Thursday, August 25, 2011


This weeks inspiration prompt from Maggie {at Gussy Sews} was "your favorite color".  I love lot's of color. It's hard for me to say what my favorite is. But then I looked around my living room and kitchen I realized how much yellow I had in it. Little bits of it here and there.

kitchen group3

It's such a happy color. And brightens up any room. I go through phases where I love a certain color and then I get tired of it and switch it all up. Usually in time for a new season, so it works. Yellow has been the color I've added here and there over these last few months. I like how much it brightens up my chocolate brown walls in the kitchen and the dark floors and furniture in the living room


When fall starts rolling around, I'll start migrating toward oranges, browns, greens, and reds. I love to switch decor in and out with the seasons. Do you do that too? Change out your decor for a new season?

 Hope y'all are having a happy Thursday! I'm off to serve the princess her afternoon smoothie. 
Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Hi miss Laura!
    Your home is beautiful!
    Love the rug in your living room, it's fabulous.
    Shelly xo

  2. Laura,
    What a beautiful home you have! LOVE the rug in the living area. I am void of yellow, but it looks good on you! I am a jewel color girl still - I know, it was the rage in the 90's and I haven't let go. I did, however, integrate some zebra into my kitchen and it works fabulously with my dark granite counters.

  3. Laura Lou Lou (like that;) I love bits of yellow too. That bread box is awesome. Luv seeing your home...

  4. Love that rug! I wish I could change out decor for the seasons but I think Hubby would have a heart attack! He just doesn't get it. hahaha
    My living room and family room is next on the list. Wish me luck.
    Love you!

  5. Love the sunflowers! I have them in my kitchen :)

  6. i heart the sunflowers so much!! and oh my gosh your decor is precious. makes me want to go decorate my house with fun colors! :)

  7. LAURA! your home is georgeous. your yellow is amazing, and sunflowers are my fave.
    i want to come snag your bread box. it's so cute!

  8. such pretty yellow details! that rug is fabulous.


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