Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm feeling it heavy on my heart lately to speak a little about encouragement. And I promise you this has nothing to do with needing it for myself. Although I have found that when I am feeling down or discouraged, if I go out of my way to compliment, encourage or just give a kind word to someone else, I automatically help myself in the process as well.

I recently read something where the writer was blatantly speaking out about an opinion on something. And that's fine, I am all for speaking your mind. What I don't get is how come you need to put the opposing side or way of thinking, down in the process. Putting others down in order to elevate yourself. That sounds so harsh and you probably thought right away "oh I don't do that!" Really? Are you sure? Because I think we can all be guilty of this sometimes. We state our opinion as if it's the end all be all and anything to the contrary is just plain wrong or ridiculous.

There are so many different topics I could use as an example but instead of making it about that, I would rather use this space to speak life into each of you...

You were made for a purpose. You are unique. You are not like anyone else. You have talents and gifts and abilities that not everyone does. You are beautiful. You are capable. You are well able. Your dreams, wishes, and goals can be fulfilled. Those things you wish you could do? You can. Your opinion is your own. It may not be what someone elses is, but that doesn't mean it's wrong and vice versa. You have the ability to do great things. God has given you a mind,wisdom and inspirations to speak your own words, your own ideas and to be your own person. No one else can be you. You are special.
In stead of looking at what is different in someone else as a bad thing, why don't we start looking at it as just that. Different. And accept it. So maybe you wouldn't do it the same way, or maybe you wouldn't have made that decision....but that's ok. It's what makes us all different from one another.

And In stead of sitting back wishing, hoping, dreaming that you could do something or be like someone else. Go out and do it. Try it and do it in your own way and your own style.  Don't let jealousy cloud your own ability or keep you from doing your own thing. Jealousy is an ugly thing. Confidence is beautiful. Confidence in who you are and who God made you to be. 

Create a culture of encouragement around you. We all have a sphere of influence. What are you putting into yours? Speak Life. Encourage. Uplift. Motivate. Inspire.

Will you take a second to pay someone a compliment or nice gesture? Be genuine. Let it be from your heart. If you've wanted to say something or do something for someone and you just haven't, why not do it today--this week. So many things we keep inside and for ourselves. Trapped in our own mind or hearts.  But by releasing it--sharing it...we give it life.

Be confident in who are you and encourage others in who they are.

1. To inspire with hope, courage, or confidence; hearten.
2. To give support to; foster
3. To stimulate; spur:


  1. this is beautiful. i talked about this a little in my post yesterday. the world is hard enough why make it worse. let only joyful praise come from your lips.

  2. What an awesome post. It's an excellent reminder to all! Thank you.

  3. Very uplifting! Thanks for sharing...and encouraging!!

  4. Great post! I always get so annoyed and critical of people putting something down to raise their side up. Then I realize I'm doing the same thing by being critical of their way of expressing themselves and I have to slap myself back into the right attitude. Being positive about your own opinion and well educated and spoken about is so much better than putting others down, and makes your opinion look better too!

  5. perfectly said friend! encouraging others lifts them up and me in the process.

  6. I needed to read this today. It was a rough day of the enemy just wanting to keep me down and not soar on wings of eagles. So I combated him with the word of God and it really helped. Your encouragement helped too. Thank you friend


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