Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FAQ {part 1}

So I'm finally getting around to this "FAQ" post. Ready to learn more about me then you care to?

Great. Then read on.

{P.S, I am not quoting anyone in particular, I'm paraphrasing some of the more commonly asked questions}

"Where am I, who are all these people, what the heck is Splendor. What happened to Faith Hope Love? I'm so confused!!!"

Calm down. Get yourself a diet dr. pepper and take a deep breath. This blog, no matter what the name is, is still me. Laura Caddell. My life, my words, my inspirations, my home, my kids, etc. etc. etc. There is no real definition to this blog. No specific category.

It's not a craft blog, but I love to create. It's not a design blog, but I like to decorate. It is not a family/mom blog, but I adore being a mom. It is not a marriage blog, but that is one of my most valued, honored, rolls. It is not a faith blog but I pray my love for the Lord will always be evident no matter what I'm yappin about.

Splendor is simply ME. All of those topics rolled into one place with more or less added here and there. You may be a little confused at times, you may wonder who I am, what my interests are....well I will advise you not to, because I am ever changing and growing and learning and evolving. And I like that. So don't worry, though the look and name has changed. It is still me. And you love me, I know you do. right guys? right??

"What made you decide to start a business?"

I'm not real sure. It was simply a thought that turned into a "what if" that turned into a prayer, then an answer (and the name), then the rest is history. It's been one step after another. Pretty simple. But why jewelry you ask? Well, I've always loved fashion and changing up my looks. What I love most about the pieces of Splendor Shop, is that they are fun, with a bit of a vintage feel. They add color, interest, and style to any look. I like to look like I put a lot of effort and thought into my look, without the thought and effort. These pieces make it simple to do that. And this is really a starting point. I want to expand my abilities, knowledge and ideas and just see where it goes. That's also where the home decor part comes in. I love to decorate and love the idea of designing something, putting certain things together, deciding what I like and then putting it out there for other people.

What do you do with your kids now that you have no cable. {yes really, I was asked this a few times actually}

Well, to begin with, I've always tried to limit the amount of tv my kids watched.. I grew up watching very little tv and playing a lot more. Making up games, dances, silly songs, reading a lot...using my imagination. And I want the same for my kids. So when we decided to get rid of cable, it wasn't a huge leap. However, I did use it at times when I had to go feed Mia and needed to know the older 2 were going to be in one spot for a little bit. Or for Bella in the mornings when I'm trying to finish my bible/prayer time and she wakes up wanting to get the party started. I've had to come up with other alternatives. But it's been good. At first, when I told Asher we had no more tv shows he said " what kind of a weird house is this?!" He quickly got over it. They play in their rooms a lot, make up stories, games, etc. They play a lot of play doh, make a lot of pictures, we do crafts together, Asher plays with the 537 cars he's accumulated over the years. He constructs cities and towns and I love it. I LOVE to see them using those beautiful gifts God gave them called brains!!

We've also been going to the pool A LOT. It's the perfect way too wear them out and have fun doing it. And it's 104 here in Texas today. seriously. And hobby lobby was putting out there fall decorations. I nearly choked on my kit kat when I saw that. But this is all way off topic....

The library is also one of our favorites places. Today we checked out a plethora of books, stories on CD's {greatest thing EVER} and a couple of movies. Which is what they are doing right now. Which is how I am able to write this post. The library is honestly one of my favorite places. I just like being in there, with all of those books. I love books. I love real books with words on pages and turning the pages and the smell of them, and thinking about who checked it out before you. All of it. My mom passed that love on to me, and I want to do the same for my kids.

"When do you find time to do your projects/work on your blog with 3 small kids?"

I do a lot after they go to bed. I am a major night owl. I didn't used to be. I was once normal and went to bed at decent hours, before I met my husband. He's the biggest night owl you'll ever meet. We do a lot between the hours of 8pm and 12-2am. It's also one of my favorite times of the day because it's "our" time.

Besides that, I encourage my kids to be independent and to use their imaginations for entertainment, not mommy. Granted there is time where it's just us and I'm there playing right along with them, or we're going somewhere fun, but I want them to also learn how to entertain themselves and how to do it at home, with what they have. Not that we always have to be going somewhere fun, or that mommy has to be the ring leader. I love to do that, but there is balance. I want to teach them that. I used to do a lot when Bella and Mia napped and Asher would help me with whatever I was working on, but Bella decided to stop taking naps about 4 months ago. I still try to make them rest in their rooms for a little bit each day. A time to seperate and be on their own. Usually when I sense the arguing coming on--it just means they need a time out away from eachother for a bit.

Mia is another story. Lord have mercy. I seriously do most things with one hand. Like I hold her so much I forget I'm holding her. No lie. She is a perfect, sweet, easy going angel....as long as I'm holding her. So I try to get a lot done when she is napping. Other wise, it's all one handed...projects, dishes, laundry, making meals. I ain't even exaggerating. BUT, I might play a part in that. You can't go through what I've gone through and not feel the need/want to hold on to your baby girl whenever you can. So I do. And I deal with the pain in my arm because it's worth it.

Which brings me to...

"After everything you've been through, do you want more babies?"

The simple answer to that is YES. I adore being a mom. I love my children so much it hurts. I view them as gifts directly from Heaven. I really do. Granted I want to pull my hair sometimes, but what mom doesn't. Like I said.... all of that? Doesn't matter. I think being a mom is the greatest honor God gives us as women. Whether those babies are your flesh and blood, adopted, foster, whatever, being a mom is an HONOR. And one I would love to do again with another baby. One day. Not anytime soon, simply because I haven't thought about it. I cherish and value where I'm at now and know when the time is right again, God will start to plant that little thought seed into my heart. But for now "I'm glad it's right now"

Now, the other part of that question is the "after everything you've been through" part. Um, honestly, what we've been through has no indication of what is to come. Our past does not determine our future. I don't and can't live in fear. I just simply choose not to. I choose to believe and know that God has good plans for me, plans to bring me hope and a future. Always. And I believe what we've been through has simply made me even more thankful of the gift of becoming a mom. The gift of my children. I don't care if I sound like "too much" or over the top for my love for my children, because it's true and genuine and comes from a very real place. A place that has experienced what it is to hold your lifeless baby- praying, begging, pleading for things to be different, but knowing it can't be. So yes, I hold my kids longer and harder and I tell them I love them, every.single.day. And I never take them for granted.

"I love your style, will you give me tips on decorating my own home?"

I would love to help you and give you tips. My biggest tip is this though...go with whatever you like. Even if you don't think it matches. get it and make it work. I never try to match, I never go off themes. I have lot's of different looks I love. Bella's room is shabby chic, ultra girly. Mia's is whimsical, naturey. Asher's is sports with a vintage spin, our play room/creative room/craft room is whimsical vintage, eclectic, whatever I liked, and bright. It's probably my FAVORITE room in the house. Good thing too cause it's where we spend all of our time. My kitchen and living room is dark...dark furniture, dark floors...but with touches of color in all of the accessories. It's not my first choice for how I'd really do it, but I've learned to just be ok with what I have and content and just add things/change things as I can.

I think I'm going to give a house tour soon, here on the blog. What do you think? Yay or nay?

On that note, this got entirely too long and I didn't even answer all of the questions. My apologies, but I must go now as my hip attachment is awake from her nap and calling for me.

Have a question? Feel Free to ask. I want y'all to feel like you know me. You know like how you know someone so well, you feel ok plopping yourself down on their sofa and smashing their good decor pillows...oh wait, that's my brother in law.


  1. love this. beautifully written - superb little shop. so excited to see your blog grow as you seek His face for your life!!

  2. You and your blogs are simply ADORABLE and such a delight to read...and of course laugh a little :) I look forward to reading them. You truly are and have the whole package and an inspiration to us all. Love what you are doing!! This quote made me think of you...

    "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."

  3. Well my goodness Lindsey, you made my day! thank you for the sweet compliment. And I love, love, love that quote!! Adding it to my quote jar :)


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