Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splendor the SHOP {and Bella's room, just cause}

Remember how I mentioned some new things coming?

Blue Cartel Banner

Well, I'm excited to say that I am opening a shop full of goodies soon! I'm keeping the description open because I'm not sure where it will go and what all it will have, I don't want to limit the possibilities.

As I'm going in the direction of handmade vintage inspired jewelry, I also got a custom order request for a sign I made for my house {more on what that is later!} and it led to more people wanting it, so I decided to include it in my shop as well.

While I don't know what it will grow to, I do know my heart is for it to always be handmade things with a vintage feel. Because I just have a thing for vintage--- it just does something for me. Before I got married my room was very shabby chic/antique, bet you may not have guessed that, but there you go. In fact one of my favorite rooms in the house is Bella's room, for that reason

Picnik collage

I LOVE her room.

Picnik collage2

And yes I'm using this as an excuse to show it off. I'll admit it. Whatev.

Picnik 3

Back to the shop...I have found a love for CREATING and finding confidence that I CAN do those things I always wanted to. All it takes is a step, leading to the next. We may not know the outcome of the little thoughts or ideas planted inside us but that's what Faith is right?

The best part about the shop? with every purchase made through Splendor Shop, 10% will be given to the Speak Louder Project fund! I am working on the next project as we speak. It is so special to me I want to make sure I get all the details lined out before I present it. I just know it is going to touch MANY lives and SPEAK LOVE. It is something that took root in my heart years ago and is now coming together.


I hope you all will continue to support the project and please pray that everything gets laid out according to HIS will and plan! I am going to need your help to make this happen!! There will be lots of different ways to participate, so stay tuned!! I have a feeling you are going to love it as much as I do.

Gosh, God is so Good. I am so excited. I am so inspired. So ready to JUST DO whatever God has for me to do. To live the life He created- pre destined for ME, before I was ever born!

and with that, I want to encourage YOU. He has a plan for you too! Something great, wild, beyond our imagination.

Today. This moment. God has something planned for you. Don't miss it. Look for someone to bless, to love, to encourage. Look for a step you can take toward your dream.

just do it!


  1. LOVE your mini mum earrings...they are adorable!

    congrats on the shop!

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