Tuesday, June 21, 2011

rainbows and sunshine

let me let you in on a little secret...

when you do something you know you were supposed to do...

when you walk away from something you know you needed to...

when you make a choice to walk in obedience...

it's going to be RAINBOWS and SUNSHINE

you'll hear birds singing and you might even see the clouds part when you walk outside with a little ray of sunshine beaming right down on you. your neighbors will smile at you. no one will get on your nerves. your skinny jeans will fit perfect and your hair will look the best it ever has. you'll get an uninterrupted shower and you may even get a surprise check in the mail. sonic will finally get the diet dr. pepper to ice ratio right and your kids will play quietly and nicely in their room while you make dinner that is hot and ready when your hard working husband gets home.

yes. life will be perfect. indeed.

Or not.

in fact, the opposite.

Actually, it may look more like this....you'll sit down for the first time after a full day that began almost exactly 13 hours ago, and you may be listening to your very defiant, very vocal, very tired {from waking up 12 hours ago, and refusing a nap} 3 year old, scream at the top of her lungs in her bed because you told her she had to go to sleep early and not to the park with her brother and daddy because of her behavior.

the neighbors may be walking by staring at your house wondering what on earth you are doing to your poor child when they have no idea that just 10 minutes ago you were picking up a crying, kicking, human being that surely is not your own, and wrestling her to her bed. causing your arms to shake out of exhaustion because you still haven't started jillian michaels and you are way out of shape.

the circles under your eyes may be a tinge darker because although you woke up early, it wasn't early enough to get your full prayer time in because your lovely aforementioned daughter decided to wake up even earlier and get the lucky charms party started. quickly.

therefore, having not received your full time of quiet and nice conversation with God, you are not equipped for what the day had in store. a day that wasn't completely out of the ordinary, just a little off. and having not received enough sleep, that little bit seemed like much more.

my point is that over the last couple of days, ive had a bit of a challenge with my usually sweet little bella. she's tested me, stretched me, and lord have mercy, she has WORN me. but i knew to expect something in our little world to be disrupted when we stepped out in obedience.

i knew things may get a little shaken up around here. things that may have made me go "oh man, if only i could turn on her favorite show in order to have a 30 minute break"

...BUT, even in those faint, faint, moments of weakness {and tinges of doubt} i can feel God strengthening me, affirming me, and saying "push through it Laura".

Blessing is on the other side of our obedience. But that doesn't mean getting to the other side is going to be easy peasy.

Good thing this mama knows how to pray and tomorrow is a new day.

Now let us all pause while i try to remember what my sweet bella looks like...

oh that's right.

im off to go put a digiorno in the oven and i may eat the whole thing. lay off me. and pray for me too.


  1. Praying for God to give you a bucket full of grace and patience as you go through this phase with your daughter. I also want to tell you how touched I was to read through your story. I'm very sorry for your losses. Your faith is a true testimony of God's strength in our weakness.

  2. Um, Kayt had this day today....I think it's the mold in the air (Nate and I both are feeling it)or TEETH....the lovely 2 year old molars....I have a couple of questions/pointers that MIGHT help! Text me manana if you have time! Love you....we REALLY need to get together one of these days! I never see you now that we are first service (we try to stay for both but it's only happened twice!) SO GLAD to be done with all the winter bugs that kept me home the first 3 months of the year!

  3. Nice article. The little girl in the photo is gorgeous


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