Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Splendor Trunk Show

So, Friday night, I had my first "trunk show" for Splendor. If you read this, you know I was kinda nervous. I get that way about anything I'm doing where I don't know what to expect. I know it sounds RIDIC but I didn't know anything as far as how I was going to do my table set up. I just put some things together, made some frames for display, grabbed some of my decor from around the house and hoped it would all come together. I had a general idea in my head, but without having done it before, I really just had to hope it would turn out like I imagined.
For some reason that makes me really nervous. Not knowing what to expect. Even in the little things like that. I like plans because then I can kind of guess what might happen.

You see how God uses anything to work through your weakness? I am learning how to let go and just be confident in my abilities and just do it. Even in things like this

I also happened to have planned it at the end of what turned out to be one of the busiest weeks for our church as we turn part of our building into what will now be our new school. So some of the people who are always there for support and would typically have come, weren't able to. 

I texted B something dramatic like "no one is coming" {I knew I was exaggerating but I needed some reassurance that it would be ok and he always balances out my drama}

He texted back "It's going to be fine babe. Don't stress. Just have fun and enjoy the night. Remember your platform and make the most of the oppurtunity!"

.........See? Balance. I need some more of that. Good thing I married him.
So I put everything into perspective, ate a muffin or two to comfort myself {emotional eater?} and decided to just enjoy it no matter what. I couldn't control the circumstances of Who, What, When and Where but that was OK. {Did I really just say that? Who am I??}

And I did. I had such a good time. There was a great turn out and I had so much fun talking to and meeting people who loved my things. Honestly it really did remind me what I love most about opening my shop, which is connecting with people. It has become such an avenue for meeting and talking with people I wouldn't normally have had a chance to.
And it's teaching me that in stepping out in what God has for me, He meets me in those places of my own weakness and brings favor, grace and ability.
I've had numerous emails and questions recently asking about my shop and the steps I took to get here. All I can say is to just take it one step at a time. If God has placed something in your heart- a thought, an idea, or even just a desire to create...Do it as unto Him and not to man. Don't get so concerned with what people will think that it controls what you do. Or worse, keeps you from doing them.
I had such an amazing time. I know that although it was one small step in dying to myself and all of my insecurities, it was a big one in my trust and faith walk with God.
Now, can I just show ya'll my best friend? We've been friends since the 8th grade. We spent our high school summers laying out in her pool, eating too much junk, singing loudly to the Dixie Chicks in her car. I got in fights for her cause she was too sweet to speak up for herself and we were always getting into trouble for talking in the hallways during class.
We used to spend hours talking on the phone. Now we are lucky to complete a sentence over someone needing more tokens at chuckecheese, or their nose wiped and shoes tied. We go to each others kids birthday parties, and meet up for play dates at the pool.
She's been with me through it all, the birth of my 3 munchkins, the funerals for my sweet babies. She's always there for me and means so much to me. She is beautiful inside and out. I Love you Carlita {she hates being called that and I know it :) }

I got caught up and didn't remember to take any pictures during the show, but this was after wards with some of my sweet friends who came.
Oh, the girl to the right?---the gorgeous skinny minny?--- is my 5 months pregnant little sister. My older sister lives in Houston, but she is just as supportive. Love them both so much.  My 3 sister in laws weren't able to make it but I know if they could have, they would have been there, and that is enough for me. Monica, in the black tee made all of the desserts--cake balls, whoopie pie and lemon bars. So good. Mallory, on the other end was one of my first customers, always so supportive and sweet. She also has a knack for designing cute things like invites and birth announcements. She just opened an etsy shop. You should check it out {go here}

Oh and this is mom. She was kind enough to host it at her house. In fact she's the one who encouraged me to do a trunk show. She is my biggest cheerleader. I am so thankful for her!
Thank you to everyone who came out. Meant so much to see each and every one of you there. I was both -blessed big time and relieved (that it was over, hehe)

*If you are local and looking for information on future trunk shows or to host a Splendor Trunk Show,  Contact me at bitsofsplendor (at) yahoo (dot) com.

As for What I'm Wearing?
Flowy Top- Target 
Flesh colored Cami {you'll need one, top is see through}- Forever 21
Skinny Jeans---Express. My most favoritest jeans in the whole world. These babys are fit to my body. They love me and I love them. We are one. 
Bracelets are from all over and just a mis-match of whatever. I like eclectic-ness in my wardrobe. One of them is a brown leather braided one that has my name on it. It's my favorite. My sister got it for me years ago from Disney World.
 Gold hoops are from Target, big Hoops are a staple. Always.
Sandals--Grabbed them from my mom's closet because silly me brought super uncomfortable shoes. But they are from Target {same ones as the tangerine ones I had on in the post from Monday}
Polish on my toes--Mint Sorbet from Sally Hanson {you need it}


  1. Laura, it turned out beautiful just like I new it would. I love you heart for our lord, and I know that he is in the center if all you do. So, how could it not have been perfect.

  2. Laura, everything looks so beautiful! Good for you!

  3. hooray! what a beautiful night, your set-up looks beautiful.
    cheers to many more awesome trunk shows! xo

  4. It all looks so beautimus... awww, and your sis is beautiful too. Runs in the family, I guess. Ok and I want to know what kind of jeans your wearing..i like them. Your just the best..I heart you.

  5. I updated my post to say where it's all from. Just for you sweet Heather ;)

  6. Wow, everything looks so amazing! Wish I could have been there...but good thing we have the internet, right? I can still shop even from many states away!! ;)


  7. This is gorgeous!! Everything looks amazing!! You are so talented and it looks like you are surrounded by so much love and encouragement!

  8. It looks like you had an amazing time! I LOVE how y'all decorated, but especially the earrings on the vintage kitchen scale! You are uber-creative! Lovely lovely lovely, I can't wait to get my order!

  9. It was so fun and was setup perfectly! I want one of everything!!!!! I really want those express jeans btw so what style are they? Thanks for the shout out!!

  10. Laura Loo, your show was so great and your jewelry is just beautiful! It has been such a fun adventure to be your best friend for all these years! You are such an inspiration!

  11. Everything looks awesome!!!!!! I love your blog! So encouraging! Bless you and your endeavors!

  12. Splendor, I think you done a great job! I love the your table set up, The color, the followers. every detail are wonderful. You don't need to feel nervous. LOVE your Trunk Show!

  13. everything looks completely gorgeous! can't believe you just threw that together. yay for putting yourself out there and learning more about yourself and God in the process. He's everywhere, just waiting to teach, isn't He?

  14. Ps- just picked up a "splendor" hand-stamped necklace. um, completely *in LOVE* can't wait to get it!

  15. looks like it turned out amazing! everything looks so beautiful!

  16. I am so thankful I stumbled across this post! We are preparing for our first trunk show, Oct 29 and I have the same feelings as you did. If you want to check out my "event" page!/pages/Amelia-Bedelia-Designs/113115428752508

    Thanks for sharing!!
    xoxo, Amy


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