Friday, June 10, 2011

Instagram Friday Fun!

I thought it'd be fun to link up with Jeannette today for Insta-Friday!
These are moments from our week captured with my instagram app on my i-phone. I love catching moments in our day without having to lug around my big 'ol DSLR!

We've had a great week! It is HOT in Texas so we've spent much of our time doing fun indoor projects and lot's of pool time!

-My gorgeous hydrangea plant had tons of minty green blooms. I brought a couple of them in for my kitchen. LOVE to see these and think of my babies.

-Mini blueberry muffins. My theory is that 5 mini muffins equal one regular sized one. Don't try to tell me otherwise.

-Brandon came home from work one day and took the kids to the park so I had some quiet time for a little bit. I sat on the sofa and did some reading. The evening sun was streaming into the window. It was so beautiful. I love moments like this and I love being aware of them.

And Oh how I am lovin being outside at the pool with my munchkins. I'm trying to savor these next couple of months before my newborn baby boy goes off to kindergarten.
.....Wait. What's that? He's not a newborn? He's FIVE??!
I can't hear you!!
{By the way, he's holding THE best cake ball ever. My sweet friend Monica has been making cake balls long before Bakerella ;) She was kind enough to bring some to us at the pool. I might have eaten 3. whatever.}

I finally did the letters to go over the kids' reading corner in our creative room. It says "READ." I covered them using the same fabric I used on this pennant I made a while back.
I'll share the whole room next week as part of a new post series I want to start of home projects and decor called "Dwell" :)

These were a couple of random Lifetime {gym} sitings. See the tall guy in the first picture? That's David Robinson {a former san antonio spurs} He was walking right next to us inside the gym. He even smiled and had a small chat with my slow pokin Bella. I was too chicken to ask for a picture, but I did stalk him in the parking lot. Only to have him look right at me and smile just as I was about to take a picture with my phone. emburrisin. But being the quick thinker that I am I pretended to be texting {so smooth}. I did manage to snap a pic of him walking away though!.....Promise that's him.

Second one was naturally what you would find at any gym...
a cowboy/cowgirl photo op. duh.

LOVE chikfila and LOVE it even more when daddy joins us and buys us ice cream cones!

I found this humorous.
Don't judge me.

Have a fabulous, inspired, "right now" day everyone!!

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