, but there you go. In fact one of my favorite rooms in the house is Bella's room, for that reason

Picnik collage

I LOVE her room.

Picnik collage2

And yes I'm using this as an excuse to show it off. I'll admit it. Whatev.

Picnik 3

Back to the shop...I have found a love for CREATING and finding confidence that I CAN do those things I always wanted to. All it takes is a step, leading to the next. We may not know the outcome of the little thoughts or ideas planted inside us but that's what Faith is right?

The best part about the shop? with every purchase made through Splendor Shop, 10% will be given to the Speak Louder Project fund! I am working on the next project as we speak. It is so special to me I want to make sure I get all the details lined out before I present it. I just know it is going to touch MANY lives and SPEAK LOVE. It is something that took root in my heart years ago and is now coming together.


I hope you all will continue to support the project and please pray that everything gets laid out according to HIS will and plan! I am going to need your help to make this happen!! There will be lots of different ways to participate, so stay tuned!! I have a feeling you are going to love it as much as I do.

Gosh, God is so Good. I am so excited. I am so inspired. So ready to JUST DO whatever God has for me to do. To live the life He created- pre destined for ME, before I was ever born!

and with that, I want to encourage YOU. He has a plan for you too! Something great, wild, beyond our imagination.

Today. This moment. God has something planned for you. Don't miss it. Look for someone to bless, to love, to encourage. Look for a step you can take toward your dream.

just do it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just do it

Yes I'm aware of how very cliche that sounds, but it's the phrase that's been running through my head for months now.


all those things i thought id love to do.

all the things i enjoy doing.

all the things ive thought about doing for other people.

all the things i thought i would never do.

all the things i realize i want to do.

i'm tired of thinking about them. im tired of going, "one day" or "when this"....

im ready to do them.

but im the kind of person who doesn't like just talking about things until they are actually happening. some people may think of that as being secretive or view it as a little weird. but thats just me. i think it's my way of guarding myself. like, not wanting anyone to rain on my dreams, visions, goal....things God has been growing in the safe places of my heart.

i think people like to put you in a nice little box. one where they know what to expect. one where they think they know you. it's comfortable. it's predictable. it's not threatening.

and sometimes we want to stay in that box. it's comfortable. it's predictable. it's not threatening.

but then there comes a time where you say, no more!- im ready to step out. to take chances, to live out dreams, to accomplish more, to try something i never have---to just do IT.

Those are the people who make a difference.

I want to be one of those people, don't you?

So what is 'it' to you?

everyone has something. we're all given dreams, talents, gifts, an idea, a thought...
don't you think those are there for a reason?

it's up to us to decide what we are going to do with them. it's up to us to do something with them.

im tired of making excuses.

im tired of waiting for the perfect time.

im tired of being afraid of what other people will think.

im tired of waiting for my self confidence to catch up with my confidence in God.

im ready to just live by that---confidence in God, in what He's speaking, in where He is guiding.

this life is so short. way too short to wait for the perfect time, because it will never happen.

this is what Splendor represents for me.

When I first began this blog, {Faith Hope Love} I was walking through a different time in my life. A time of trial, testing, and a desire to share it. it wasn't easy, but i know that through the fire, is where we are made better. made to be who HE needs us to be. rough edges smoothed out. refined.

I was in a place where I knew God wanted me to share my story. It wasn't just for other people, either. It was for me also. It was a trying of my faith to let other people in. To share. To let my guard down, to be vulnerable and open and transparent.

Gosh that's hard for me. But it's where I'm at again. A place where God wants me to be transparent in the things he's teaching me. Because through my words, through my lessons, through my inspirations...other people are encouraged. And I love that. I want to live for that. For others and for Him.

And so I'm here. once again. opening myself up to change, to chances, to another level of faith.

Splendor is about a dream. a desire to bring God glory through my life. every bit of it. and how I'm growing, learning, expanding, dreaming, trying, evolving....

I don't want to put myself in a safe box. I don't want to be predictable.

I want my life to be a brilliant distinction and I want to inspire that in others.

So what's your dream? What have you always wanted to do but never tried? Whats your gift? What's the thing down deep inside you that you are keeping safe and hidden? It's not there just for you! it's there to share! to change. to inspire. to lead. to outshine the usual.

....and all for Him. For His Glory.
His Splendor.

God can't lead you to the next step, until you take one.

Splendor is my step. What's yours?

Just do it!

Splendor- a quality that outshines the usual.
brilliant distinction; glory

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

....did you notice?

Finally all of the changes that I have been working on and praying over are coming together!....notice the new url? has switched over to
Faith Hope Love will be

More on all of that when the new design is finished and up!!

I'm SO excited for all that is to come and to share it with all of YOU!!!

these are the days

I'm linking up with Gussy Sews today for her inspiration workshop. I wanted to start participating in this because I love the idea behind it:
"The purpose of this is to find inspiration and beauty around us {in real life, online, etc.}. There are no walls or limitations here. Everyone is invited and we are all amazingly talented."

She gives a prompt each week and then you use your own inspiration to interpret it.

This weeks prompt was "spend the day playing."

We spent ours at the pool, where many of our days are spent lately- trying to soak in all of the fun of summer. Growing up, my brother, sisters and I were ALWAYS in the water. Always. Watching my kids swim reminds me of those days.

It has been so fun to watch them get braver and braver. kicking their little feet as fast as they'll go.


jumping off the side over and over again..

tan lines and the smell of sunscreen.

barefeet and wrinkled skin.


juice boxes and yummy snacks


{my sweet friend made Cars 2 cake balls in honor of the end of Asher's countdown to Cars 2 Today!}

these are the moments, the times, the memories, that I know they will carry with them forever.


and I will too...


these are the days I cherish and hold on to as a mom.
the days that turn into memories .
these are the days that make the rough ones....completely forgettable.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Happy

We all have them-

our favorite starbucks drink

window shopping at anthropologie

a date night out with our studly husband

a target trip alone where we don't have to maneuver a cart one handed, while keeping your easily distracted 5 year old focused by the gentle guidance of your foot {oh don't deny it}

reading a good book

quiet time....

things that make us happy.

but how come as mom's we feeling guilty for taking that time for ourselves? how come we feel like admitting we want or need time to ourselves makes us a "less than" mom?

i think it's all part of a plan to keep us exhausted and going in a circle where we are left unhappy and worn out.

but you know what? it's ok to take some time to do the things that make YOU happy. in fact, when i do take that little bit of time, im just a happier person...which means a happier husband and happier children.

things were falling a bit off balance around here the last couple of days. i was feeling a little depleted and beat up by the wills of a strong little girl. out of my exhaustion to keep up with it all {on my own} i was wearing myself thin.

i realized where i went a mom i was doing everything i should. disciplining, loving, correcting, redirecting, explaining, praying.

but to be truthful, the last couple of mornings ive been sleeping through that gentle nudge in the morning to get up and spend time with Him. the one who gives me strength for the day, who fills me up and makes me happy. i wasn't making the time when i should and then i was trying to do it later and when it didn't happen i got frustrated with myself.

bad cycle.

the good thing is, we can stop the bad cycle and hop right back on the good one.

so last night i took the time to give myself a pedicure. like a real one, where i actually used nail polish remover instead of painting over what was already there {don't judge} and then i took a long hot bath and i set my alarm to get up extra early this morning to spend my time with the Lord. reading, studying, praying, listening.... happy.

now i get to go wash sheets, wipe butts, stop arguments, pick up toys, cook meals, give lots of hugs and kisses.
and I'm happy to do it.

and i get to do it with yellow toes....

how can you not be happy with yellow toes?

What about you? What's your happy? Take a little time to do it today!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rainbows and sunshine

let me let you in on a little secret...

when you do something you know you were supposed to do...

when you walk away from something you know you needed to...

when you make a choice to walk in obedience...

it's going to be RAINBOWS and SUNSHINE

you'll hear birds singing and you might even see the clouds part when you walk outside with a little ray of sunshine beaming right down on you. your neighbors will smile at you. no one will get on your nerves. your skinny jeans will fit perfect and your hair will look the best it ever has. you'll get an uninterrupted shower and you may even get a surprise check in the mail. sonic will finally get the diet dr. pepper to ice ratio right and your kids will play quietly and nicely in their room while you make dinner that is hot and ready when your hard working husband gets home.

yes. life will be perfect. indeed.

Or not.

in fact, the opposite.

Actually, it may look more like'll sit down for the first time after a full day that began almost exactly 13 hours ago, and you may be listening to your very defiant, very vocal, very tired {from waking up 12 hours ago, and refusing a nap} 3 year old, scream at the top of her lungs in her bed because you told her she had to go to sleep early and not to the park with her brother and daddy because of her behavior.

the neighbors may be walking by staring at your house wondering what on earth you are doing to your poor child when they have no idea that just 10 minutes ago you were picking up a crying, kicking, human being that surely is not your own, and wrestling her to her bed. causing your arms to shake out of exhaustion because you still haven't started jillian michaels and you are way out of shape.

the circles under your eyes may be a tinge darker because although you woke up early, it wasn't early enough to get your full prayer time in because your lovely aforementioned daughter decided to wake up even earlier and get the lucky charms party started. quickly.

therefore, having not received your full time of quiet and nice conversation with God, you are not equipped for what the day had in store. a day that wasn't completely out of the ordinary, just a little off. and having not received enough sleep, that little bit seemed like much more.

my point is that over the last couple of days, ive had a bit of a challenge with my usually sweet little bella. she's tested me, stretched me, and lord have mercy, she has WORN me. but i knew to expect something in our little world to be disrupted when we stepped out in obedience.

i knew things may get a little shaken up around here. things that may have made me go "oh man, if only i could turn on her favorite show in order to have a 30 minute break"

...BUT, even in those faint, faint, moments of weakness {and tinges of doubt} i can feel God strengthening me, affirming me, and saying "push through it Laura".

Blessing is on the other side of our obedience. But that doesn't mean getting to the other side is going to be easy peasy.

Good thing this mama knows how to pray and tomorrow is a new day.

Now let us all pause while i try to remember what my sweet bella looks like...

oh that's right.

im off to go put a digiorno in the oven and i may eat the whole thing. lay off me. and pray for me too.

Monday, June 20, 2011

excitement, obedience and saved by the bell (whaaa?)

You know that saved by the bell episode where Jessi is all into those energy pills and singing/dancing. then she starts getting a little crazy and Zack gets concerned and he's like Jessi, im worried about you and then he hugs her and she's like "im so excited! im so excited!!"

no? just my sisters?

point is, im so excited. but i'm not scared and energy pills or dancing don't have anything to do with it. so maybe this wasn't a good example. Although there may be some dancing involved but that's only for the eyes of my children. they think mama can dance and I ain't tellin them different.

untill they see someone who can really dance and then there little mama bubble will burst.

but i'm completely off the wagon of my original intention for this post.

anticipation. obedience. EXCITMENT.

now, ya'll know ive been walking through some change...decluttering and simplifying and just being quiet.

3 things i had to fight to bring into my life, but, having done so, has completely changed everything.

looking back to the beginning of the year i can see where God started in on me. in January, i went through a major need to get rid of things we didn't need around the house or use. i gave away as many clothes, toys, house decor, odds and ends...heck even food- to as many people as i could.

i don't say that for a pat on the back, but just to walk you through where this all started and how i ended up doing something i never thought we would

.....wait for it....

we canceled our cable.

what's that? no biggie to you? well pin a rose on your nose, cause it kind of was to us. not because we watched an over abundance of fact i intentionally started to limit the amount of time the tv was on over the last few months. but it was just one of the "luxuries" that i wasn't willing to give up. i'd hear whispers of it, "get rid of the cable" but id push it to the back of my mind over and over again.

how can we not have cable?

who doesn't have cable?

what about the bachelorette? how will i know if she ever finds love??

who will babysit the kids for 30 minutes so i can have a small fragment of time where im not being asked for more juice?

then in prayer one day, i started talking to God about some financial goals we have and He very specifically said to me "do what you can do, and I will do what you can't do"....

i am Lord!

...aren't I?


Oh. right.

See, it's an expense that is really very unnecessary, it's simple really and not even a big deal to not have, BUT it was another area of obedience God was speaking to me about.

So i hesitantly brought it up to Brandon, thinking he was going to protest for the sake of his golf and the texas rangers, and every other sporting program known to man.

but he didn't. not one bit. he was in complete agreement and called right away to cancel it.

i kinda thought, he'd be my out and i could blame it on Him. Be like "hey God, brandon is the head of this house and he ain't buyin the no cable, is there something else we can negotiate?"

i'm kidding. sort of.

i battled with whether i should talk about this on my blog, but as i have said time and time again goal and my heart is to inspire. in every way. to encourage you to look for God in the every day listen, to obey, and to then inspire others! that's what this is all about. when you get rid of the "excess", the things you know are not bearing any fruit {whatever they may be FOR YOU} then you make room for better things. God things...and his things are always better than our things. much better. by like a million trillion.

im not saying go out and cancel all of your cable, shut down your facebook, and give away all of your stuff. not at all. what i am saying, is to stop and listen to what God may be speaking to you about. whatever it is. and then be obedient.

the very second i stepped out in obedience, i stepped into a greater covering of joy, blessing, and just plain EXCITEMENT for what God is doing in my life and the life of my family.

What about you? is there something God has spoken to you about doing? have you done it? tell us about it!

I want this blog to be a place of inspiration and encouragement...not just through me, but through all of you too! I know you have stories, and comments, and things God is doing in your life as well...tell us about them!! I want to hear them and they just may speak to someone else to step out and do whatever it is God is telling them to do also!!

do you want to know one of my favorite blog postings? it was my "she believed she could, so she did" giveaway. want to know why?

because i got to hear from all of YOU. I read stories of inspiration, and hearts of motivation. i loved it. and i know others reading were encouraged also.

so let's keep it up. lets push each other to pursue joy--whether it be by stepping out in obedience, achieving goals, making our home a place to "dwell" {abide, remain, be stable}, life lessons of a mom, inspirations through His word....whatever it is. Let's pursue the SPLENDOR of every day and every moment, TOGETHER!
{p.s that may or may not have been a hint about something to come ;)}

I want to hear from you! Yes YOU, all of you lurkers, come out, come out! Your words could be used to bless and inspire someone. don't miss that chance! :)

Answer this question for there an area of obedience that God has been speaking to you about? if so, have you done it? what has that meant for you? if not, what's keeping you from it?

and now i must go because in the time it took for me to post this (and what would normally have been a 30 minute show) they've drawn me about 58 pictures that im supposed to go hang now. lawd have mercy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers day

happy fathers day to the man i measured every other guy to,

and the one who lived up to it all

i pray my girls, find a guy like their daddy...just like i did.

I love you and thank God for you both, every single day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why I Blog

i've been thinking a lot about why i have this blog.

why do i keep it up.

what is it's purpose.

where do i want to go with it.

and you know what? i can't define it. i can't narrow it down. i can't categorize it.

this is just me.

maybe not all of me....and that is something im working on, but it's me---parts of me.

my heart is not only to live my life for today...for right now, but to inspire others to do the same thing.

i can remember as far back as a young girl--being so cognizant of the time i was in. breathing in the memory of what i was doing in every way.

i think that characteristic carried me through some of the hardest times of my life. intentional about the moment, the feeling, the look, the smell...all of it.

and i think those moments have made me even more aware of the importance in doing that now

i always remind myself that i will never have this moment back. whatever moment it is. significant or not's a moment that will pass...quickly.
sometimes we get so caught up in missing out on the present,
that we do.

instead of being worried and concerned about grasping for that moment, we should just live in it.

that is why i have this blog. it's a way of keeping memories. of cherishing moments. of capturing time. of making something out of the ordinary.
seeing the special in the normal. and inspiring you to do the same.

do everything you can to capture moments.
sit down and make an ice cream cone of play-doh, teach them how to make letters out of macaroni noodles, let them make cookies with you, even if they crack the egg shells into the mix.

and do it for them. not to win "best mom" award....just...for them.
to create memories. to show value. to pick fragments of a day and name them out...give life to them...

bella won't always have these chubby cheeks, or be prancing around the house in princess underwear. she wont always sound like she was born in new york with her accent, or let me pick out her outfits. she won't always want to sit for hours making pretend meals out of play doh, or putting her baby dolls to sleep. she won't always sing and talk to herself as if no one else is around.

asher won't always be completely enthralled with his mama or want to crawl into bed with me each night and get as close to me as possible without making me fall off the bed. he wont always be missing his two bottom teeth and talk with a little bit of a lisp because of it. he won't always need me to sit with him and spell out words to write out stories on a piece of paper. he won't always right his "s" backwards every single time.
mia won't always have the hair line of the grandpa on everybody loves raymond. she won't always suck her thumb, and she won't be this little, wearing footed pajamas. One day she'll be standing in her crib when i walk in, instead of sticking her head up above the bumper when she hears me and peak at me through the rails of her crib.
i will do what i can to savor these moments, knowing they will pass, and more will come.

im so grateful for all of the moments of my life...the hard ones, the happy ones, the insignificant ones and the special ones. the ones that made me cry, and the ones that made me laugh. im grateful for all of them. because i can say i lived in them. in every part of them.

im not perfect. some days i yell too much. some days i forget to cherish. be thankful. stop and listen.... i fail. i make mistakes. i fall short.

but im thankful for those moments and i remember them too. because they push me harder to make the next ones better.
don't resent the hard times, let them grow you. don't run from your mistakes, learn from them. don't stay in a place of worry...give them to God. we are going to fall. but there is always a way. always a choice. always a chance. always a gift to be found.

don't miss opportunities to see the beauty of God, in the every day moments... roses blooming, and leaves crunching, in rain falling, in suns setting, in babies sleeping, and kids laughing, in holding hands and hugs that don't stop, in an opened door, and a smile, in a bought lunch, or an unexpected gift, in a hot cup of coffee, in late night conversations, in a moment of quiet, in a song playing loud, in sheets out of the dryer...

all of them. don't miss them. cherish them. keep them. record them.

this is why i do this.

to live in the moments, to capture the beauty of them....and to inspire that in others.

Life and all of it's ordinary and extraordinary moments, are a gift.

new look is comin soon!

A new design and name is coming to Faith Hope Love!

Keep an eye out for it!

It'll be up in the next couple of days!! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EASY Silhouetts

I've wanted to do these for the kids for so long, but I couldn't figure out how to get them just right. I was trying all kinds of difficult ways, some even involved photo shop. But I couldn't get it just right, so I finally gave up.

Fast forward a couple of months, and I happened upon this little diddy. Oh my Lawd, how simple is that?!

GENIUS. Genius I tell you. And by genius I mean I love that it is exactly what I was going for without all the work.

Why oh why do we try to make things so difficult?

I will tell ya what the hardest part of this little project was....trying to get a 3 and 5 1/2 yr old to stand still and look straight ahead. For some reason this brought about a serious case of the giggles that wouldn't go away. So we had to take a mini muffin break and come back later. Mia was easy, I just stuck her in the bumbo in front of a window and plopped her show boating brother and sister in front of her.

So here is what you will need:

8x11 card stock
Black craft paint
Sponge brush
scrapbook paper
glue stick
profile pictures of your munchkins

Take pictures of your kiddos in front of a lit up window or white background, standing to the side, so you catch their profiles

{I snapped this with my camera phone so the quality isn't that great. forgive}
Print your picture according to the size frame you have. Mine were 8x10's frames that I had spray painted white.

Then I very carefully cut out their profiles and painted them black using my sponge brush.
After I let them dry, I used my glue stick to adhere them to my scrap book paper.
Frame them and you're DONE.

What's that? EASY? I KNOW!

I love that I captured my kids at these ages.

Asher- 5 1/2. You can tell he's stretched out and lost his baby chunk. And he has the Caddell head. Always has. That head is what gave his mama nearly 18 hours of labor.

Bella- 3. I left her sassy pony tail in for the picture because it is typical sassy pants Bella and I love it. You can also see her chubby chin and face that she hasn't outgrown yet, and her eyelashes.

Mia- 6 months. Oh Mia. Mommy's sorry, but there wasn't much I could do for the large baby head you are sporting. Don't worry you will grow into it.
I love that I caught her mouth open, cause I'll remember that she was talking to her show boatin brother and sister as they danced in front of her.

They aren't in order of age, as Asher has pointed out many times, but I needed to break up the color of the two girls'. So I told Asher, he's in the middle cause he's the big brother and takes care of both of his sisters ;) It worked.

I just love these silhouettes and how classic they look!


New Things

There is a ton of "new" happening around here.

I am very excited about all of it and just trying to put one foot in front of the other as I get it all going. Trusting God to order my steps.

New things can be a bit nerve wracking for this girl who orders the same thing every time we go out to eat.The girl who likes a plan...To see the end result and the big picture. But you know what? I'm ok with not knowing all of that. In fact, it's exciting. Because I know it's all God.

So I'm just taking the steps.
One by one.

Soon, you'll know what I'm talking about. And then you can feel overwhelmed {in a good way} with all of the "new" right along with me.

What I am MOST excited about is my next project for the "Speak Louder Project". It is something very near and dear to my heart and I just know God is all over it.
I can. not. wait. to share it with you!

Some one else is working on a little something, something new as well.
Little miss thing has decided to try and sit up on her own. I wondered if this would ever happen because since the day she was born she would much rather stand than sit. She stiffens and straightens up those chunky little legs every time you try to sit her down. Little stinker.
But lately she's started to show signs of wanting to try, so we've been working on it. So long as she's got an eye on a prize, she'll go with it.
In this case, it was the bunnies on her feet.
"What the? Why are bunnies are my feet mom?!"

I love being a mom. I love watching my kids learn new things and expand their abilities.
To see them grow, learn and stretch.

I imagine it's just how God feels as He watches us step out, try new things...
stretch ourselves and grow.
Isaiah 42:9
"Behold, the former things have come to pass,
And new things I declare;
Before they spring forth I tell you of them.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Instagram Friday Fun!

I thought it'd be fun to link up with Jeannette today for Insta-Friday!
These are moments from our week captured with my instagram app on my i-phone. I love catching moments in our day without having to lug around my big 'ol DSLR!

We've had a great week! It is HOT in Texas so we've spent much of our time doing fun indoor projects and lot's of pool time!

-My gorgeous hydrangea plant had tons of minty green blooms. I brought a couple of them in for my kitchen. LOVE to see these and think of my babies.

-Mini blueberry muffins. My theory is that 5 mini muffins equal one regular sized one. Don't try to tell me otherwise.

-Brandon came home from work one day and took the kids to the park so I had some quiet time for a little bit. I sat on the sofa and did some reading. The evening sun was streaming into the window. It was so beautiful. I love moments like this and I love being aware of them.

And Oh how I am lovin being outside at the pool with my munchkins. I'm trying to savor these next couple of months before my newborn baby boy goes off to kindergarten.
.....Wait. What's that? He's not a newborn? He's FIVE??!
I can't hear you!!
{By the way, he's holding THE best cake ball ever. My sweet friend Monica has been making cake balls long before Bakerella ;) She was kind enough to bring some to us at the pool. I might have eaten 3. whatever.}

I finally did the letters to go over the kids' reading corner in our creative room. It says "READ." I covered them using the same fabric I used on this pennant I made a while back.
I'll share the whole room next week as part of a new post series I want to start of home projects and decor called "Dwell" :)

These were a couple of random Lifetime {gym} sitings. See the tall guy in the first picture? That's David Robinson {a former san antonio spurs} He was walking right next to us inside the gym. He even smiled and had a small chat with my slow pokin Bella. I was too chicken to ask for a picture, but I did stalk him in the parking lot. Only to have him look right at me and smile just as I was about to take a picture with my phone. emburrisin. But being the quick thinker that I am I pretended to be texting {so smooth}. I did manage to snap a pic of him walking away though!.....Promise that's him.

Second one was naturally what you would find at any gym...
a cowboy/cowgirl photo op. duh.

LOVE chikfila and LOVE it even more when daddy joins us and buys us ice cream cones!

I found this humorous.
Don't judge me.

Have a fabulous, inspired, "right now" day everyone!!

life rearranged