Monday, August 22, 2011

Date Nights

Brandon and I went out to dinner Friday night.  We try to get away for date nights at least once a month. It's less often than we'd like, but we'll take it. It's always nice to get away for a little bit and just focus on eachother. Not to mention we get to actually take our time and eat, as opposed to inhaling it in 5.9 seconds like we parents tend to do.

I love our date nights because they always get me re-focused on Brandon. And I think it's important to do that. It's so easy for me to get consumed in our children, and our home...taking time for just the two of us is essential.

I know we go through seasons. And we're in the midst of the season of being parents to 3 young kids. And they are our heart. We adore this season.

But in the middle of this little family of 5, is us. Just us. Brandon and Laura. We don't want to lose that. Because when they are all grown it will be just us.
We went to one of our favorite mexican restaurants for fajitas.  I could tell our waiter was trying to figure us out. Every time he came to the table he'd ask us a different question.

From out of town?

On a first date?


.....We finally told him we've been married almost 7 years and have 3 kids.
He didn't believe us. If only I'd brought the little photo album of pictures I have of the kids from birth to now that I like to bring out when asked about my kids. But I'd left it in my other purse. 

He then asked us what the "secret" was to being so happy and still being in love. I thought that was a funny question. "Still." I think it's sad that there's a perception of marriage that you can't "still" be happy and in love 3, 7, 10, 15, 50 years down the road. The truth is, you aren't in love in the same way you were when you looked into each others eyes and said I do. You're not. It's different. It's more. It's deeper.

We both answered his question at the same time....The secret to still being happy and in love....

Me: "Just....Love" I gazed super cheesy over at Brandon.

Brandon: "Always keep God first"

.....Oh right, yeah, God. Keep him first. That's the secret. Sheesh why does he always have to be more spiritual than me.

Clearly that really is the answer. Because keeping God first is what has set the foundation for us. When life has sent us earthquakes of trials and shockwaves of struggle, our foundation has remained steady, strong, and secure. Because it's on Him.

And it's why we are "still" so happy and in love.

Some more random bits of information from the night:
---I don't usually take my camera with us on date nights. But I decided to this time. Funny how when you're dating you have a plethora of pictures together. Like every time we did something we took an entire disposable camera worth of pictures. I kinda miss those cheap things because then I was forced to develop and print the pictures. I ended up with boxes of pictures of us. I have a goal to start printing more pictures out and putting them in albums.

---The picture of Brandon is 1 of about 4. He always shuts his eyes when the flash goes off. So I end up with pictures of him with his eyes either closed or half open. Which results in him looking like he's had one too many.

---After I took the picture of the fajitas, the couple at the table next to us turned around, wondering why I'd just taken a picture of our food. So I started talking really loud about my career as a food critic. It's an exciting one you know. 

---Our waiter offered to take our picture. He couldn't figure out my camera and was moving forwards and backwards instead of just using the lens to zoom.

---We were supposed to go a to a movie after wards but it never fails that I always decide to get a redbox and go home instead. So we did. And we stopped at the store to buy diapers on the way home too. Easy on the romance, right? 

---Brandon bought me a bouquet of sunflowers that are sitting in front of me as I write. They are gorgeous and just make me smile. I was wiping up yogurt from the table earlier, and looked up to see them. They made me think of Brandon and how he "still" loves me so much.

What about you? Do you go on date nights? What is your secret to "still" being in love and happy?


  1. What a wonderful compliment on your marriage to be thought of as newlyweds.

    My mom told me to always try and treat my husband like we were dating. We always try to put each other first.

  2. I pretty much love everything you write!

    Our secret is that we view each other as God's gift to us. And the verse in Matthew that states that our Heavenly Father gives *good* gifts...well, we keep that at the front of our minds. My husband is a hand-picked, good gift from my Heavenly Father to me. Never fails to make me smile!

  3. Ah, you guys are adorable together! Haha, love the food critic comment....We love date nights too! Just went on one Friday.

    I totally agree with you about printing more pictures out! I was just telling that to Chris the other day!

  4. AH! Okay... LOVE this post:) I feel as if I could have written it and not had to change a single word of it! If that even makes sense? :)
    Fajitas (our go to date), once a month, we used to fill up disposables too, red box, diapers...seriously.. exactly what we do!
    Good job you two for 7 years of marriage!!!

  5. We don't even have kids and we hardly get a date night that often! I'm jealous!

    I think "in love" changes over time. We've been together 7 years, married 5 years, were friends for 6 years before dating, so a total of 13 years. I really think "in love" changes from "infatuation" to "admiration", after going through tough times and growing together.

  6. Such a beautiful couple and a lovely post, what a compliment for someone to think of you as newlyweds. I just posted today about marriage and the growth you experience, it's never ending, really. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  7. Loved this! So sweet:) Me and my hubs have a date night tomorrow compliments of of our daughter:) We are entering into the empty nest stage so we have lots and lots of time together (and love it) but there's just something about getting all dressed up... I can't wait :)

  8. I think Ashley said it best. I felt like I was looking at a post I wrote, except then I saw the picture of this super hot chick and went "Ohhh yeah, that's not me!" LoL Me and my hubby make date night a priority for sure. Sadly sometimes a little longer than a month goes by and we go "ACK, time to get OUT!" but we just went for my birthday and as we were sitting in the movie theater holding hands I had a moment of "Ahhh...almost 10 years of marriage and he still warms my heart". It's great for children to see their parents giving the "doe eyes" even when they get older and think it's gross...they will still appreciate it. ;0)

  9. Thank you so much for writing what you did on Jami's blog today. I really needed to hear it. xoxo

  10. Soooooo i'm totally excited that I found you through Jami's blog this morning. What you wrote on her blog was beautiful so I wandered on over here and loooove your blog too!

    Me and my husband don't have kids yet but still do date nights because our weeks are full of stuff with our church and our ministry. People ask us all the time if we are the same at home, as we are in public (happy, lol) and we are. My husband and I promised to always talk to each other like Jesus was standing right behind the other one and to remember that we were a seed sown into each others life and treat it as a gift to be thankful for...even in the middle of everything going on in life. We refuse to accept what people project about not being happy once you're married or that the love goes away.

    well totally happy to know of you now, wanted to say hi, will be following your blog and on twitter :)


  11. What a wonderful post, thanks for sharing! I feel so sad when I hear couples talk about losing the "spark" or saying the "honeymoon phase only lasts the first year". We have been married 3 years and still go on dates, nothing fancy, but still dates and are madly in love. I want to be asked if we are newlyweds at 7 years too!


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