Friday, July 1, 2011


Are you a little confused about all the changes around here? do you have a question for me? Post it in the comments, or contact me through email! Then check back later for a post answering some of your frequently asked questions.
There is still lots to do around the blog. I'm sure you've noticed some pages are blank. Be patient with me! I'm just trying to take the steps as I can. Being the mom of 3 doesn't leave much room or time to do everything I need to in a day. There is so much going on, and yet God keeps speaking- Be Still. So I am. Taking those steps as I can and not stressing if I don't get to in the time I want to. But I'm so excited about it all that it's hard not to get ahead of myself!

My biggest concern is making sure no one gets left behind, or lost in all the change. I am still me. This is still my blog, still my writing. That will always be numero uno and will never change.
Faith Hope Love is still the same, just with a new name and new design to reflect the new places I want to go with it.

So, bare with me. I am so thankful to each of you. Every comment, email, text, or word spoken of support is so appreciated!

Say it with me. Change is GOOD!!! ;)

Oh, and have you become a follower of the blog yet? What about the new splendor facebook page? Be sure you do! {click that link to go there now} The shop is opening Monday and there will be a special offer for YOU--- all my Splendor facebook friends and blog followers---my peeps!!!
(And there are some Splendor Shop sneak peaks on the facebook page too, hint hint)

Much Love, and don't forget to ask me your questions (they can be about anything!) Then check back for the FAQ post soon!


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