Tuesday, June 28, 2011

just do it

Yes I'm aware of how very cliche that sounds, but it's the phrase that's been running through my head for months now.


all those things i thought id love to do.

all the things i enjoy doing.

all the things ive thought about doing for other people.

all the things i thought i would never do.

all the things i realize i want to do.

i'm tired of thinking about them. im tired of going, "one day" or "when this"....

im ready to do them.

but im the kind of person who doesn't like just talking about things until they are actually happening. some people may think of that as being secretive or view it as a little weird. but thats just me. i think it's my way of guarding myself. like, not wanting anyone to rain on my parade....my dreams, visions, goal....things God has been growing in the safe places of my heart.

i think people like to put you in a nice little box. one where they know what to expect. one where they think they know you. it's comfortable. it's predictable. it's not threatening.

and sometimes we want to stay in that box. it's comfortable. it's predictable. it's not threatening.

but then there comes a time where you say, no more!- im ready to step out. to take chances, to live out dreams, to accomplish more, to try something i never have---to just do IT.

Those are the people who make a difference.

I want to be one of those people, don't you?

So what is 'it' to you?

everyone has something. we're all given dreams, talents, gifts, an idea, a thought...
don't you think those are there for a reason?

it's up to us to decide what we are going to do with them. it's up to us to do something with them.

im tired of making excuses.

im tired of waiting for the perfect time.

im tired of being afraid of what other people will think.

im tired of waiting for my self confidence to catch up with my confidence in God.

im ready to just live by that---confidence in God, in what He's speaking, in where He is guiding.

this life is so short. way too short to wait for the perfect time, because it will never happen.

this is what Splendor represents for me.

When I first began this blog, {Faith Hope Love} I was walking through a different time in my life. A time of trial, testing, and a desire to share it. it wasn't easy, but i know that through the fire, is where we are made better. made to be who HE needs us to be. rough edges smoothed out. refined.

I was in a place where I knew God wanted me to share my story. It wasn't just for other people, either. It was for me also. It was a trying of my faith to let other people in. To share. To let my guard down, to be vulnerable and open and transparent.

Gosh that's hard for me. But it's where I'm at again. A place where God wants me to be transparent in the things he's teaching me. Because through my words, through my lessons, through my inspirations...other people are encouraged. And I love that. I want to live for that. For others and for Him.

And so I'm here. once again. opening myself up to change, to chances, to another level of faith.

Splendor is about a dream. a desire to bring God glory through my life. every bit of it. and how I'm growing, learning, expanding, dreaming, trying, evolving....

I don't want to put myself in a safe box. I don't want to be predictable.

I want my life to be a brilliant distinction and I want to inspire that in others.

So what's your dream? What have you always wanted to do but never tried? Whats your gift? What's the thing down deep inside you that you are keeping safe and hidden? It's not there just for you! it's there to share! to change. to inspire. to lead. to outshine the usual.

....and all for Him. For His Glory.
His Splendor.

God can't lead you to the next step, until you take one.

Splendor is my step. What's yours?

Just do it!

Splendor- a quality that outshines the usual.
brilliant distinction; glory


♥ ♥ ♥