Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Happy

We all have them-

our favorite starbucks drink

window shopping at anthropologie

a date night out with our studly husband

a target trip alone where we don't have to maneuver a cart one handed, while keeping your easily distracted 5 year old focused by the gentle guidance of your foot {oh don't deny it}

reading a good book

quiet time....

things that make us happy.

but how come as mom's we feeling guilty for taking that time for ourselves? how come we feel like admitting we want or need time to ourselves makes us a "less than" mom?

i think it's all part of a plan to keep us exhausted and going in a circle where we are left unhappy and worn out.

but you know what? it's ok to take some time to do the things that make YOU happy. in fact, when i do take that little bit of time, im just a happier person...which means a happier husband and happier children.

things were falling a bit off balance around here the last couple of days. i was feeling a little depleted and beat up by the wills of a strong little girl. out of my exhaustion to keep up with it all {on my own} i was wearing myself thin.

i realized where i went a mom i was doing everything i should. disciplining, loving, correcting, redirecting, explaining, praying.

but to be truthful, the last couple of mornings ive been sleeping through that gentle nudge in the morning to get up and spend time with Him. the one who gives me strength for the day, who fills me up and makes me happy. i wasn't making the time when i should and then i was trying to do it later and when it didn't happen i got frustrated with myself.

bad cycle.

the good thing is, we can stop the bad cycle and hop right back on the good one.

so last night i took the time to give myself a pedicure. like a real one, where i actually used nail polish remover instead of painting over what was already there {don't judge} and then i took a long hot bath and i set my alarm to get up extra early this morning to spend my time with the Lord. reading, studying, praying, listening.... happy.

now i get to go wash sheets, wipe butts, stop arguments, pick up toys, cook meals, give lots of hugs and kisses.
and I'm happy to do it.

and i get to do it with yellow toes....

how can you not be happy with yellow toes?

What about you? What's your happy? Take a little time to do it today!! :)


  1. sweet. thanks for being an encouragement to other moms who struggle to take care of their own selves without guilt. i used to feel that way, but after 9 years of being a mom, i'm good now. anthropologie, here i come. helps that my husband will say yes to time off whenever i ask. i'm so thankful for that.

  2. Hi Leslie! Yes, thank God for those husbands for sure! But, i also struggle with the fact that "my" time seems to be at the expense of spending time with my husband. he has to give up his time in order for me to have my time? that's hard for me! do you feel that way also?
    i think that is why we're in the place we are now...getting rid of the distractions, things that drain our time...time better spent with each other AND as a family. because truthfully, id rather spend a day as a family doing something we all love then alone. But we do need that alone time. it makes us better people. I personally have found giving my time to God first thing has become such a source of joy and I truly hope to encourage other women to find their source too! :) taking time for ourselves is is balance..and staying there can be difficult!

  3. Good post! You're so right too. As moms we often don't make the time for ourselves. I'm trying to do more of that myself...

    Love the yellow toes! I was looking at yellow polish yesterday.. I think I may be too pale/pinkish for it. Looks great on you tho! Happy toes. ;)

    Most importantly MY HAPPY is my time listening to the teachings of Chuck Swindoll and praying every morning on the peaceful, quiet drive to work. It gets me ready, and rejuvenated for the day....and sometimes I will forget to turn it on because we get a fuzzy signal right around our house and I get really bummed...I Love listening to the word and a message before facing the day. Thanks for reminding me truly how special that time is, it's my routine but it's nice to reflect on all the benefits I receive from it!! PTL!!
    P.S. This is ginger, it won't let me sign in. :(

  5. Oh this is just so true! Every word. It's like you looked right into my heart. :o) I really love the part about spending time with our precious God. You are so right... again, thanks for the reminder.


  6. Ok, second comment coming in to reply to you, Laura. My thought is this. If you don't allow your husband to give you time off, lots of things happen. 1) You don't get a much needed break. 2) You rob him of the chance to serve you and put you first, which BLESSES him. 3) You rob him of the chance to parent IN YOUR ABSENCE, in his way, learning and practicing what "his way" even is. And 4) you rob your children of getting the variety of parenting that only dad can give that they really need too. When we are moms, we have the most important jobs on earth. But it is also critical to realize there is so much more to our kids' lives than what is coming from us. I'd rather spend time all together too, but there are those nights when a few hours wandering the book store just makes the world seem right again. hugs.

  7. Yes! So agree Leslie. Love how you put it! It's exactly right.

  8. i can't get the lid off my yellow nail polish so annoying. all my OPI nail polishes do that. thats why i usually stick to cheap! ;)

    and i struggle with the same laura ..."my" time seems to be at the expense of spending time with my husband. he has to give up his time in order for me to have my time." thats a toughy!!


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