Wednesday, June 8, 2011

quieting the noise

I've been waking up earlier than the kids in order to get my prayer and bible time in before the day begins. I can't tell you how amazing this has been for me and for our days around here.

I look at it like this...I'm the mama. My mood sort of sets the stage for how everyone else's day goes. sometimes I'm crabby which leads to a shorter fuse, which leads to more time outs and more bickering all around.

I don't like those kind of days. Mostly because I feel exhausted, defeated and myself.

Starting out my day with the word and the Lord has become "the answer" to the end of those kind of days. Why? Because I'm feeding my spirit--my self, so I can then pour out into my husband and children.

It's important to me. Being a wife and mother is my most cherished responsibility and so often I think about the power I hold in my words {towards them and about them}. The power I have to help them become the people God called them to be. The power I have to make it a good day.

There has been times where I sort of fell off track, and started to try to do it all on my own. Only to find myself asking "what about me?" when is my time, what about my needs, everyone always wants something from me, but "what about ME?"....quickly, very quickly, God spoke to my spirit. As soon as you start to focus on your self, on your time, your needs've fallen off balance.

A big part of my staying on "balance" is staying in the word, prayer and away from things that distract and bring me down.

I don't want any part of those things. Life is too precious to me.

I've gone through too much in my life to ever take a second of it for granted. So when I found myself in an unhappy place, not with my life by any means, but on the inside- with myself, I had to do something to change it.

I believe when we start to become unhappy people, we're focusing on ourselves too much. Whether that be because of past hurt or pain, other people's words, our own insecurities, present circumstances...whatever it may be, we have a choice to make. And that choice holds the power to change everything.

This, I guess is where my silence has come from. A time of reflection, cleaning...and change. I'm thankful for it. Because life is too precious to ever waste it on the frivolous things that the enemy uses to throw us off course. They're different for all of us and more than likely you know exactly what it is and what triggers it. But you know what, you can do something about it. You have the power- the choice, to change it.

God has been so good to guide me as He has showed me some things I needed to change in my life. He really is such a loving and good God. As I say that, I'm reminded of a conversation I heard between Asher and Bella today, that stemmed from yesterday.

They were arguing over something yesterday afternoon and I stopped them both, looked at them in their little faces and I said, did you know that it hurts Jesus' heart when you two are mean to each other? It makes him sad. Do you want to make him sad? "No, mom"...Ok, then always show each other that you love one another....always.

So today, Bella did something to annoy Asher. When he got a little testy with her, she said "Asher do you still love me?"---"Yes Bella, even when I get mad at you, I still love you...just like when we get in trouble from mom and dad- they still love us".

Melt. My. Heart.

It is so true though. And it is the same when God brings us through a time of correction. He still loves us so much.

And He never misses opportunities to show us either. We just have to look for Him. It's so easy to miss them when your busy being focused inward. Sometimes we have to stop everything, clear the "noise", and listen. Look. Be still.

Cause He's always there.

Today Mia was fussing in her bouncy seat. I figured she was hungry, so I was trying to get a few things done before I sat down to feed her, but the longer I took, the more fussy she got. I can't stand to hear her fuss {can you tell she has me wrapped?} So I scooped her up, walked into her room and sat down in the rocking chair to feed her. But instead of wanting to eat, she simply snuggled her little face into my neck and started sucking her thumb.

She didn't want to be fed, she didn't "need" anything...she just wanted her mama. Some snuggle time with her mama.

It made me think of how much God wants that too. He watches us rushing around from one thing to the next, saying "hey! hey, what about me!"...we put Him off and put Him off, when all He wants is some time with US.

I loved that little reminder. And I loved that I didn't miss it.

So I encourage you, take the time to feed yourself. To fill yourself up with Him. Not the distractions that can throw you off course. Because when you get rid of all that "noise" hear Him clearer. You see Him clearer. And it's a beautiful, beautiful place to be in.

LIFE is a gift. Each day. Each moment. Each breath.

Don't waste it.


  1. Wow. I love this post. It goes deep into my own heart and life. Thank you for the encouragement. :o)

  2. So glad that you were encouraged Jazmin! {By the way, You have a beautiful family!}

  3. Great post! "silence" is such a forgotten luxury. Thank you for continuing to write.

  4. This post is just what I needed today. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  5. I needed to read this Laura, oh and I'm not anonymous it's Michelle F just can't remember my google account ;-) have a great day friend


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