Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Years-Remembering Faith

I am amazed at how God has been so good at connecting me to so many amazing people through this blog. One of them is Jami. She is a sweet friend. I love reading her wisdom, encouragement and insights. I was honored when she asked me to guest post on her blog today for her "We Encourage" series. Click here to go to her blog and read it and also take a second to read some of the other amazing words of encouragement by other women as well.


I woke up with Faith on my mind and heart today.  I wrote this last year.  And I am feeling compelled to share it again today. Parts of me believe that talking about her, naming her, writing about her, telling our story and remembering her....it keeps her alive here on earth....her memory alive. And so I do.

For weeks and months after we lost Faith,  I prayed that God would show me my daughter. I don't know what I wanted....a dream---a glimpse I guess, into heaven. I wanted to see her again. See her face.

I never did have that dream.

But the day Mia was born, we had an instantly strong bond. It was as if I'd always known her. That's the only way I can describe it. I would watch her sleeping shortly after she came home from the hospital. Eyes closed, mouth slightly open. She looked so familiar to me. Was that Asher I saw in her? Her daddy? My mom? Bella? Then I realized, that was exactly what Faith looked like the night I held her.

God was giving me my glimpse into heaven. Showing me my Faith Marie again. In Mia. Her name alone Mia Glory, means our little manifestation of God's goodness and blessing.

This month was 2 years after I said goodbye to Faith, I sit in our playroom upstairs and watch my girls playing together. And I am full...consumed....with thankfulness, joy, and love.

Life is beautiful. God is beautiful. Always.

My sweet girls in heaven, may your mommy always live this life worthy of what you have taught me. May I always speak of your life and share your stories, in order for God's glory to be shown and evident.

Today, and always, I'm remembering our Faith....


  1. This is beautiful, and something I needed to read today, as I sat here this morning thining about my sweet Destiny I lost at 22wks 4days Almost 5 years ago...September 9th 2006. I am now 34 wks pregnant with my second daughter as well, and have been having complications over the weekend! Luckily I am far enough along now that she will be ok, but it all brings back the horrible pain I went through jus 5 years ago! My precious daugher Mya is actually 11 moths today! I sit here with a 3 1/2 yr old and a 11 months old, while im supposed to be on bedrest...ha...right! But im sure she will be just fine, and I am confident that God has it under control! She is a big girl already, and I got steroid shots over the weekend. But it does still bring back the painful memories of the day I lost Destiny! Thank you for sharing your loss!

  2. Blessings on your sweet family. May God fill your heart with joy and the knowledge that Heaven is going to be a sweet eternal reunion for you all. Your faith in Jesus is a shining jewel and beacon of hope for others. I am a pastor's wife and I stumbled upon your blog looking for a craft tutorial! Love! Debbie

  3. What unimaginable pain your family had to go through. It's so wonderful to see where God has taken you from that day.

  4. This is so beautiful. I love reading your blog, it is always such and encouragement!

  5. absolutely beautiful, both posts. i'm so thankful we can keep memories alive this way. and i'm glad you can look back on that time sweetly, and see God's goodness in it. thank you for sharing this with us, it truly does bring Him glory, the way you tell it.


  6. I have been a Google Reader App lurker for about three weeks now, but haven't commented much.

    I had to get on today to tell you thank you for sharing Faith with us. Your stories of loss and gain and grief and joy remind me of my own story-- of my Evan and my still unnamed second child we lost in June (I keep praying that the Lord will speak into my heart the name that He has chosen for our second baby like He did with Evan, so until He does, we wait!)... moreso I know it's hard to relive some of this, even if you smile while you type through blurry eyes. I've been there. I'm still there. And I will love to read about baby Faith, about how she has helped shaped you, and the way the Lord is using her story to better display His story anytime you're willing to write about it.

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks, and keep up the good work!

  7. I am so touched by your incredible faith and ability to relate such a painful part of your life to us and make it so beautifully touching.


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