Friday, June 24, 2011

....did you notice?

Finally all of the changes that I have been working on and praying over are coming together!....notice the new url? has switched over to
Faith Hope Love will be

More on all of that when the new design is finished and up!!

I'm SO excited for all that is to come and to share it with all of YOU!!!


  1. I love your yellow's my new fav nail polish. :) Oh, and I'm a new follower....:)

  2. YAY, I am very excited for what's to come...
    No pressure, BUT, INSPIRE ME WOMAN :)
    Love you lots!!

  3. I have a blogging question if you don't mind...I have been considering paying the $10 for my own URL through blogger but was concerned how it all would switch over. Did you get your URL through them? If so, do you know if those who subscribe to your blog through a feed still received updates after switching URLs--if they didn't change the URL in their feed? Sorry for the long question in your comments! :)


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