Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm getting behind on these. Mia turned 8 months on the 29th of July. Um, whats that? It's August 19th? I know. But the point is that I'm keeping up with it. Which is more than I can say for their baby books. Major mom guilt there. But that's one of the reasons I love doing things like this. Did you know you can turn your blog into a book? Isn't that fantastic? One day I'll turn these posts into a memory book. That'll make up for the missing baby books right?

Here are 8 things about Mia at 8 months old
1. Her eyes will melt you. They smile at you without her mouth ever cracking one of its own. They are just sweet.

2. She loves, and I mean loves bath time. I'm serious, it's like she hits the water and suddenly thinks she's a fish. She becomes even more wiggling than normal.
3. She's starting to crawl. Not quite there yet but she is so eager to get around. She sticks out her tongue and concentrates hard. As if focusing on an object will cause her body to move towards it.

4. She's showing signs of being a picky eater. Not good. She isn't interested in too many things. Which makes it a little tough on me. P.S Can someone suggest a good cup or bottle to get her started on drinking from one? I've tried 3. She looks at them like foreign objects. How about tips to get her to actually drink from one?
5. She's started clapping. Daddy taught her. Hang out with us for any amount of time and one of us will be in her face clapping saying "yay!!!" trying to get her to do it. Then she does and we all get excited. She thinks she's hot stuff around her. And she is.
6. Lately when I go get her from her bed, she's sitting up, just staring at the door, sucking her thumb, holding her lovey bear. I realize this isn't exciting to you, but gosh darn if she just doesn't look so stinken cute sitting there waiting patiently. I need a picture so I can freeze that memory.

7. She is still wearing 3-6 months clothes. Petite little thing.

8. She's got one little bottom tooth.She has this one smile, when she does it, she looks like an old man. A cute one. But still an old man.

In other news, we have reached the end of our first week of new school hours. Asher comes home exhausted and needs some time alone for a bit. I totally don't blame him. I would feel the same way if I had 15 other kids all up in my grill for 8 hours. He is doing really well though and seems to be loving it.

I gotta say also, that although I miss him, I have gotten more done around this house in this last week than I did all summer. I finally reached the end of our never ending laundry baskets {all 6 of them}, washed, folded and PUT AWAY {I tend to stop short there} It's seriously amazing what one less kid can do. And Bella's idea of fun is to pretend she's a mom, so this all works out peachy cause she just follows me around with her stroller and helps me.

I'm just sayin, I'm kind of not complaining about this new set up. And I don't think Brandon is either when he opens his stocked drawer of clean underwear and socks. These things really matter to him apparently.

Happy Friday Everyone.
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  1. Hooray for Friday!

    As for sippy cups, we started our daughter, who is now 2, on these Munchkin trainer cups:

    I liked them because they had a soft spout. I just put a little water in them and would have one sitting around where she could reach it. We also started always having one with us at the table during meals so she got used to it being there. Eventually she got used to it being around and figured out what to do with it. And, she now prefers water over other drinks, which is a bonus for us!

    The soft spouts worked great until she got wise enough to know just how to squeeze them with her teeth to get the water to pour out. That's when we knew it was time for the hard plastic spout :)

    Mia is so pretty! She sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. oh ya...i am your newest follower!

  3. What a cutie pie!! I see so much of my life in your blog which makes it so fun to read, right down to the piles of laundry and excitement of an 8 month old holding a teddy bear. Only mine is a chubby boy in 12 to 18 month old clothes :)
    Happy Friday!!!!

  4. beautiful, laura! sweet baby girl. it's the sweetest when they start clapping! love it!

  5. I hope you don't mind, but I've only been a follower a few months, but I feel like I should actually know you. You've met my sister and I've met yours and your youngest is the same age as my niece. Love reading! Your posts always feel so peaceful!


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