Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why I Blog

i've been thinking a lot about why i have this blog.

why do i keep it up.

what is it's purpose.

where do i want to go with it.

and you know what? i can't define it. i can't narrow it down. i can't categorize it.

this is just me.

maybe not all of me....and that is something im working on, but it's me---parts of me.

my heart is not only to live my life for today...for right now, but to inspire others to do the same thing.

i can remember as far back as a young girl--being so cognizant of the time i was in. breathing in the memory of what i was doing in every way.

i think that characteristic carried me through some of the hardest times of my life. intentional about the moment, the feeling, the look, the smell...all of it.

and i think those moments have made me even more aware of the importance in doing that now

i always remind myself that i will never have this moment back. whatever moment it is. significant or not's a moment that will pass...quickly.
sometimes we get so caught up in missing out on the present,
that we do.

instead of being worried and concerned about grasping for that moment, we should just live in it.

that is why i have this blog. it's a way of keeping memories. of cherishing moments. of capturing time. of making something out of the ordinary.
seeing the special in the normal. and inspiring you to do the same.

do everything you can to capture moments.
sit down and make an ice cream cone of play-doh, teach them how to make letters out of macaroni noodles, let them make cookies with you, even if they crack the egg shells into the mix.

and do it for them. not to win "best mom" award....just...for them.
to create memories. to show value. to pick fragments of a day and name them out...give life to them...

bella won't always have these chubby cheeks, or be prancing around the house in princess underwear. she wont always sound like she was born in new york with her accent, or let me pick out her outfits. she won't always want to sit for hours making pretend meals out of play doh, or putting her baby dolls to sleep. she won't always sing and talk to herself as if no one else is around.

asher won't always be completely enthralled with his mama or want to crawl into bed with me each night and get as close to me as possible without making me fall off the bed. he wont always be missing his two bottom teeth and talk with a little bit of a lisp because of it. he won't always need me to sit with him and spell out words to write out stories on a piece of paper. he won't always right his "s" backwards every single time.
mia won't always have the hair line of the grandpa on everybody loves raymond. she won't always suck her thumb, and she won't be this little, wearing footed pajamas. One day she'll be standing in her crib when i walk in, instead of sticking her head up above the bumper when she hears me and peak at me through the rails of her crib.
i will do what i can to savor these moments, knowing they will pass, and more will come.

im so grateful for all of the moments of my life...the hard ones, the happy ones, the insignificant ones and the special ones. the ones that made me cry, and the ones that made me laugh. im grateful for all of them. because i can say i lived in them. in every part of them.

im not perfect. some days i yell too much. some days i forget to cherish. be thankful. stop and listen.... i fail. i make mistakes. i fall short.

but im thankful for those moments and i remember them too. because they push me harder to make the next ones better.
don't resent the hard times, let them grow you. don't run from your mistakes, learn from them. don't stay in a place of worry...give them to God. we are going to fall. but there is always a way. always a choice. always a chance. always a gift to be found.

don't miss opportunities to see the beauty of God, in the every day moments... roses blooming, and leaves crunching, in rain falling, in suns setting, in babies sleeping, and kids laughing, in holding hands and hugs that don't stop, in an opened door, and a smile, in a bought lunch, or an unexpected gift, in a hot cup of coffee, in late night conversations, in a moment of quiet, in a song playing loud, in sheets out of the dryer...

all of them. don't miss them. cherish them. keep them. record them.

this is why i do this.

to live in the moments, to capture the beauty of them....and to inspire that in others.

Life and all of it's ordinary and extraordinary moments, are a gift.


  1. You took the words right from my heart! I just love finding the beauty in the every day. I know that every day has those beautiful transcendent-type moments but sometimes I forget to really notice them and give them the proper credit that they deserve. Blogging is a nice platform to really highlight those moments so months from now, years from now, you won't forget the way that wispy-baby-hair looks in the sunlight or the way you felt when you got that first unsolicited baby kiss :)

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